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Home » “Play” becomes “learning”! ! ~Experiential content that you can learn while riding the train~ “Yamanot e Quest ~Aim to become a Yamanote Line Master~” will be held!

“Play” becomes “learning”! ! ~Experiential content that you can learn while riding the train~ “Yamanot e Quest ~Aim to become a Yamanote Line Master~” will be held!

Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
“Play” becomes “learning”! ! ~Experiential content that you can learn while riding the train~ “Yamanote Quest ~Aim to become a Yamanote Line Master~” will be held!
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Shogakukan’s “First Grade” editorial department and JR East
Metropolitan Area Headquarters are working together to turn “play” into “learning!” ! We will be holding an experiential content “Yamanote Quest ~ Aim to be a Yamanote Line Master ~” with the theme of riding a train.
Yamanote Quest is an experiential content that allows you to purchase a kit, ride the Yamanote Line, go around stations and towns, and have fun playing with your child as a parent, finding new discoveries and learning things. Enjoy an adventurous trip along the Yamanote Line with your family.
1. Event overview
(1) Event period: May 22, 2024 (Wednesday) to August 31, 2024 (Saturday) (2) Event area: Along the Yamanote Line
(3) Target: 1st to 3rd grade elementary school students and their families *Although the contents of the kit are aimed at 1st to 3rd grade elementary school students, the contents can be enjoyed by customers of a wide range of generations.
(4) Required time: Approximately 5 hours by “Quest” at 6 main stations *Excluding boarding time
(5) Special website 2. “Yamanote Quest” kit
(1) Sales price: 1,980 yen (tax included)
(2) Kit contents: 1 B5 booklet, B5 clear file, appendices (roulette, stickers, etc.)
*Tickets are not included in the sales kit. Separate transportation fees are required.
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[Kit contents]
3. How to buy
(1) Sales location: NewDays *Limited to 5 stores
Ikebukuro Station (Ikebukuro West Exit Store), Ueno Station (Ueno Iriya Store outside the ticket gate), Shinjuku Station (Shinjuku Store), Shinagawa Station (Shinagawa Chuo Store), Tokyo Station (Granstar Marunouchi South Store outside the ticket gate)
(2) Sales start date: Available from the start of business at each store on Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Store information
*Kit quantities are limited. Sale will end as soon as it runs out. *If stock is low, we will notify you from the Tokyo Kando Line official X account (@tokyo_moving_o).
4. How to play
(1) Get the kit!
(2) Visit 6 stations on the Yamanote Line, take on “quests” while walking around the stations and town, and collect 6 key numbers! (3) Use the 6 key numbers you have collected to complete the Yamanote Line Master Certificate using roulette!
(4) 100 people will be selected by lottery to apply for the “Special Glowing Pass Case”! Please fill out the key number and questionnaire on the enclosed application postcard and drop it in the post. 100 people will be randomly selected to win a special glowing pass case that lights up when held over an automatic ticket gate.
*The announcement of the lottery will be made once the prizes have been shipped. The lottery is scheduled for around September. (5) Lots of other fun too! Let’s enjoy traveling around the Yamanote Line with parents and children! Check out useful information about the 30 stations on the Yamanote Line as well as the Yamanote Line column page! Attach the station character large collection stickers to the locations that perfectly match the silhouettes of each station page to complete your station character encyclopedia! You can start from any station! It doesn’t matter how many stations you go around! Enjoy an adventurous journey on the Yamanote Line!
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[Special glowing pass case]
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5. Convenient tickets for participating in events
(1) We recommend the “Miyako Ward Pass” for going out within Tokyo’s 23 wards. *Unreserved seats in regular cars on JR line trains (including rapid trains) within Tokyo’s 23 wards can be used as many times as you like for one day.
(2) Release price
Adult 760 yen / Child 380 yen
*You can also load advantageous tickets onto your Suica or mobile Suica. *Mobile Suica can only be used by adults and is only available on the first day of use.
*Suica commuter passes (if the commuter pass information is installed) cannot be used for advantageous tickets with Suica (including mobile Suica).
*For more information, please see the JR East “Convenient Tickets for Going Out” website.
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6. About Shogakukan “First Grade” Editorial Department
~99 years of entertaining first graders~
“Elementary School First Grade” is an educational magazine by Shogakukan that will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2025. Throughout the ages, we have delivered articles that stimulate children’s intellectual curiosity. We have applied the know-how of creating magazines that are filled with “reading,” “creating,” and “thinking” to this book. Enjoy “Yamanote Quest”, which combines the charm of railways and the fun of learning magazines!
[Image 8:×598.jpg] 7. About “Tokyo Kando Line/TOKYO MOVING ROUND”
The Yamanote Line is a loop line in the heart of the city that is unique in the world. Starting from the Yamanote Line, we draw out the diverse characteristics of the areas along the line, connecting stations, towns, and people into a line, creating a unique and heart-rich city where you can have fascinating encounters and moving experiences. We will create a living space called “Tokyo Kando Line”.
[Image 9:×346.jpg] Sponsor: East Japan Railway Company, Metropolitan Area Headquarters Produced by: Shogakukan “First Grade” Editorial Department
*”Suica” is a registered trademark of East Japan Railway Company. *Photos and illustrations are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that the actual product may differ. In addition, event details may be changed or canceled without notice.
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