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Home » Right Brothers “RB BASE,” an “offline” matching platform created by human resource agents, opens in Ni honbashi

Right Brothers “RB BASE,” an “offline” matching platform created by human resource agents, opens in Ni honbashi

Right Brothers
“RB BASE,” an “offline” matching platform created by human resource agents, opens in Nihonbashi
A career-supporting event space where companies and job seekers can meet and interact directly
Right Brothers Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takumi Takano) has opened an offline matching platform “RB BASE” in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, where companies and job seekers can meet directly. We will create a new form of recruitment and job search that maximizes customer experience through OMO (*) without being bound by existing frameworks.
*OMO (Online Merges with Offline) is a marketing method that maximizes the customer experience by merging offline and online.
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] Newly opened matching platform “RB BASE”
◆The value of “offline” in the Reiwa era
Since 2020, due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, online recruitment activities, job hunting, and job change activities have become commonplace. However, as a result, we have to face the issue of weakening communication between companies and job seekers, and the value of offline work is being reconsidered.
In order to meet this demand, Right Brothers will launch a draft recruiting (R) “M&A DRAFT” ( 000000003.000080445.html )” and from December 2023, we have been actively taking action to create opportunities, such as by holding events where job seekers can directly interact with ace employees and human resources of popular companies.
In 2024, Right Brothers will launch an offline matching platform, RB BASE, as a new initiative. As a permanent event space specializing in matching, we will be able to directly match hiring companies and job seekers through offline interactions such as meals and recreation, and we will support them to help solve their respective challenges. I will do it.
[Image 2:×2925.jpg] Modern interior is made so that companies and job seekers can easily speak. ◆Features of “RB BASE”
RB BASE is a place where you can encounter gemstones that cannot be discovered with only documents or online.
Right Brothers, which has been awarded industry MVP for three consecutive years as an agent specializing in the M&A industry, receives career consultations from many ready-to-work and high-class human resources every day. Currently, the track record of employment support and job change support in popular industries such as human resources and consulting, which originated from the M&A industry, is steadily increasing.RB BASE utilizes this know-how and network to organize matching events focused on target industries. In addition, we are planning to hold career exchange meetings with themes.
[Image 3:×2194.jpg] A play space is installed in the RB Base, and all including drinks can be used At the “M&A Exchange Meeting” held on a trial basis at RB BASE on April 22, 2024, players and HR personnel from 15 companies, ranging from the industry’s largest M&A brokerage companies to cutting-edge venture companies, gathered together. Created encounters with approximately 40 people who have high aspirations for the M&A industry. Of these, 13 job seekers were able to obtain “special offer cards” from participating companies on the spot, which guaranteed them a final interview. After participating in the event, our dedicated consultants will support you from screening to joining the company. ◆Next event overview
●Name: M&A Exchange Meeting @RB BASE
●Date and time: May 22, 2024 (Other events will be held at any time) ●Special site:
●How to apply: Please apply from the special website.
●Sponsor: Right Brothers Co., Ltd.
●Venue: RB BASE (Prairie Nihonbashi Building 11th floor – 2-10-12 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
*Please check the special website for the latest information. ◆Company overview
-Right Brothers Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
[Image 4:×2363.png ]
Luxurious human relationships for someone’s important decisions. “When in doubt, choose the right one”
Venture companies that make various choices in corporate management Company name: Right Brothers Co., Ltd.
Location: 16-12 Kodenmacho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 34,380,000 yen
Representative: Representative Director Takumi Takano
Established: August 2018
Official website:
Official YouTube:
[Image 5:×720.png ]
-Representative Director Takumi Takano Profile-
After working as an M&A advisor for 5 years at Nippon M&A Center Co., Ltd., Founded Right Brothers Co., Ltd. and became representative director. Specialized in the M&A industry
Recruitment agent service “Go M&A” and specialized recruitment for M&A intermediary companies
Public relations media “The Deals” tells the management story of an owner who was transferred through M&A
In the HR/M&A field, such as the media platform “KANPAI”
Expand your business. Additionally, as an agent specializing in the M&A industry, he has been awarded industry MVP for three consecutive years.
◆The value of Right Brothers in creating new forms of recruitment It is true that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has extended to the human resources industry. Our company will continue to pursue the fusion of offline and online and create value as a company that creates new forms of recruitment based on the mission of “Create. Bring to life. Someone’s future.”

*“Draft Recruiting” is a registered trademark of Right Brothers Co., Ltd. More details about this release: