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Aqua Ignis Sendai National Thank You Product Fair Vol.4 Kagoshima will be held!

Aqua Ignis Sendai [National Thank You Product Fair Vol.4 Kagoshima] will be held!

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Press release: May 15, 2024
Aqua Ignis Sendai [National Thank You Product Fair Vol.4 Kagoshima] will be held!
*Sale of Kagoshima specialties! Limited menus available at each store! * Aqua Ignis Sendai (Fujitsuka, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai City/Managed by: Sendai reborn Co., Ltd.) has been holding the “National Thank You Product Fair” since January 2024. This will be a product fair that will travel around the country to give back to everyone who supported the reconstruction efforts at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
At the fair, not only will there be a product exhibition, but each restaurant that Aqua Ignis Sendai is proud of will offer original dishes and products related to the area using local ingredients. We will also hold events to help people in Sendai and Miyagi feel more familiar with the area. The fourth time is “Kagoshima”.
*National Thank You Product Fair Vol.4 Kagoshima*
* Event period: May 23, 2024 (Thursday) to June 2, 2024 (Sunday) * * Location: Aqua Ignis Sendai *
33-3 Matsu no Nishi, Fujitsuka, Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, 984-0843

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* ■Kagoshima food and miscellaneous goods! Kagoshima product exhibition held* *The image is an image of the sales floor.
We sell Kagoshima specialties and miscellaneous goods! There are many special products that are hard to find in Sendai.
* Hours: 10:00-18:00 / Open 9:00 on Sundays and holidays *
* Location: Marcherian *
Approximately 30 types of sweets will be on sale, including
Kagoshima’s local confectionery “Karukan” made with wild yam, craft beers “Satsuma Gold” and “Satsuma Red”, which are only available in Kyushu, and sweets also available only in Kyushu.
satsuma beer
* ■Taste Kagoshima with original menus from various restaurants! * During the event, Aqua Ignis Sendai’s representative restaurants will offer dishes made with Kagoshima ingredients and related products. Why not enjoy Kagoshima’s food that is hard to find in Sendai?

* ・”Kasian” Kagoshima Fair Special Menu *
The Japanese restaurant “Kasian” will offer a special menu only available at the fair.
“Kasahara style chicken rice”
This is a dish that can only be enjoyed here, with Kasahara’s special sesame sauce added to the local chicken rice made in Amami, Kagoshima Prefecture.
“Kagoshima Yuzu pork sautéed set meal”
Yuzu pork from Kagoshima, raised on feed supplemented with yuzu, has a strong flavor and is characterized by soft, odorless meat. It is also possible to prepare a single item for ¥1,500.

* ・“Greechine di Aquapazza” Special course using plenty of ingredients from Kagoshima Prefecture *
The Italian restaurant “Gricine di Acquapazza” offers fair-only courses. Dinner only/¥3,500 (tax included)
Appetizer: Sea cherry carpaccio from Kagoshima
Pasta: Kagoshima Kurobuta sausage and green pea risotto
Main: Melty pork stewed in balsamic vinegar
Dolce: Crème brûlée of bamboo, chicken and egg caramelized with plain sugar *Subject to change

* ・“Confiture Ash Sendai store” Special menu incorporating Kagoshima specialties *
At the patisserie “Confiture Ash”, you can enjoy a limited menu that incorporates Kagoshima’s specialties.
“Kagoshima style fruit ice”
Takeout ¥1,374 (tax included)
Eat-in ¥1,400 (tax included)
Made with plenty of strawberries and combined with red bean paste and milk sauce. Enjoy tropical shaved ice with seasonal fruit toppings. “Brown Sugar Earl Gray Tea Latte”
Takeout ¥540 (tax included)
Eat-in ¥550 (tax included)
A brown sugar Earl Gray tea latte that enjoys the aroma of bergamot and the deep taste of brown sugar.

* ・“Mariage de Farine Sendai store” limited meal bread *
The bakery “Mariage de Farine Sendai Branch” sells meal breads made with Kagoshima’s famous black pork.
※The image is an image
Kurobuta sausage dog
Takeout ¥583 (tax included)
Eat-in ¥594 (tax included)

* ・“Sarutahiko Coffee Aqua Ignis Sendai store” limited cafe menu * The cafe “Sarutahiko Coffee Aqua Ignis Sendai Branch” offers a limited cafe menu using brown sugar from Kagoshima Prefecture.
※The image is an image
brown sugar milk coffee
Made with fragrant brown sugar from Kagoshima Prefecture. You can enjoy the mellow sweetness and richness of coffee.
* ■Know and learn about Kagoshima from children to adults. Holding a picture book reading story*
At the National Thank You Product Fair, as part of the “Know and Learn” content, we will hold “reading and storytelling” sessions that will lead to encounters with “books” such as picture books and folk tales that are related to the target area. We have selected picture books by Taro Yashima, a picture book author from Kagoshima
Prefecture, so that visitors can feel closer to Kagoshima.

* Picture book “Taro Karasu” reading aloud *
* Dates: May 26th (Sun), June 2nd (Sun) 13:00-/15:00-*
* Location: Event space on the 1st floor of the main building * *Free participation
*Narrator: Akiko Komatsu*

-About the narrator-
Akiko Komatsu/Started as a freelance announcer in her hometown of Sendai. Moved base to Tokyo at the age of 25. He is an active narrator who has lent his voice to 50,000 works, including the narration of the wide-screen show “Law Firm with Lines” such as “Morning Eye” and “Super Morning,” and the voices of bank ATMs. We also hold reading classes for parents of kindergartens and elementary schools.

*Each event and content may change depending on the situation. Please check the official website for the latest information.
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* Facility information*
Aqua Ignis Sendai
Location: 〒984-0843
    33-3 Matsu no Nishi, Fujitsuka, Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
TEL: 022-355-2181
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