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Purago Delivering real-time information on Prago’s charging stations with “Odekake EV”

Delivering real-time information on Prago charging stations with “Odekake EV” ~Make your EV outings more personal and more fun~
Plago Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Naoki Okawa) has recently provided information on its electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to Navigate Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Kenji Kato). We have started providing it to the EV charging spot search app “Odekake EV” operated by .
This allows Odekake EV to display information such as the location of EV charging stations, the type and number of chargers installed, and real-time availability information, as well as to make charging reservations and transitions to usage.
For EV users, we aim to lead to an EV life that makes going out more enjoyable without the negative consequences of arriving at a charging station and not being able to charge because the vehicle is in use or malfunctioning.
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Information about EV charging stations, which are essential for driving an EV, is provided on apps and websites operated by EV charging service providers, as well as on portal services such as navigation and map apps that provide map and point information. I’m here.
Plago has information on EV charging stations across the country on its EV charging app “My Plago,” which allows you to make
reservations, but in order to increase the number of contact points where EV users can charge more easily and conveniently, we have created a company that operates navigation and map apps. We provide an API for EV charging station information that is updated in real time. Now, we are proposing new ways to enjoy EV driving, including information on charging stations nationwide, as well as a function*1 that awards points based on driving distance, posting reviews, check-ins, and campaigns, and allows you to exchange them for electronic money, gift certificates, etc. We have collaborated with “Odekake EV”.
Features of the information distributed through “Odekake EV” 1. You can check the fullness of the charger in real time
If you search by narrowing down the charging type in the “Narrow down” menu using “My Plago” or by tapping the icon on the MAP, the “empty” or “full” charging compartments will be displayed in real time. 2. Smooth transition to charging usage and reservations
You can complete the procedure for charging from “Use” or
“Reservation” on the facility details page.
・Usage: You will be redirected to a web page that does not require membership registration, and you can start using the charger on the spot.
・Reservation: Go to the applicable facility page on the app “My Plago” and make a reservation for a charging car room*2.
Information provided by Prago for “Outing EV”
・The location where the charger is installed, the number of output power, and the number of units
・Real-time occupancy status of the vehicle compartment where the charger is located
・Transition to a web page or app screen where you can reserve a charger, etc. *The availability information and transition to the reservation screen are displayed only at charging stations that can be used through “My Plago”.
*All of this information is provided free of charge on “Odekake EV”. *1 Only premium members can exchange points.
*2 There are two types of reservations: “One-day reservation” and “Save reservation”, and you must download “My Plago” and register as a member in advance.
・One-day reservation: You can specify a date up to 3 months in advance and secure a car room all day.
・Reservation: You can reserve an empty vehicle compartment for up to 60 minutes. [What is My Plago]
The app “My Plago” is a smartphone app that comfortably connects all activities related to EV charging, from searching for EV charging stations, checking availability information, reservations, usage procedures, and online payments.
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[What is an outing EV?]
An EV charging spot search app provided by Navigate Co., Ltd. starting May 2023.
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As an app service that allows EV users to go out safely and happily, we have not only the latest EV charging spot information, but also information on about 3,500 facilities around the country (as of March 2024), which can be displayed on the map and route information. Guidance is also available.
In addition, you can accumulate [points] from “distance traveled”, “post reviews”, “check-ins”, “campaigns”, etc., and you can exchange them for electronic money, gift certificates, etc., so the more you use this app, the more you’ll enjoy it.
More details about this release: