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Home » Appealing to the needs of local students, an entertainment-type internship matching event “Funmi!! Festival!! in Okayama” is held | Glowbly

Appealing to the needs of local students, an entertainment-type internship matching event “Funmi!! Festival!! in Okayama” is held | Glowbly

Appealing to the needs of local students, an entertainment-type internship matching event “Funmi!! Festival!! in Okayama” is held | Glowbly

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Press release: May 15, 2024
Appealing to the needs of local students, an entertainment-type internship matching event “Funmi!! Festival!! in Okayama” is held | Glowbly
*~In response to student needs, matching based on internship content rather than company name~*
Growvely Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yohei Iguchi,
Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture), which provides consulting services for new graduate recruitment, will hold an internship matching event “Funmi! ! Festival! We are expanding the population formation service “Funmi!!,” a monthly social gathering for students and companies, which is sold out every month.With the concept of “fun and meaningful matching,” we will be providing entertainment such as activity demonstrations and presentation times by student circles. We will support the promotion of internship participation at local companies by incorporating various elements.

* ・Contact through internship and form a population early*
Job-hunting is getting faster every year, and the current job-hunting process starts with an internship rather than a formal screening. As of June last year, 25.0% of students graduating in 2024 (2.4pts increase compared to last year) were participating in internships. (From the Employment Future Research Institute’s “Employment Process Survey”) Also, in the same survey, more than 80% of companies responded that some of the people who had been offered a job offer had participated in an internship at their company. We believe that summer internships will become even more important in the future, and that they will become available earlier. Due to these changes in market conditions, the number of companies holding internships is increasing year by year in order to respond to the early start-up of local small and medium-sized enterprises.
Explanations will be given at company booths, interspersed with programs such as student activity demonstrations and seminars. * ・[Point 1.] Matching that supports student growth*
For students, participation in internships requires preparation such as research on industries and companies, and self-analysis. On the other hand, for students living in rural areas, there are few opportunities by the third year to come into contact with many companies, dig deeper into one’s own values, and consider a career. In addition, there are gaps in information regarding understanding the benefits of participating in internships and how to utilize them. At this event, we will not only explain corporate internships, but also We provide information that meets student needs and opportunities to match students while supporting their growth.
* ・[Point 2.] Match by internship content, not company name* An issue for local small and medium-sized enterprises is the visibility of the company. At matching events such as general joint company information sessions, students select companies to visit based on information such as company name, industry, and occupation. Therefore, the phenomenon that “we are unknown, so the number of visitors is small” occurs. At this event, we will focus on the appeal of the company and internship, rather than the company name, * The content allows students to select companies to visit* based on the information they really want to know, such as the company’s values, working environment, and what kind of growth they can achieve through internships.
* ・[Point 3.] Matching that “broadens your horizons”*
The industry you initially want to work in and the industry you ultimately want to work in will change. In both cases, the top rankings are the same: 1st place is software/information
processing/internet-related, 2nd place is
food/agriculture/forestry/fisheries, and 3rd place is government offices/companies/organizations, but after job hunting, communication, automobiles, transportation equipment, etc. is moving up in rank. (From a MyNavi survey) Due to the increased awareness of
cost-effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in job hunting in recent years, there is a risk that the focus on efficiency may become too narrow. Therefore, *
Support to expand students’ horizons by exposing them to more industries at the time of internship*
We believe that this is becoming more and more necessary. In this event, instead of full-time students choosing for free, *
We also offer programs* that don’t give you too much of an idea, such as terms that limit the number of companies you can visit or terms where the destinations are randomly determined.

* [Fanmi! ! overview】*
Event name: Entertainment-type job hunting event for students and companies “Funmi!! Festival!!”
Event date: Sunday, July 14, 2024
Event time: 13:30-17:00
Venue: Okayama International Exchange Center 8th floor event hall     〒700-0026 2-2-1 Hokancho, Kita-ku, Okayama City
Participant target: Managers, executives, human resources personnel Participation fee: 200,000 yen ~ (excluding tax)
Participation capacity: (students) 100 people
(Companies) 20 companies
How to apply: Please contact us below.
・TEL: 086-236-9717
・Contact form:
*Please note that freelancers and competitors (management
consulting/human resources industry) cannot apply.

* 【Company Profile】*
Company name: Growvely Co., Ltd.
Established: September 8, 2022
Head office location: 4-4-31 Ifuku-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-0013 (201)
TEL: 086-236-9717
Representative name: Yohei Iguchi
Business content: New graduate recruitment support business / creative business / education and training business
* [What is Growvely Co., Ltd.] *
Growvely Co., Ltd. was established in 2022 and is a company that provides education and organizational consulting with a focus on supporting new graduate recruitment for small and medium-sized companies. We aim to hire from a job seeker’s perspective (to suit Generation Z), and support the hiring of new graduates in a wide range of industries using recruitment strategies unique to local small and medium-sized businesses. Our population formation service “Funmi!!,” a monthly exchange party for students and companies, creates a place for flat encounters with companies and provides a new way for students and companies to connect.
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