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Home » Idealidea Co., Ltd. We will be holding an exhibition by Koichi Matsuda, a painter who depicts world heritage sites. “World Heritage Art vol. 22” will be held at Idearide Gallery in Nishiazabu.

Idealidea Co., Ltd. We will be holding an exhibition by Koichi Matsuda, a painter who depicts world heritage sites. “World Heritage Art vol. 22” will be held at Idearide Gallery in Nishiazabu.

[Idealidea Co., Ltd.] We will be holding an exhibition by Koichi Matsuda, a painter who depicts world heritage sites. “World Heritage” will be held at the Nishiazabu Idearide Gallery.
Art vol. 22″

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Press release: May 15, 2024
An exhibition by Koichi Matsuda, a painter depicting World Heritage sites, will be held at Nishiazabu Idearide Gallery “World Heritage Art vol. 22”
*Koichi Matsuda solo exhibition vol.22*
The new works are mainly homages to famous paintings inspired by world heritage sites.
Through his works, Matsuda expresses the beauty of the earth and the preciousness of modern times, and conveys to those who view them his desire for joy and peace in the world. Matsuda mostly incorporates scenes from world heritage sites into his works, but this solo exhibition will focus on homage paintings. world heritage
“The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Dominican Monastery with Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper”
The reason behind this is that I have created several works in the past with the motif of “The Last Supper.” We are planning to exhibit several recent works.

The works are in the gallery shop
You can also pre-purchase from (will be shipped after the exhibition ends) Koichi Matsuda Leonardo da Vinci The Last Supper 2024 455x910mm Koichi Matsuda Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa 2024 318x410mm
Koichi Matsuda Mont Saint-Michel 2023
Koichi Matsuda Leonardo da Vinci Baptism of Christ 2024 455x530mm The concept of the work is World Heritage Art
Koichi Matsuda creates paintings with the theme of “World Heritage Art.” I love world heritage sites and have visited 91 places in 30 countries so far.
Having visited more than 100 World Heritage Sites, I have been able to experience the beauty of the world I have seen and experience the beauty of being there myself.
The momentary feeling and sense of exhilaration that you get from putting yourself there will be born in the form of colors and shapes. In recent years, studio painting has become the main focus.
Koichi Matsuda Eiffel Tower 2011
The wishes contained in the work
The wishes of the World Heritage Site are as follows:
・Know the importance of understanding and respecting different cultures ・Never repeat the mistakes of humanity
・Convey history and culture to future generations
・Have a feeling of respect for others
・And embrace diversity
Cherish our culture, environment, and earth. Leaving a wonderful earth for future generations. Such wishes are embodied in the World Heritage Sites. Matsuda’s works also incorporate this desire. Furthermore, 100 years from now, Matsuda’s work aims to create works of art that will decorate such World Heritage properties.
About this solo exhibition
This is an exhibition and sales event of original paintings by artist Koichi Matsuda.
●Title: Koichi Matsuda World Heritage Art vol. 22
●Period: May 31st (Friday) – June 8th (Saturday)
●Reception: May 31st (Friday) 17:00-19:00
●Business hours: 11:30-16:30
●Closed days: Wednesday, Thursday
●Admission fee: Free
●If you are attending, please write your name in the guest book at the venue. You can enter your name using the QR code in the gallery. ●Reservation: Not required
☆You are free to photograph your work and post it on SNS, etc. ☆Please do not touch the works.
☆Please watch quietly.
●Venue: IDEALIDEA gallery (opening in June 2023) (approximately 39.66 square meters, wall core)
3rd floor, Shibuya Reiki Building, 4-5-4 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo (3rd floor by stairs)
Nearest station: 6 minutes walk from Exit 4 of Hiroo Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

A contemporary art gallery located in a vintage building in
Nishiazabu. IDEALIDEA Gallery is operated by IDEALIDEA Co., Ltd. Opening in June 2023. (approximately 39.66 square meters
wall core)
IDEALIDEA GALLERY Approximately 10 tsubo in size
Koichi Matsuda
Click here for the artist’s homepage

A painter from Wakayama Prefecture. The purpose of my creative activities is to depict the beauty of the world and express the splendor and richness of modern times. Works as a painter depicting world heritage sites.
For two years, 2019 and 2020, I created the cover art for ANA Wings of Kingdom. ANA Winged Kingdom cover art
2023 Solo exhibition Idearide Gallery (Tokyo)
2022 Solo exhibition Yamanouchi Town Shiga Kogen Roman Museum (Nagano Prefecture)
2020 Solo Exhibition Kumano Kodo Center (Mie Prefecture)
2019, 2020 Cover Art ANA Winged Kingdom
2017 Solo exhibition “One day exhibition” Karuizawa New Art Museum (Nagano Prefecture)
Published Coloring Book “World Heritage of the Miraculous Star” Solo exhibition mont-bell Hakuba (Nagano Prefecture)
2016 Solo exhibition Kumano Kodo Center (Mie Prefecture)
2015 Solo exhibition mont-bell salon Shibuya (Tokyo)
Solo exhibition Kumano Kodo Center (Mie Prefecture)
2014 Solo exhibition 400th Anniversary of Exchange between Spain and Japan (Barcelona)
2013 Solo exhibition Dlabo Tokyo Midtown Tower (Tokyo)
Solo exhibition Peace Boat (Nagoya, Shimizu, Chiba, Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama) Solo exhibition Fujikawa Rakuza (Shizuoka Prefecture)
2012 Solo exhibition Iwami Ginzan Ginzan World Heritage Site 5th Anniversary Project (Shimane Prefecture)
Solo exhibition T.Y.HARBOR (Tokyo)
Solo exhibition Kumano Kodo Center (Mie Prefecture)
2003 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Faculty of Art *About details about this release*

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