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Home » Adachi Brand The technology of metal processing “deep drawing” is recognized around the world as “a job that only Japanese people can do.” A group of craftsmen who use superior technology and innovative ideas to successfully carry out processin

Adachi Brand The technology of metal processing “deep drawing” is recognized around the world as “a job that only Japanese people can do.” A group of craftsmen who use superior technology and innovative ideas to successfully carry out processin

Adachi brand
The technology of metal processing “deep drawing” is recognized around the world as “a job that only Japanese people can do.” A group of craftsmen who use superior technology and innovative ideas to successfully carry out processing that has been rejected by other companies. The more difficult the processing, the more we welcome it! The “Adachi Brand” widely certifies businesses with excellent products and technology and promotes them both inside and outside the ward. The Adachi Brand Certified Company Introduction Booklet, which also includes Nakaza Co., Ltd., a certified company, was renewed at the end of March 2024.
■ We will send an Adachi brand certified company introduction booklet to those who request it.
To commemorate the renewal of the “Adachi Brand Certified Company Introduction Booklet,” which also includes Nakaza Co., Ltd., an Adachi Brand Certified Company, Nakaza Co., Ltd. will be sending the “Adachi Brand Certified Company Introduction Booklet” to 10 people. . Please use the application form at the end of this article to request delivery.
Below, we will introduce Nakaza Co., Ltd.’s technology.
[Image 1:×1056.png ]
■An octagonal product that attracted attention from around the world A box-shaped product made of stainless steel plate. It measures 165mm in length and width, and 122mm in depth, and is octagonal with slightly rounded corners. This product, which makes you wonder what it is, actually has some of the best metal processing in the world.
[Image 2:×1050.png ]
This product is a measuring instrument case for a crude oil transport pipe (pipeline), and was commissioned by a major measuring instrument manufacturer to Nakaza Corporation. The manufacturer had been refused production by 18 stamping companies, and the company was the last company they turned to.
The request was a design that required extremely difficult
metalworking techniques that would make any craftsman flinch just by looking at the drawings. The company went through a lot of trial and error, and although they almost gave up at one point, they finally succeeded in producing it after two years.
This measuring instrument case is processed using a metal processing method called “deep drawing.” Originally, Nakaza had a reputation for its deep drawing technology. Utilizing this technology, we were the first company in Japan to manufacture fuel cell cases for hybrid cars 40 years ago. By combining development capabilities and craftsmanship, we have led the Japanese industry.
The manufacturer that placed the order exhibited this measuring instrument case at an exhibition in Europe. It received rave reviews such as “excellent technology that is unique in the world” and “this is a job that only Japanese people can do.”
With this measuring instrument case, Nakaza gained a high reputation not only in Japan but also around the world for its deep drawing processing technology.
■What kind of technology is deep drawing? “Drawing” in metal processing refers to the process of sandwiching a thin metal plate between molds and applying pressure to shape it into a rectangular tube, cylinder, or other shape. Unlike welding, there are no metal joints, resulting in a strong and smooth finish. Among drawings, “deep drawing” refers to a method of drawing deeply to a certain height or higher.
Deep drawing has the following advantages:
・Because molds are used, the same product can be produced in large quantities. ・Costs can be reduced because there is no secondary processing such as welding. -Low cost compared to other processing methods.
・It is possible to realize products with completely new ideas. While there are many advantages, there are also disadvantages. Deep drawing is one of the most difficult types of metal processing, and requires expert skill and knowledge. Improper balance between the machine and the metal often causes wrinkles and damage to the metal. It is necessary to repeat the press many times in order to draw it into long and thin pieces. The photos below show how deep drawing was performed in order from right to left.
[Image 3:×856.png ]
■What is Nakaza’s deep drawing experience?
Nakaza, which specializes in highly difficult deep drawing, is frequently approached with requests for complex processing from various domestic manufacturers. Recently, they have been receiving requests from overseas manufacturers who have heard of their reputation.
We would like to introduce some of the products that the company has produced so far that utilize deep drawing technology.
◯The world’s smallest and lightest binoculars
[Image 4:×561.png ]
Manufactured by order from a major manufacturer. The thin and light material is processed using deep drawing technology to create the world’s smallest and lightest binoculars.
We have a track record of delivering similar products to the imperial family as well.
◯Fuel cell case for hybrid vehicles
[Image 5:×424.png ]
A fuel cell case made into an oval shape by deep drawing.
In general, deep drawing is often processed into round cylinder shapes, and elliptical and square cylinders are called “special-shape deep drawing.” This is a more difficult technique than making it into a cylinder. At Nakaza, we are capable of deep drawing in a variety of shapes, including ellipses, rounded corners, and even 3D shapes. ◯Measuring device for eyeglasses
[Image 6:×598.png ]
Making the mold was extremely difficult as it had to be processed into an asymmetrical shape. By using a material called SPCC, which is suitable for bending, we were able to successfully process complex shapes.
◯Advanced medical thermometers
[Image 7:×622.png ]
It is a very delicate part with an outer diameter of 2mm and an inner diameter of 1.8mm. The thickness of the stainless steel plate used is a whopping 0.2mm. This product cannot be realized without advanced technology and processing knowledge.
◯Deep drawing of titanium material
[Image 8:×311.png ]
Titanium is known as an excellent material with many advantages such as corrosion resistance, lightness, high strength, and high electrical resistance, but on the other hand, it is said to be extremely difficult to process. The company succeeded in deep drawing titanium material by devising the oil mix during the drawing process. ■The representative is a former salesman. Ideas born from “I didn’t know” Yoshiyuki Nakaza, the representative of Nakaza, is from Ibaraki Prefecture. At the age of 21, he moved to Tokyo and worked as a salesman for a securities company, but in 1966, after meeting the president of a press company, he started press processing as a personal business.
“I didn’t know anything about presses, and of course I didn’t have the technology,” says Nakaza. While working at a press company in the area, he learned a variety of knowledge and techniques.
The fact that he was able to boldly take on the impossible challenge may have something to do with the fact that he was not a skilled craftsman who had only been involved in presses. I believe that the octagonal measuring instrument case introduced at the beginning was a success because it was a fresh idea from a different industry. The company also has a track record of applying a different processing method to parts for fuel cells that would previously cost more than 1,000 yen, reducing the cost to a few tenths of that. Additionally, processing time has been reduced by reducing the previous eight steps to three.
In recognition of these skills and achievements, in 2002 we received the Progress Award from the Director of the Tokyo Labor Bureau, and in 2011 we were certified as Tokyo Meister by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
“In the 40 years since our founding, we have experienced economic downturns and the risk of bankruptcy, but even when management was in dire straits, we did not just choose restructuring, and all of our employees worked together as one. I will be proud of what I have been blessed with for the rest of my life,” says Nakaza. His humility and passion for research and his attitude of valuing connections with the people involved, including his employees, are probably what led his business to growth.
It is hoped that the company, which continues to engage in new developments one after another without being bound by existing concepts in the press industry, will continue to lead the Japanese manufacturing scene.
[Image 9:×1057.png ]
[Image 10:×1063.jpg] ■ For those who would like to receive the Adachi brand certified company introduction booklet
Nakaza Co., Ltd. will send the “Adachi Brand Certified Company Introduction Booklet”, which also includes Nakaza Co., Ltd., an Adachi brand certified company, to 10 people.
If you would like to send it, please use the application form below. *Please note that the number of copies is limited, so if there are many applicants, we will send you a PDF.
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