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Home » Members Streamline complex and personalized sustainability-related data collection and analysis with low-code development and AI – Break away from the use of spreadsheet software and realize system migration at low cost and short delivery times –

Members Streamline complex and personalized sustainability-related data collection and analysis with low-code development and AI – Break away from the use of spreadsheet software and realize system migration at low cost and short delivery times –

[Members] Streamline complex and personalized sustainability-related data collection and analysis with low-code development and AI ~Achieving a break from the use of spreadsheet software and system migration at low cost and short delivery times~

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Press release: May 15, 2024
Streamline the collection and analysis of sustainability-related data, which is complex and individualized, using low-code development and AI – Achieving a break from the use of spreadsheet software and system migration at low cost and short delivery times –
Members Co., Ltd., which leads social change together with customers through DX field support (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takano)
Akihiko, TSE Prime: 2130 (hereinafter “Members”) will launch a service that streamlines data collection and analysis for
sustainability-related operations using low-code and AI.

Social background for starting the service
The Tokyo Stock Exchange requires Prime-listed companies to disclose sustainability-related information, and overseas manufacturers are required to submit sustainability information as a condition when selecting suppliers, making it important for companies to collect, analyze, and report related data. It has become.
However, in many cases, the current situation is that DX has been delayed in gathering this information, such as sharing spreadsheet software with the relevant parties and utilizing the input files. In addition, moving to a system requires a large amount of investment, and there are also issues such as having to rely on a development vendor for operation.

Problems with aggregation and analysis using spreadsheet software in sustainability work
Spreadsheet software can be created independently by the
sustainability department, which has advantages such as lower costs and the ability to update it on their own, but there are also problems.

* ● Lack of consistency and accuracy of data: *
Spreadsheet software is prone to human errors during data entry, which can lead to inconsistent and inaccurate data.
* ● Scalability issues: *
Spreadsheet software may not be suitable for large datasets or for data accessed by many users at the same time.
* Difficulty in data sharing and collaboration: *
Sending spreadsheet files by email or saving them to network drives can make it difficult to manage versions and access permissions, which can hinder effective collaboration.
* ●Limitations in analysis function: *
Functional limitations may arise if advanced statistical analysis or data visualization is required.

Overview of provided solutions
To solve these problems, members use Microsoft Power
Utilizing low-code development applications such as Apps and OutSystems (*), we have developed a system that can be developed at a lower cost and in a shorter lead time than traditional scratch development methods, and that allows personnel to easily make changes and additions during operation. Offers. Furthermore, by using AI and generation AI together, we can eliminate complicated and
individualized tasks such as detecting abnormal values ​​in aggregated data, language translation, automating graphs, creating FAQs, and checking and notifying related parties of data submission deadlines. It is also possible to promote efficiency.

(1) Low code development
Low-code development is an approach to software development that can significantly reduce development work using traditional programming. Even people with little programming expertise can quickly develop applications and software, and business departments can take the initiative in developing and operating the development process without relying on external partners.
Microsoft Power
Low-code development platforms like Apps and OutSystems are designed to simplify software development and allow you to build applications without advanced programming skills. These platforms streamline the development process with features such as drag-and-drop interfaces, visual modeling software, and pre-built templates.
In addition, Members is skilled in UX design for web construction and operation operations, and is able to provide not only business systems but also interface construction that is easy to use for all parties involved, leading to a significant reduction in the cost of
conventional aggregation operations.

The features of low-code development are as follows.
* ● Rapid development: *
Low-code development can significantly reduce application development and deployment time.
* ●Cost reduction: *
By shortening the development period, it is also possible to reduce project costs.
* ● Improved accessibility: *
Since it can be developed by non-technical personnel, sustainability professionals can directly develop solutions tailored to their needs. * ●Flexibility and scalability: *
Many platforms are customizable and can be scaled up to meet your business needs and growth.

(2) Utilization of AI and generative AI
Sustainability-related work tends to be carried out by certain employees due to its specialization, complexity, and update nature. In addition, because the data items collected are diverse, the workload on the input side, such as confirming responses and preventing mistakes, tends to increase. At Members, we will implement AI and generative AI together with low-code development to solve problems, making work more efficient and non-individualized.

* ●Processing large amounts of data: *
AI can efficiently collect, process, and analyze vast amounts of data, allowing companies to quickly understand and leverage complex environmental and social information.
*●Advanced analytics and insights:*
AI technology can identify data patterns and trends and derive important insights. This makes it possible to more accurately assess ESG-related risks and opportunities.
* ●Efficiency through automation: *
AI automates the data collection process, reducing manual errors and increasing the speed and accuracy of work. By utilizing generation AI, it is also possible to directly generate reports and analysis documents from the collected data.
* ●Real-time monitoring and analysis: *
AI systems enable real-time monitoring of environmental and social impacts and can quickly detect changes and trends.
* ●Improving sustainability performance:*
By leveraging AI, companies and organizations can more effectively plan and implement strategies and initiatives to achieve their sustainability goals.
* ●Improved transparency: *
By collecting and analyzing data using AI technology, companies can make their sustainability efforts more transparent and increase their credibility with stakeholders.

(3) Contact information
●Inquiries regarding implementation costs, procedures, support details, etc.:
*We can also provide support tailored to a company’s issues and needs, such as accompanying support for the operation of systems developed by GX human resources who have both GX literacy and digital skills.

In this way, by leveraging AI and generative AI, environmental and ESG data can be collected and analyzed more efficiently and effectively, significantly improving the quality of sustainability decisions and strategies. is possible.

*Microsoft Power Apps is from Microsoft in the United States. Corporation is a trademark or registered trademark in the United States and other countries. OutSystems is a registered trademark of OutSystems.

Decarbonized DX solution
We view decarbonization as a business opportunity for sustainable corporate growth, and provide a variety of services to support the promotion of decarbonized DX.
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Members launches “Decarbonized DX Solution” that improves sales and reduces costs based on greenhouse gas emission data for each company and product (August 29, 2023)
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About members
Members has set VISION 2030 as “Using the power of creators across Japan, we will contribute to solving social issues centered on climate change and population decline, and lead the transformation to a sustainable society.” We will lead social change.

・Location: 37th floor, Harumi Island Triton Square Office Tower X, 1-8-10 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (35th floor reception)
・Representative: Akihiko Takano, President and Representative Director ・Capital: 1,057 million yen (as of the end of March 2024)
・X (old Twitter):
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