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Kando Children’s Association General Incorporated Association Event Report Kando Children’s Diner x “Tepota” collaboration project “Enjoy Nihoncha” was held

Kando Children Association (General Incorporated Association) [Event Report] Kando Kodomo Shokudo x “Tepota” collaboration project “Enjoy Nihoncha” was held
The Kando Children’s Restaurant “Bistro Asil Kamata Branch”, a regular member of the Kando Children’s Association (location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tomoaki Nonaka, hereinafter referred to as the “Association”), will open on Saturday, April 27, 2024. We held a collaboration project, “Enjoy Nihoncha,” with Tepota (, an online shopping site that sells utensils and tea.
The event was a great success, with 20 children and 8 volunteers participating on the day.
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Event overview and purpose
Our association regularly holds collaborative events with supporting members and supporting companies, with the aim of providing children with opportunities to learn cooking methods and etiquette, as well as providing them with real social experience. “Enjoy Nihoncha” is an event where children learn how to brew delicious Japanese tea and experience cooking using tea leaves with Nanako Matsuo, who runs Tepota. We will also have a “business experience” where children will sell the dishes they have prepared to adults.
Situation on the day of the event

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Recreation is a Japanese tea quiz.The plan is Nanako Tepota Matsuo, and the children serve dishes they have made themselves.
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When it’s ready, we’ll all enjoy it! This time I made Genovese sauce using tea leaves. The food I made myself is delicious.
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We are seriously learning how to make delicious tea. After the event, it’s time to clean up and clean up ourselves.
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The event’s annual “Business Experience” – Earn “Kando Kodomo Money” by selling dishes you have made to adults *This is a pseudo-currency.At the end of the event, enjoy “Kando Kodomo Money” which can be exchanged for prizes.
Volunteer participants
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Tepota representative Nanako Matsuo and all the volunteers. Many people participated in the event as volunteers. Our association’s events aim to be fun for adults as well, and on the day of the event, participants enjoyed Nihoncha together with children. Volunteer participating companies (in no particular order) – Tepota event sponsor – Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd. corporate sponsor – BC Holdings Co., Ltd. corporate sponsor
Future outlook
Our association will continue to strengthen our collaboration with various companies and organizations, and through event planning and management, we will actively support the provision of places where children can have the social experiences that are essential for their growth. Masu. In addition, through donations and supplies to Kando Kodomo Shokudo and Smile Kodomo Shokudo, we will continue to make further efforts to help children, who will be responsible for the future of society, grow toward a better future.
About Tepota
Tepota is an online shopping site that was born from the desire to enjoy everyday life carefully and richly through utensils and tea. We choose what we feel is good and deliver it to our customers.
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What is the Kando Children’s Association (General Incorporated Association)? Kando Children’s Association is an organization that provides support for the establishment and operation of “Kando Kodomo Shokudo” and “Smile Kodomo Shokudo.” We actively support children so that they can fill their bellies, grow through interaction with others, and acquire the social skills they will need in the future. Our association provides opportunities for them to grow by exposing them to the various situations they face in real society, and builds a community where they can move forward with confidence and hope for the future. About support and donations
The funds you donate will be used to build a better future for children. The money will not only be used to supply books, stationery, and meals, but will also be used to pay for events that allow children to have real social experiences. Through these initiatives, we support children’s learning and growth and support them as they fly toward the future.
How to support Kando Children’s Association
For support and donations, please check the URL below.
Name of incorporated association: Kando Children’s Association Address: 18F/19F ESTEC Information Building, 1-24-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Reception) Homepage: Phone number: 03-6279 -4955FAX number: 03-6279-4931 Representative director: Tomoaki Nonaka
Partner company
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Sponsoring company
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Contact information
Kando-Kodomo Association (General Incorporated Association) (Person in charge: Kuwagi) MAIL:
TEL: 03-6279-4955URL:
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