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YAMAP Free YAMAP tracking system for trail running event organizers

Free YAMAP tracking system for trail running event organizers Lowering implementation hurdles and contributing to smooth race operations and participant safety
Yamap Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka City, CEO: Yoshihiko Haruyama, hereinafter referred to as Yamap), which operates the mountain climbing map GPS application “YAMAP”, has launched “YAMAP”, which allows operators to manage location information of participants and staff at events such as trail running and walking. We will make the tracking system free of charge.
What is YAMAP tracking system?
[Image 1:×1000.jpg] The “YAMAP Tracking System” provides a “tournament course map” that allows you to see your current location using an app even in the mountains where radio waves cannot reach, and a “tracking system” that allows you to see the location information of athletes. Contributes to efficiency and player safety.
So far, it has been introduced at more than 30 races, and the operator has ・Increased accuracy in predicting where and when a group of athletes will pass through an aid station has led to improved efficiency in preparing for reception at the aid station.
-When a player was unable to move, we were able to decide from which aid station relief staff should be dispatched.
・We were able to visualize the location information of not only the players, but also the sweepers and marshals, allowing us to optimize the number of people and locations.
We have heard from you.
“YAMAP Tracking System” service overview
・Creation (*1) and provision of a “tournament-specific course map” that can be used offline
・Providing a “competition tracking system” that aggregates and visualizes player location information (*2)*1 We will create it with YAMAP based on the GPX data provided.
*2 We also provide various manuals (for players and administrators) such as how to use the YAMAP app.
[Image 2:×1080.jpg ]
Background to making it free of charge
Until now, this service has been provided for a fee, but through repeated conversations with race operators in various locations, it has become clear that the budget for safer operations is currently tight. Therefore, we decided to make YAMAP free of charge in anticipation of expanding awareness of YAMAP and increasing the number of users through the tournament, while streamlining the work flow and reducing internal human resources for implementation.
YAMAP aims to diversify ways to play in the mountains and increase the number of mountain climbers. Trail running is an important activity that takes runners from the city to the mountains. We hope to contribute to the revitalization of the trail running and walking industries in the areas where YAMAP has strengths in maps, location information, and technology.
Inquiries from tournament organizers
For inquiries regarding the YAMAP tracking system, please use the form below. Inquiry form
Flow of using YAMAP tracking system
[Image 3:×1864.png ]
An app that makes mountain climbing fun and safe by letting you know your current location and climbing route using your smartphone’s GPS, even in the mountains where there is no signal. It is one of Japan’s largest mountain climbing and outdoor platforms where you can record your hiking trails and photos as activity records, use them to collect mountain information, and interact with mountain climbing enthusiasts from all over the country. (August 2021 Climbing App User Survey [App Ape Research])
In April 2024, the total number of downloads exceeded 4.3 million. URL:
Yamap Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name Yamap Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 6F Hakata AG Building, 3-23-20 Hakata Ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
Capital (including capital reserves) 100 million yen
Business summary
1. Operation of WEB service/smartphone app “YAMAP” for mountain climbing/outdoor activities
2. Operation of “YAMAP STORE”, a select online store for
mountaineering and outdoor goods
3. Management of “YAMAP MAGAZINE”, a media that creates the future of mountaineering culture
4. Operation of “YAMAP TRAVEL”, a mountain travel platform that connects guides and climbers
5. Operation of nature-specific crowdfunding “YAMAP FUNDING” 6. Content development, consulting, promotion, etc. utilizing mountains and nature
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