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Dukascopy Japan Co., Ltd. Dukascopy Japan releases JForex4, which provides the latest trading experience

[Dukascopy Japan Co., Ltd.] Dukascopy Japan releases JForex4, which provides the latest trading experience

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Press release: May 15, 2024
Dukascopy Japan releases JForex4, providing a modern trading experience *JForex4 released*
Dukascopy Bank, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland
Dukascopy Japan Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of SA
(Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Noriyuki Fujita), will significantly evolve its trading concept technology* We have released the next generation trading platform “JForex4″*.

This avant-garde trading platform provides traders with comprehensive analytical tools and technical indicators, allowing them to more accurately analyze and understand complex markets.
Dukascopy Bank SA is committed to providing traders around the world with cutting-edge tools and staying at the forefront of the constantly evolving financial landscape.
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*Unique features of JForex4*
JForex4 has several unique features that set it apart from other trading platforms.
– *Best bid/ask chart (in ticks)*
Real-time visualization of best bid and best ask offers a deeper view of market liquidity.
– *Market on Open (MOO orders)*
You can place market orders even when the market is closed.
This is an ordering method that requires a market order to be executed when the market opens.
– * Double your open interest with one click *
You can place an order for the same amount of open interest with one click. Streamline position management and trading decisions. – *Slippage settings for market orders*
In preparation for market fluctuations, you can change the settings of your market orders based on the amount of slippage you are willing to tolerate.
– *JCloud Workspace*
Use JCloud to securely access your trading environment from anywhere. This cloud-based solution sets JForex4 apart from platform-based solutions and allows us to maintain a stable trading environment. – *Replay mode for historical analysis*
You can play charts from past specified periods. By analyzing market movements, you can improve your trading strategy.
– *Economic event calendar*
Follow the latest economic events with our updated calendar. You can filter events by severity and country, and notification pop-ups are also displayed.

For more information on JForex4, please visit the Dukascopy Japan website.

* About Dukascopy Japan Co., Ltd. *
Dukascopy Japan is a 100% Japanese subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank SA, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Dukascopy Bank
Through the ECN “SWFX (Swiss FX Marketplace)” provided by SA to the world, We provide highly liquid and transparent FX online trading to Japanese customers.
* About “SWFX” (Swiss FX Marketplace), an ECN provided by Dukascopy Bank SA * SWFX (Swiss FX Marketplace) is a marketplace with a unique
centralized-decentralized structure.
trading technology solution based on model). SWFX features high liquidity for institutional investors and immediate execution of orders. Dukascopy
SWFX, provided by Bank, has established a unique position among the many FX marketplaces in the world by connecting with the liquidity of one of the world’s largest FX marketplaces. Scalping trading is also possible.

Dukascopy Japan Co., Ltd.
6th floor, Ginza Square, 2-14-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Registration number Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 2408 Member Association: Financial Futures Association, General
Incorporated Association (membership number 1587)
Email: TEL: 0120-077-771

≪Important matters regarding FX trading≫
●Over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading (FX trading) allows you to trade with a transaction amount that is greater than the deposited margin, so there is a possibility of making a profit. There is a possibility of incurring losses, and the principal is not guaranteed in this transaction. ●Forex trading may result in losses due to exchange rate fluctuations, interest rate differences, etc. ●In FX trading, in order to prevent losses from expanding, stop functions (optional settings by the customer) and loss cut functions are provided, but they do not guarantee loss limitation, and the currency being traded Depending on sudden price fluctuations, etc., you may incur a loss greater than the deposited margin. ●The required margin amount is (1) Individual customers: 4% of the transaction amount (2) Corporate customers: The amount obtained by multiplying the transaction amount by the exchange rate risk assumption ratio for each currency pair calculated by the Financial Futures Association. is required, and the amount varies depending on the target currency pair and time period.
●For JForex accounts, the transaction fee is a maximum of 25 yen per one-way transaction amount of 1 million yen, and will be collected from the trading account each time a transaction is made. For MT4 accounts, the one-way transaction fee is 30 yen per 1 million yen of transaction amount, and the round-trip transaction fee will be collected from the trading account when a new position is opened. ●There is a price difference (spread) between the offered selling price and the buying price, and the spread may widen due to sudden changes in market prices, declines in liquidity, etc. ●There may be a discrepancy (slippage) between the rate specified at the time of order placement and the actual contracted rate.
●There is a difference between receiving and paying swap points, and depending on the interest rate trends in the target country of the currency pair, the grant adjustment may be a payment adjustment, or a payment adjustment for both buying and selling. ●Before starting a transaction, please carefully read the documents provided before concluding the contract, fully understand the transaction structure, transaction conditions, and risks, and then proceed with the transaction based on your own judgment and responsibility.
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