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Home » Basara Holdings 4.24START Kimono Rental Vasara was in charge of producing the costumes for the main cast of TV Asahi’s “Yukite Saku with You ~Shinsengumi Seishunroku~”.

Basara Holdings 4.24START Kimono Rental Vasara was in charge of producing the costumes for the main cast of TV Asahi’s “Yukite Saku with You ~Shinsengumi Seishunroku~”.

Basara Holdings
4.24START Kimono Rental Vasara was in charge of creating the costumes for the main cast of TV Asahi’s “Yuki To Saku ~Shinsengumi
In the spring of 2024, [Shin Historical Drama] will be born in the Super Barabara Daisakusen slot on Wednesdays late at night!! ……
A depiction of the youth of Shinsengumi members starring Kentaro Maeda and Tomoya Oku!!
Furthermore, the next breakout actors are gathering one after another!
[Image 1:×1374.jpg] Thank you to all our customers for always using Kimono Rental VASARA. The historical drama “Blooming with You ~Shinsengumi Seishunroku~” started on April 24th.
We would like to inform you that the kimono rental company Vasara was in charge of creating the costumes for the main cast.
main cast
Kamagiri Daisaku / Kentaro Maeda
Okajuro Fukakusa / Tomoya Oku
Shinnojo Matsunaga / Kazuto Mokuyo (The cause lies with me.) Namunosuke / Katsuta Hatani
Sanosuke Harada / Taro Hiiragi
Hajime Saito / Kohei Shoji

Souji Okita / Maito Fujioka
Toshizo Hijikata / Shogo Sakamoto
Keisuke Yamanami / Takato Nagata
Kamo Serizawa / Ryosuke Miura
Isamu Kondo / Ko Takano
This time, a total of 11 people were involved in making the costumes. “Blooming with You ~Shinsengumi Seishunroku~” Introduction
TV Asahi and Toei are joining forces!! This spring, a new style historical drama will be born on Wednesdays late at night!
In the spring of 2024, a new drama will be born on TV Asahi’s Wednesday night Super Barabara Daisakusen slot! TV Asahi and Toei will combine their collective efforts to create an unprecedented “shin period drama”. This major project will shine a light on the
Shinsengumi, an organization that still deeply touches the hearts of Japanese people. Befitting the new format, the film features a cast of fresh, next-break actors, and beautifully and vividly depicts the youth of young soldiers who ran through the chaotic era of the end of the Edo period like a flash of light and were fleetingly scattered. “God of Manga” Osamu Tezuka’s unknown masterpiece is made into a movie for the first time!
The original work is “Shinsengumi,” a hidden masterpiece by Osamu Tezuka, who left a brilliant legacy in the history of Japanese manga. In 1963 (Showa 38), when the work was released, the existence of the Shinsengumi itself was not highly regarded, and the images of each character were not as solidified as they are now. Against this background, this work, which depicts the conflicts of the soldiers while interweaving historical facts from Tezuka’s unique perspective, is a masterpiece known only to those in the know and highly praised among fans. Of course, real people such as Isamu Kondo, Souji Okita, and Kamo Serizawa also appear, but the main characters are two young soldiers who are drawn as original characters – Kyujuro Fukakusa and Kamagiri. A masterpiece (kamagiri/daisaku). Okajuro, whose father was killed by a sword, joins the Shinsengumi in order to hone his sword skills and avenge his death. During the entrance exam, I met Daisaku, a cool boy. Although his origins are unknown, Daisaku is known for his excellent sword skills and is welcomed into the Shinsengumi as a promising newcomer. The two develop a passionate friendship, but before they know it, they are at the mercy of the waves of the times and end up in a tragic fate where they have to kill each other. Scriptwriter Fumi Tsubota (“Beautiful Kanojo”) and director Hayato Kawai (“10 Counts to the Future”) vividly depict a fleeting yet beautiful youth group!
Friendship, betrayal, times, conspiracies – this story, infused with the dramaturgy of the unparalleled genius Mr. Tezuka, is transformed into a new style historical drama through the blockbuster drama “Beautiful Kanojo” series, which was also made into a movie. Up-and-coming screenwriter Fumi Tsubota delicately and vividly depicts the conflicting feelings of high school boys. The production will be directed by Hayato Kawai, who has portrayed dynamic youth dramas in the movies “Kaguya-sama: Love is War” and “10 Counts to the Future” (TV Asahi). This superb lineup emotionally captures the youth of the Shinsengumi members who were scattered during the turbulent end of the Edo period just a few years after their birth.
Sword dance and sword fighting performance too…! Birth of
unprecedented historical entertainment!!
Filming for “Blooming with You ~Shinsengumi Seishunroku~” will take place at Toei Kyoto Studio, a sacred place for period dramas. As this is a new work from the Uzumasa region of Kyoto, which has a history of 100 years, there is no doubt that it will be a full-fledged film that will amaze historical drama fans, but on the other hand, this work also includes innovative sword fighting performances and other features. It incorporates an elegant sword dance that has never been seen before in historical dramas, and is truly unprecedented! We will create a new style of historical entertainment = “shin historical drama.”
[Image 2:×562.jpg] We hope that you will pay attention to the costumes while watching the program. Thank you for your continued support of Kimono Rental Vasara.