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Home » Sony Corporation “Earth ∞ Pieces-in transit” Interview: Ryo Kurisu “The highlight is Mr. Hasunuma’s way of playing music that is compatible with the player environment” Shuta Hasunuma “A day at a concert from a different angl e” You can know the

Sony Corporation “Earth ∞ Pieces-in transit” Interview: Ryo Kurisu “The highlight is Mr. Hasunuma’s way of playing music that is compatible with the player environment” Shuta Hasunuma “A day at a concert from a different angl e” You can know the

[Sony Corporation] “Earth ∞ Pieces-in”
“transit” Interview: Ryo Kurisu: “The highlight is Mr. Hasunuma’s way of playing the music that is compatible with the player environment.” Shuta Hasunuma: “You can understand the situation of the day at the concert from a different angle.”

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Press release: May 15, 2024
『Earth ∞ Pieces-in』
“transit” Interview: Ryo Kurisu: “The highlight is Mr. Hasunuma’s way of playing the music that is compatible with the player environment.” Shuta Hasunuma: “You can understand the situation of the day at the concert from a different angle.”
 Sony Park, an experimental POP-UP space of 10 tsubo
Mini (Sony Park Mini) was a one-day music concert held in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in March this year, which created great excitement.
Exhibition “Earth ∞ Pieces-in” where you can relive “Pieces vol.1 World Premiere”
“Earth Pieces in Transit” is being held until May 22nd (Wednesday).

On Thursday, May 9th, the first day of this opening, “Earth ∞ Ryo Kurisu, who is planning and producing “Earth ∞ Pieces”, and Shuta Hasunuma, who is the music director,
We will bring you an interview where we talked about the concept of “Pieces”, behind the scenes of the world premiere, and the contents of the program currently being held.

*Interview report*
“Earth ∞ Pieces vol.1 World Premiere” was held in March this year. The one-day concert was a great success, and the “Earth
∞ Pieces” made history as a new challenge. Earth ∞ creates such a project. Pieces producer Ryo Kurisu and music director Shuta Hasunuma. Exhibition “Earth ∞ Pieces-in” where you can relive the experience transit” started on May 9th (Thursday), the two talked about their creations, including the background of the project, highlights, and future activities.

Earth ∞ Pieces vol.1 Background of the world premiere

“Earth ∞
Kurisu, the producer of “Pieces,” said, “We wanted to spread the accessibility know-how we developed for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Paralympic Games to the world of live entertainment. “We started this as an experimental project to try and re-create the traditional structure in order to eliminate the separation from the mainstream, which is centered on people without disabilities,” he said at the Tokyo Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies. He talked about his thoughts and relationship with this concert.

Mind as a music director

Regarding the concept of a director, Hasunuma, who is in charge of music director for “Earth ∞ Pieces”
I worked with the intention of not becoming I don’t like the word coach, but I was conscious of becoming a coach who creates a system where everyone can have freedom, rather than having a relationship like that of a coach and players in the sports world. ” he commented.

Highlights of Earth ∞ Pieces-in transit

At “Earth ∞ Pieces-in transit” held this time, “Earth ∞ Pieces vol.1” You can enjoy the video of the “World Premiere” concert. Commenting on the video, Hasunuma said, “Rather than reliving it, I think it allows you to see what happened during the day at the concert from a different angle.As time passes, it becomes a video, and you can enjoy the event from a different perspective. I think so.
Kurisu commented, “It was only held for one day, and the capacity of the venue was limited, so the number of people who could see it in person was limited, but this event was held for two weeks. You can come and enjoy it at any time.You can watch the uncut version of the show on the day, and you can also enjoy footage from angles that you couldn’t see at the venue, so it’s different from the actual live performance. You’ll hear different sounds, and I think both those who were there on the day and those who weren’t will enjoy it.
”, and during the crosstalk in the latter half of the interview, he said, “There is another highlight: Mr. Hasunuma’s conducting is different from a normal conductor’s, in that he is able to attract a variety of people, including those who can see conducting and those who cannot, those who can understand it and those who cannot. It corresponds to the environment of each player in the middle of the day.
The highlight is the way the music is played. ”, he told us about the highlights that can only be enjoyed at the exhibition.

A blueprint for music that can be played “freely”

When asked about “freedom,” which is one of the things he is particular about in his concerts, Hasunuma said, “I think “freedom” means being able to create a mood that allows you to be as relaxed as possible before the performance.
That’s what I understood. He commented, “We asked the player who received the melody to interpret and play it in their own way, and we considered the overall composition based on the player’s environment, ability, and requests from the player. “This is a performance that only Hasunuma can create.”
He talked about “freedom”.

In addition, “We look at the balance between instruments, such as music scores arranged like sound games that are easy to play, demos created with sounds without notation, and songs that omit the main melody and play do-re-mi. Regarding the “sound blueprint” that is the heart of the concert, he said, “I named it the blueprint to expand the interpretation of each player.” I created it by collecting the best parts of the genre and the mechanisms that allow you to perform as an ensemble.
We had to communicate with each player all the time to carefully consider each player’s individuality and think about how to convey that. Kurisu said, “Even though it was only a one-day performance, he was able to communicate with each of the 28 players to the point that he could remember their names.” Mr. Hasunuma’s attitude of treating each individual with care was important for this project. “That’s a key point, and I think that’s why I was able to create music like this,” he said, talking about his passion for communicating with the players.

Kurisu says that how each individual commits to music, how they bring out their performance, and how they approach it is an essential part of the diversity that is needed in this day and age.

Activities and challenges until 2030

“Earth ∞ Pieces vol.1
When asked about holding a concert like “World Premiere” next time, Kurisu said, “It’s difficult to do the same thing frequently because it’s different from a normal event.” It can be seen that it took a considerable amount of energy to make it a success. He continued, “I think it is possible to design a project that can be held without any burden while changing the structure of the project.Instead of repeating the same thing, I think it is possible to design a new way of doing things. I think it’s about outputting something in the form of something.”

“Earth ∞
Regarding the target year of 2030, which he cited as “Pieces,” Kurisu said, “We were aiming for the Sapporo Olympics in 2030 because we wanted to create a society where the diversity that was achieved at the Paralympics could be achieved as a matter of course at the Olympics, but we are still in the process of planning. So, the event will no longer be held in Sapporo…” he said with a bitter smile. He continued, “Although Sapporo is gone, 2030 is also the year of the SDGs, and the objective will remain the same whether the Olympics are held or not, so we decided to keep the target year of 2030 as it is.” I did.” And finally, “The concept is to create peace with all the pieces that make up the earth, including people of various
nationalities and non-human beings, so my next goal at the moment is to create a multinational group.” “My next goal is to create a circle with people from many different countries,” he said
enthusiastically about his future challenges.

Program overview

Name: Earth ∞ Pieces-in transit
Date: Thursday, May 9th, 2024 to Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024,
11:00-19:00 (scheduled)
Location: Sony Park Mini (B1F, Nishi Ginza Parking Lot, 5-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Hashtag: #EarthPieces

About “Earth ∞ Pieces”

“Earth ∞ Pieces” is SLOW, which aims to create a world of diversity and harmony through the power of art.
This is a participatory music project promoted by LABEL, which uses Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy (No. 9)” as its theme, and achieves the SDGs common to the international community while repeating encounters and farewells with players with diverse personalities at each performance. This is a project that will take about six years until the goal of 2030, and will take on the challenge of playing a “song of joy” that no one has ever seen or heard before.
The first of these was “Earth ∞ Pieces vol.1” held in March this year. “World Premiere” will feature a wide variety of players from teens to their 60s who have lost the opportunity to enjoy music due to various reasons such as “raising children,” “nursing care,” and “work,” and those who can’t play musical instruments or read sheet music. Performance professionals gather from all over the country. The 28 players who were able to participate because everything from meeting to performance was completed in just one day expressed the joy of playing music together.
The “-in transit” in the program name at Sony Park Mini represents the “middle of the journey” in the program, which will continue until 2030.

“Earth ∞ Pieces vol.1 World Premiere” held in March this year (Photo: 427FOTO)

* profile*
Yoshie Kurisu
/ Earth ∞ Pieces Producer
Artistic director of LABEL. For over 25 years, he has been involved in citizen-participatory art projects that connect people and communities of different cultures and attempt to transform society through the process of dialogue and collaboration. As the general director of the Yokohama Paratriennale (2014-2020), he received the 65th Yokohama Cultural Award “Culture and Arts Encouragement Award.” Stage advisor for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Rio-Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, Marugoto Kamiyama National College of Technology director, TBS “Hiruobi” Thursday commentator, etc. Ginza
A member of the Sony Park Project, he serves as an advisor from a DE&I perspective at the new Ginza Sony Park.
Shuta Hasunuma
/ Earth ∞ Pieces Music Director
He organized the Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra and produces music for numerous musical performances, including films, plays, and dance, both domestically and internationally. He also creates sculptures, videos, installations, performances, workshops, projects, etc. by applying the technique of “composition” and using physical expression. He has many activities overseas, including being appointed as a grantee of the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) in 2013 and appointed as the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ East Asian Cultural Exchange History Officer in 2017.
Major solo exhibitions include “Compositions” (Pioneer Works, New York/2018) and “-ing” (Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo/2018).
2018). Received the 69th Art Encouragement Award from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Ginza Sony Park and Sony Park
Also on Mini “windandwindows|windandwindows” Shuta Hasunuma Full Fill x Ginza Sony
It holds various programs such as Park and the park closet “unpeople”. Yuko Namba (Sachiko Namba)
/ Earth ∞ Pieces Documentation Director
curator. After working at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, he became involved in planning contemporary art exhibitions both domestically and internationally.
The main exhibitions he has planned include “Children’s Niwa” (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2010) and “Shinji Ohmaki –
Where the Horizon Goes” (Hirosaki Brick Warehouse Museum, 2023), etc. Also, Ryuichi Sakamoto’s large-scale solo exhibition (2021 M WOODS/Beijing, 2023 M
Curator of WOODS/Chengdu, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (2011). Sapporo International Art Festival 2014 Project Manager (Curatorial Affairs), Yokohama Paratriennale 2014 Curator. His books include “10 Guides for Contemporary Art Curators” (Seikyusha).
Photo: Tomohiko Tagawa (C)️Real Sound Book
Hirofumi Nakamoto
/ Earth ∞ Pieces Film Director
Born in 1986. Produces experimental video works, installations, and documentary films of art projects. As the representative of “Zushi Art Film”, he engages in activities such as lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and screenings on visual expression. “The Silent Passenger” was selected for the Berlin Film Festival. Major
exhibitions include “Impurities and Immunity” (TOKAS Hongo, 2017), “Us Verse Nature” (Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, 2023), etc.

About Sony Park Mini

Sony Park Mini is a new Ginza Sony project that aims to be completed in 2024. As a testing ground for the Park, it is a POP-UP space of 10 tsubo located on the basement floor of the Nishi Ginza parking lot, located almost directly below the Sukiyabashi intersection in Ginza, Tokyo. Based on the concept of “continuing to launch programs that feel the heartbeat of artists,” we have held a variety of programs over 50 times since opening in March 2022. Also, Sony
Nishi Ginza Parking Lot Coffee, located inside Mini, offers specialty coffee carefully brewed by baristas, selected from carefully selected coffee beans according to the season.

Facility name: Sony Park Mini
Location: 1st basement, Nishi Ginza parking lot, 5-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Business hours: Program 11:00-19:00 Nishi Ginza parking lot coffee Weekdays 8:00-19:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00-19:00 Regular holidays: Irregular holidays
Floor area: Approximately 30.0 square meters (approximately 10 tsubo)

Click here for details
Click here for the Sony Park Mini website
Nishi Ginza parking lot coffee
Official Instagram: @nishiginzaparking_coffee #nishiginzaparking_coffee #nishiginzaparking_coffee

*About Ginza Sony Park*
Ginza Sony
Inheriting the concept of a “facility open to the city” from the time the Sony Building was established, Park opened on August 9, 2018, during the demolition of the Sony Building. “Park” holds various events throughout the year that give you a sense of surprise and playfulness, as well as accidental encounters with music.
As an “ever-changing experimental park” in the middle of the city, the park hosts programs such as “Live” and has been visited by 8.54 million customers over three years (as of the end of September 2021). Reconstruction work is currently underway, and the new Ginza Sony Park is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

Sony Park official website/SNS account
X (old Twitter):
@ginzasonypark #GinzaSonyPark #SonyParkMini
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