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Home » Amazon Japan LLC The long-awaited latest season of the love reality show “Bachelorette Japan” Season 3 has finally begun! Exclusive distribution starts on Prime Video from 20:00 on Thursday, June 27th

Amazon Japan LLC The long-awaited latest season of the love reality show “Bachelorette Japan” Season 3 has finally begun! Exclusive distribution starts on Prime Video from 20:00 on Thursday, June 27th

Amazon Japan LLC
The long-awaited latest season of the romantic reality show
“Bachelorette Japan” Season 3 has finally begun! Exclusive
distribution starts on Prime Video from 20:00 on Thursday, June 27th First in series history! This time the rose is white…! ? An unidentified “White Rose” appears, predicting great turmoil. ……
Prime Video is pleased to announce that Season 3 of “Bachelorette Japan,” the latest installment of the extremely popular love reality show, will be exclusively distributed to Prime members from 20:00 on Thursday, June 27th. This season will consist of 9 episodes, and in the first week, a total of 4 episodes from episode 1 to episode 4 will be distributed all at once.
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[Image:×1080.jpg] “Bachelorette Japan” is a “gender-reversed version” of “Bachelor Japan,” which has already been distributed for five seasons in Japan. This is a love reality show in which single women play the leading role and choose their future marriage partner from a large number of male candidates in order to find their “true love.” Up until now, the program has been broadcast approximately every two years, with Season 1 (2020) and Season 2 (2022), and the many moving dramas that overturn expectations that unfold in the program immediately after its start have become a hot topic on social media. Kidnapped book series. In Season 1, the first Bachelorette, Moeko Fukuda, has a strong personality as she sincerely interacts with the male contestants under the catchphrase “This time, it’s the woman’s turn to choose.” In Season 2, while becoming a successful business owner, With the theme of “taking off one’s armor” through love, the second generation Bachelorette, Miki Ozaki, is shown reconsidering her own happiness through travel, and each tearful decision received many moving comments. Ta.
Meanwhile, the long-awaited season 3 has finally begun!
Details about the third Bachelorette and the male contestants are kept under wraps, but the recently released teaser image shows a “white rose” for the first time in the history of the series, instead of the show’s signature red rose. . What meaning does the dignified, shining, unidentified “White Rose” have on the journey to find true love? Please look forward to the new Bachelorette journey.
James Farrell, head of international originals at Amazon MGM Studios, commented: “We are pleased to be able to bring to Prime members the latest installment of the Bachelorette Japan series, which has excited people across Japan as a show that depicts unique and captivating dates and the journey to find true love. Please look forward to this summer’s journey to find a new true love that will take your breath away on a grand scale.
“Bachelorette Japan” Season 3 Overview
Title: “Bachelorette Japan” Season 3
Distribution start date: Exclusive distribution starts from 20:00 on Thursday, June 27, 2024
Number of episodes: Total 9 episodes
June 27th (Thursday) 20:00 Episodes 1-4
July 4th (Thursday) 20:00 Episodes 5-7
July 11th (Thursday) 20:00 Episodes 8-9
Production: Amazon
Copyright: (C)2024 Warner Bros. International Television Production Limited. All Rights Reserved
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