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Home » ICOMA Co., Ltd. We have started accepting pre-orders for the folding electric bike “ICOMA Tatamel Bike”. W e will exhibit the latest design patterns at SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024.

ICOMA Co., Ltd. We have started accepting pre-orders for the folding electric bike “ICOMA Tatamel Bike”. W e will exhibit the latest design patterns at SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024.

ICOMA Co., Ltd.
We have started accepting pre-orders for the folding electric bike “ICOMA Tatamel Bike”. We will exhibit the latest design patterns at SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024.
ICOMA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takamitsu Ikoma) will begin accepting pre-order sales of the folding electric bike “ICOMA Tatamel Bike” from Friday, May 15, 2024. ……
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] What is ICOMA Tatamel Bike?
“ICOMA TATAMEL BIKE” is a folding electric bike born from the heart of toys. It’s surprisingly transformable, making it fun and convenient to use in everyday life situations where bikes couldn’t fit in before. With custom panels that can be changed to suit your tastes, you can create your own design.
Why not start running with your own surprise?
ICOMA Tatamel Bike Pre-order sales acceptance
We have received a variety of opinions from people we have met at exhibitions and from people who have purchased our bikes through pre-order sales, and have continued to make further improvements to Tatamel Bikes. We conduct tests to ensure that you can drive with peace of mind, and carefully examine costs to ensure that you can pick up our products at an affordable price. Although it is not yet possible to deliver a large number of units at once, we would like to gradually deliver them to everyone who is waiting. Please take this opportunity to make a reservation.
Estimated sales price: ¥498,000 (tax included / shipping not included) *Slight changes may occur due to rising raw material costs and exchange rates. In that case, customers with reservations will be promptly notified by email. Please see the official website for details.
Delivery period: Delivery will start from around October 2024 (Production period may change depending on reservation status) Flow after accepting pre-order sales
First of all, we will contact everyone who has registered and those who have registered for membership in the past regarding sales and delivery. After sorting out requirements such as delivery date, performance, customization, etc., we will proceed with the process of officially receiving your order. If you are interested in purchasing, please register first.
About customization content
You can choose from a variety of designs and colors for the left and right panels. Also, if you want to customize it yourself, you can also select the normal panel. You can customize it by pasting your own stickers or drawing illustrations.
In the future, we plan to gradually increase the number of panels that can create synergies with collaborations with illustrators, various material manufacturers, small factories, etc. Please expect by all means.
[Image 2:×1156.png ]
[Image 3:×1168.png ]
[Image 4: &3=112197-10-DF2103E91b9564450C0293590267D 729-1700×1160.png]
[Image 5:×1172.png ]
[Image 6:×2000.jpg] The latest design patterns will be exhibited at SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 / Test drive will be held / Test drive will be held
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is creating a sustainable city with advanced technology, and disseminating its challenges to solving urban issues and the diverse charms of Tokyo to both Japan and abroad as “Sustainable High City Tech Tokyo = SusHi Tech Tokyo.” Masu. “SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024”, which will be held this time, is a large-scale international event that is expected to attract 500,000 participants and will create innovations originating from Tokyo and disseminate future urban models.
Asia’s largest global innovation conference, creating “unexplored encounters” with domestic and international startup ecosystems. A diverse range of players from Asia and the world, including startups, investors, large corporations, countries/cities, and students, will gather in Tokyo to discuss the vision of a sustainable future city from multiple perspectives. We will lead to the creation of innovation through open and flat exchanges.
We are exhibiting the latest design patterns of ICOMA Tatamel bikes at the following booths.
SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 mirai circuit
(Advance reservations required (free).)
Location: Odaiba Symbol Promenade Park
Date and time: May 18th (Saturday), May 19th (Sunday), 2024
HP: [Main contents]
Test ride experience of electric mobility from various companies including Tatamel Bike
SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 Global Startup Program
(You will need a paid ticket or invitation code)
Date and time: May 15th (Wednesday), May 16th (Thursday), 2024 Location: Tokyo Big Sight (3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
[Main contents]
Big Sight West Hall 2 Booth number: DB (Demo booth)
Company Profile
“Creating a future with the heart of a toy”
We are a company that started with small toys.
I want to deliver dreams that spread in the palm of my hand to more people. We design everything from vehicles and capsule toys to creating exciting things. Company name: ICOMA Co., Ltd.
Company address: 4-2-18-206 Higashinakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0003 Date of establishment: March 31, 2021
Representative Director: Takamitsu Ikoma
Official homepage:
The press kit can be accessed from the home page of the website. ◇Contact information for press inquiries regarding this matter Collaboration business manager: Ikoma
Contact us:
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