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Link Sports Co., Ltd. Sports team/club activity search site “Team Navi” sponsors the Kanto Student America n Football Federation

[Link Sports Co., Ltd.] Sports team/club activity search site “Team Navi” sponsors the Kanto Student American Football Federation
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Press release: May 15, 2024
Team Navi, a search site for sports teams and club activities, sponsors the Kanto Student American Football Federation
Link Co., Ltd.
Sports (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shinya Koizumi) will be a general incorporated association, Kanto Student American Football Federation (Location: Chofu City, Tokyo, Representative Director: We sponsored Kei Hirota). Through this sponsorship, Team Navi will work with the Kanto Intercollegiate American Football Federation to contribute to the development of society through sports.
*Background of sponsorship*
Team Navi’s sponsorship objective is to “spread and develop amateur sports teams.” In doing so, we agreed with the following goals of the Kanto Intercollegiate American Football Federation’s federation vision. In other words, we decided to sponsor this event because we believe that by working together, we can contribute to the spread and development of amateur sports teams.
Sustainability: Increase the appeal of the sport and expand the number of players
Update: Promote and expand flag football
Diversity: Expanding our appeal to diverse demographics, including women and children
Specifically, we will use the amateur sports search site “TeamNavi” to disseminate information about teams and competitions, and provide product sampling to teams.

1. Team posting on the national amateur sports team search site “Team Navi” 2. Creation of interview articles with directors and leaders 3. Product sampling provided by Link Sports business partners About sports team and club activity search site “Team Navi by TeamHub” “TeamNavi by TeamHub” is a site that gathers information on amateur sports teams and club activities from all over Japan.

In Japan, there are few places where you can view amateur sports that you can participate in in your area all at once. Bulletin boards and posters in the community and on the web are the main ways to find out about member recruitment. As a result, those looking for a team can only meet teams by chance, and are forced to choose from a limited number of teams and competitions.

In response to this current situation, Team Navi allows you to search by region, age group, and sport, making it easier to find teams in your region that you can participate in.

For teams, we provide team information posting and inquiry functions free of charge, which can be used to recruit members.
In addition, our articles that delve into team policies and
competition guidance through interviews with managers and coaches have been well received.

In the future, we will further enhance its functions and evolve into a service that is easier to use for both users who want to join new sports teams and club activities, and sports teams and club/circle teams.
-Team Navi-
From Kei Hirota, Representative Director of the Kanto Student American Football Federation

More than 80 university American football teams are members of our federation. However, in recent years, in addition to the declining birthrate, the effects of the new coronavirus infection are still felt, and an increasing number of teams are having trouble securing members. This time Co., Ltd. Link
A partnership with Sports will help increase the number of club members for all teams, not just teams that are struggling to secure members, and can also be a tool to increase the number of people interested in the sport itself. I think it’s a thing. We will do our best to help you feel closer to the team and the competition.

-Kanto Student American Football Federation-
Photo provided by: Kanto Student American Football Federation Photo provided by: Kanto Student American Football Federation Photo provided by: Kanto Student American Football Federation From Shinya Koizumi, CEO of Link Sports Co., Ltd.
This time, Link Sports
Thank you very much for your support and support of Team Navi, a website that supports amateur sports.

Team Navi began with one employee’s desire to create a site that would allow people to easily search for sports teams from all over Japan.

She moved frequently when she moved to the United States when she was in elementary school, and each time she searched online using area names, sports, and age groups to find a team that suited her. However, after returning to Japan, if you do a similar search, you will only find very few teams.

“In Japan, there is no environment to search for sports that people can participate in in their region and age group.The sports that they come across by chance (through word of mouth, etc.) become the only option.”This made me want to find a site that would allow me to search easily. I did.

Team Navi was created as a project by members of the company who sympathized with this idea and put together a concept.

In response to the recent trend of declining birthrates, we have begun to hear that many club activities and local sports teams are facing challenges due to a decrease in the number of participants among young people. We hope that “Team Navi” will be one of the solutions.

Let’s try playing American football. Let’s support them. I hope that at least one more person will think so.
From Tsuyoshi Miyake, former Japanese American football
representative, current Obic Seagulls coach, and member of Link Sports Co., Ltd.
We are very happy to have been able to partner with the Kanto Intercollegiate American Football Federation and Link Sports.

As someone who has been involved in American football for many years, and also as the creator of the TeamNavi service, it is very humbling to be able to work together with the federation to promote and develop American football.

There are many players who join corporate teams or adult teams from their university football clubs and play active roles. I would like to work with everyone to make this sport a sport that will be loved by many people throughout their lives.
“Team Navi” is promoting sponsorship support for federations and tournaments of each sport.
With the aim of promoting and developing amateur sports and supporting each team and organization, we are working to create a system for each sports organization and tournament to deepen cooperation and contribute to each other’s development. We will support each team through each organization and competition, reduce competition costs, and provide samples from each company to help make the team more active.

If you have any federations or competitions that are interested in this activity, please feel free to contact us.

Inquiries regarding this service and sponsorship
Link Sports Co., Ltd. (Person in charge: Okabe)

Email replies to your inquiries will be sent from the domain below. [@ ]Please set up the domain rejection so that you can receive emails from this domain.
Company Profile
Link Sports Co., Ltd. is engaged in application development and media management with a focus on IT and sports. The mission is “IT Through this, we aim to create moments where everyone can experience sports. We work hard every day to create a world where people who play sports and those who support them smile more and want to play more sports and get involved in sports.

Company name: Link Sports Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 2F E Space Tower, 3-6 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0044 Representative Director: Shinya Koizumi
Establishment date: January 27, 2014
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