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Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd. “Choose sustainable PET bottles.” Strengthen efforts to increase awareness of 10 0% recycled PET bottles for Environment Month

To all members of the press
Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd.
“Choose sustainable PET bottles.” Stepping up efforts to increase awareness of 100% recycled PET bottles for Environment Month “Coca-Cola” and “I LOHAS Tennensui” labelless bottles with stickers are also on sale for a limited time.
The Coca-Cola system will step up its efforts to increase awareness of 100% recycled PET bottles and label-free products in preparation for June’s Environment Month. Under the theme of “Choose sustainable PET bottles,” we aim to introduce 100% recycled PET bottles such as “Coca-Cola” and “I-LOHA.”・Su” will be developed mainly in stores and digitally.
In addition, 100% recycled PET bottles labeled “Coca-Cola” and “I LOHAS Tennensui” label-less bottles will be released for a limited time nationwide along with other label-less products, starting May 20, 2024. Starting Monday, we will also be holding a consumer promotion called the “Environment Month Sustainability Campaign.”
If you switch from regular PET bottles to 100% recycled PET materials, CO2 emissions per bottle will be reduced by approximately 60%.
[Image 1:×2757.jpg] Based on the “2030 Vision for Containers” announced in January 2018, the Coca-Cola system in Japan aims to switch all PET bottles to 100% sustainable materials (*1) by 2030. . Based on our global vision, “World Without Waste,” we will continue to work on activities based on the three pillars of “design,” “collection,” and “partners,” and aim to reduce waste derived from containers and increase our efforts in Japan. Contribute to promoting the recycling of plastic resources. *1 Sustainable materials: Total of bottle-to-bottle recycled PET materials and plant-based PET materials.
100% recycled PET bottle “Coca-Cola” Limited sale of labelless bottle with “I Lohas Natural Water” sticker
Continuing from last year, this year as well, from May 20th (Monday), Coca-Cola will be selling labelless bottles (560ml PET) with stickers for “I LOHAS Tennensui” made from 100% recycled PET bottles. Labelless bottles with display stickers (350ml PET) will be sold for a limited time at stores nationwide (*2) from June 17th (Monday).
*2 Handling may vary depending on the store.
digital video
A video starring Hiroshi Abe and Haruka Ayase will be released on YouTube and other sites to encourage consumers that plastic bottles are a resource and that by collecting and recycling them properly, they can be reborn as Coca-Cola products. Communicate clearly. “Bottle to Bottle Connecting Abe-san 2024 Spring” edition (15 seconds) URL:
“Bottle to Bottle Tsunagu Ayase-san 2024 Spring” edition (15 seconds) URL:
Coca-Cola Company Environment Month Sustainability Campaign
This campaign applies to all Coca-Cola Company 100% recycled PET bottles, labelless bottles with “Coca-Cola” and “I LOHAS” stickers, and multi-packs and cases of labelless bottles. Masu. If you apply according to the number of eligible products purchased, you will be entered into a lottery to win the web catalog gift “Sustainable Choice” where you can choose sustainable products that are kind to the earth and society, and “1,000 digital points to choose from”. Through this campaign, the Coca-Cola system aims to get more people into the habit of purchasing sustainable products and deepen their understanding of “bottle-to-bottle (*3) (horizontal recycling)” for 100% recycled PET bottles. I would like to.
*3 Collecting and recycling used PET bottles, then reproducing them as PET bottles and using them as beverage containers.
[Image 2:×849.jpg] [Campaign period]
Application period: May 20, 2024 (Monday) 0:00 to June 30, 2024 (Sunday) 23:59 Receipt/purchase statement validity period: May 20, 2024 (Monday) 0:00 to June 30, 2024 (Sunday)
Coca-Cola’s 100% recycled PET bottle products and label-less products (including case and multi-pack products)
*Some Coca-Cola 100% recycled PET bottle products and labelless PET bottle products are not eligible. For details, please check the campaign site.
[Campaign site] (Open from 0:00 on Monday, May 20, 2024)
[Stores eligible for the nationwide common course]
Convenience stores, supermarkets, drug stores, discount stores, EC sites (online shops, online supermarkets, etc.) nationwide, etc. *During the same period, courses limited to targeted stores will also be implemented. Please check the campaign site for details.
【Application method】
(1) Access the campaign site and tap the “National Common Course” button *A LINE account is required to participate in the campaign.
(2) Tap the “Click here to register receipt and get stickers” button (3) Take a photo of the receipt for purchasing the applicable product and send it. Application stickers will be given depending on the number of tickets purchased.
(4) Apply for your desired course
*Enter your name, postal code, address, and phone number in the application form to complete your application.
(5) At a later date, only the winners will receive a winning notification from the LINE official account under “Apply on LINE Notification”
[National common course prize]
・Purchase one: “Selectable digital points 1,000pts” 3,000 people *Digital points can be selected from PayPay points, Rakuten points, and LINE points.
・Purchase 6 bottles: 300 people receive the eco-friendly and society-friendly web catalog gift “Sustainable Choice”
*Each course can only be won once per person. This may not be implemented in some areas or stores.
About the Coca-Cola system’s sustainability efforts
The Coca-Cola system, which consists of Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd. and five bottling companies nationwide, is based on the business purpose of “To provide moisture and refreshment to the world. To bring about positive change.” We will work responsibly to co-create the future while bringing about change through business in response to important issues facing Japan. In 2020, we identified three platforms and nine priority issues: “Respect for Diversity,” “Local Communities,” and “Resources,” and formulated a system-wide sustainability framework. By aiming to solve social issues through our business activities in each area, we will also contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Please click here for detailed information on activities.
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