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Wolters Kluwer Announces Launch of NEJM AI on Ovid for Research and Medical Institutions

Wolters Kluwer Announces Launch of NEJM AI on Ovid for Research and Medical Institutions

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Press release: May 15, 2024
Wolters Kluwer Announces Launch of NEJM AI on Ovid for Research and Medical Institutions
*The New England Journal of Medicine recently launched a new journal focused on AI, which holds great promise in healthcare. *
Wolters Kluwer Announces Launch of NEJM AI on Ovid for Research and Medical Institutions
* NEJM AI journals are available to research and medical institutions worldwide through Wolters Kluwer’s Ovid platform. *
Wolters Kluwer Health and New England Journal of
NEJM Group, publishers of Medicine (NEJM), today announced that Wolters Kluwer’s *Ovid(R) platform*
announced that it will start offering.
For more information is here
AI is a peer-reviewed monthly journal dedicated to research on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical medicine. Hospitals, government agencies, businesses, healthcare organizations, and research institutes have access to NEJM Group journals exclusively digitally distributed by Ovid. This NEJM
Institutional access to AI is available at New England Journal of Medicine, NEJM Evidence, NEJM
NEJM such as Catalyst, NEJM Journal Watch
It evolved from the group’s online subscription to journals. For all users, NEJM You can access content both on the group’s website and on Ovid. * Bridging trusted research in the future of healthcare*
As the use of generative AI (GenAI) expands across industry, it is clear that the impact of AI on healthcare will grow. Wolters Kluwer is at the forefront of bringing together expert solutions and reliable research information,” said Wolters Kluwer Health Senior Vice President and General Manager Health Research. Rafael
Sidi says. “The medical field is at a turning point. Advances in technology are rapidly transforming patient care and significantly improving patient outcomes. NEJM
AI is an essential resource for physicians, researchers, healthcare leaders, and policy makers around the world, with content focused on the transformative role of AI and machine learning.”

NEJM Group is a groundbreaking journal that promotes the understanding of AI in medicine and its practical application.
We launched the issue of AI. Our aim is to translate cutting-edge AI technology into practical medical applications that will transform patient care and healthcare outcomes in the future. Under the guidance of leading experts in the field of medical AI, NEJM
As a global leader in specialized journals, AI brings together outstanding insights in medical AI research from a variety of fields.

At AI, we set the same rigorous standards as the NEJM Group’s flagship journal to determine which AI tools can be used in medicine.” AI Editor-in-Chief Isaac Kohane (M.D.,
Ph.D.) explains. “We aim not only to publish high-quality original research, but also to build a community of open dialogue among AI developers, physicians, researchers, healthcare leaders, and government officials.”

In addition to this new journal, the NEJM Group is also launching a podcast called NEJM AI Grand, which explores common challenges in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and medicine.
” is also provided. This podcast will also feature community-building activities, such as events and subscription-only content that introduce the latest information on the fusion of AI and medicine.

The Ovid platform provides access to millions of full-text journal articles, eBooks, database resources, and workflow tools in one integrated solution. Wolters Kluwer’s products, services and specialized solutions are built on a foundation that is consistent with our values ​​of trust, transparency and responsibility. Wolters Kluwer’s AI guidelines
We help customers design, develop, and deploy advanced technologies that help them solve their most complex problems.
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