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“Future Recipe Contest 2024” created by the next generation of chefs and students through learning at the production site

“Future Recipe Contest 2024” created by the next generation of chefs and students through learning at the production site

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Press release: May 15, 2024
“Future Recipe Contest 2024” created by the next generation of chefs and students through learning at the production site
*The theme is “Sustainable Seafood”*
future recipe contest
* Japan Sustainable Restaurant Association (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shimodaya
Every year, in preparation for World Food Day on October 16th (Wednesday), Tsuyoshi (hereinafter referred to as SRA Japan) holds a food seminar for young chefs, culinary researchers, and students at cooking and confectionery hygienist training facilities. In order to raise awareness about sustainability, we have been holding a contest to come up with future recipes. This year, the 4th time, the theme of “FOOD” was “Sustainable Seafood” with the aim of popularizing sustainable marine resources.
MADE GOOD Future Recipe Contest 2024” will be held. *
[Background of the event]

Japan has become a gourmet powerhouse. This can be said to have been supported by the rich marine resources. However, as the global population increases, overfishing of fish and shellfish is spreading, and the sustainability of seafood is in crisis. Furthermore, rising seawater temperatures due to climate change are having a major impact on the fishing industry.

On the other hand, research is progressing that protecting and regenerating seaweed beds can help reduce carbon dioxide, which causes climate change, and efforts toward “sustainable seafood” that are considerate of the environment and society are increasing. It is attracting increasing attention.
Therefore, this contest is aimed at students, chefs, and cooking researchers at chefs and confectionery hygienist training facilities under the age of 30 who are asked to answer the question, “What kind of cuisine should we develop in order to protect ocean resources?” We are looking for recipes for the future as solutions to this question.

Opportunities to learn about the sustainability of ingredients are extremely limited in restaurants and schools. Therefore, starting in June 2024, in advance of the contest, in order to deepen the understanding of sustainable marine resources, open applicants will be invited to a five-part dialogue seminar between a chef with extensive knowledge of sustainability and a person involved in fisheries and fisheries. It will be held.
* [Outline of recruitment] *
■Public recruitment period: September 1, 2024 (Sunday) to September 30, 2024 (Monday)
■Announcement of finalists: Up to 10 finalists will be announced on Wednesday, October 16, 2024, World Food Day.
■ Grand Prize Announcement/Award Ceremony: “FOOD MADE GOOD Japan Awards” to be held at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu on Monday, November 18, 2024
Inviting finalists to “2024”. One winner will be announced at the awards.

■Second prize: “2 nights and 3 days sustainable food trip to forest country” Stay at Morinokuni Valley in Meguro, Matsuno Town, a marginal village on the banks of the headwaters of the Shimanto River in Ehime Prefecture, and enjoy the FOOD MADE GOOD Japan Awards 2023
A tour of producers in Ehime with the procurement award-winning store “SELVAGGIO” team. You can also participate in practical programs to learn about sustainable natural cultivation and forestry.
■Target people
Students under the age of 30 at chefs/cooking/confectionery hygienist training facilities, high school students in culinary arts (high schools, junior colleges, universities, vocational schools including confectionery), cooks, culinary researchers, etc. (restaurants, In addition to chefs working at accommodation facilities, this includes on-site chefs, cooking researchers, and cooking school instructors, regardless of whether they have a chef or confectionery hygienist license.

Students under the age of 30 at a training facility for cooks and confectionery hygienists
(High school, junior college, university, vocational school, etc., regardless of whether or not you have a chef/confectionery hygienist qualification)

Cooks, cooking researchers, etc.
(In addition to cooks working in restaurants and accommodation facilities, (Includes visiting chefs, cooking researchers, cooking school instructors, etc.)

■Evaluation points
We will evaluate recipes that match the theme based on the following points.

・Sustainability “Power to change”: How sustainable is traditional cooking methods?
・Creativity: “Ability to communicate”: Does it have an excellent story and message?
・Presentation “power to captivate”: Are the cooking techniques appropriate and the presentation attractive?

* [Seminar to learn about sustainable marine resources] *

1st: Friday, June 14, 2024 16:45-18:15
・Chef: Mr. Fuminobu Namae, Executive Chef of Les Felvessons
・Producer: Mr. Gaku Yoshikawa, fisherman from “Dake”, Ama Town, Oki District, Shimane Prefecture
Venue: Tsuji Culinary School, Tokyo (4-1-1 Nukii Kitamachi, Koganei City, Tokyo) Application URL:

2nd: Wednesday, July 3, 2024 16:45-18:15
・Chef: PIZZERIA GTALIA DA FILIPPO Owner Chef Masakazu Iwasawa ・Producer: Taichi Co., Ltd. Representative Ichiro Tokuhiro
Venue: Tsuji Cooking College (3-16-11 Matsuzaki-cho, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka) Application URL:

3rd: July 19, 2024 (Friday) 14:30-16:00
・Chef: Hugh Morgan Chef Pastry Chef Yu Sagawa
・Producer: Yuichi Tomohiro, co-representative of Sea Vegetable LLC Venue: L’Ecole Vantan Vantan Tokyo School Nakameguro Building 3 (1-3-3 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo)
Application URL:

*Details for the 4th and 5th sessions will be released at a later date. * [How to apply and details] *

Scheduled to be released in late August on the website below
* [Partner companies/organizations] *
●Special Sponsor: Saint Clair Co., Ltd. “Mori no Kuni Valley”

Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI)
Norinchukin Bank
Quon Crop Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. Marunouchi Chef’s Club
Tsuji Cooking College
L’Ecole Vantin
Yorozuya Ikkaku
Smiley Japan General Incorporated Association
* [Organization Overview] *
The Japan Sustainable Restaurant Association is conducting ratings and campaigns in collaboration with its UK headquarters, which also evaluates sustainable restaurant awards in the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants,” known as the Academy of Food Awards. We address food system challenges and advance food sustainability by building communities of suppliers, restaurants, and consumers.
・Location: 301 Ebisu Minami 3-4-16, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022 ・Representative: Takeshi Shimodaya
・Business details:
・Official website:
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