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Home » National University Corporation Chiba University 65 university students and a bank collaborate to raise awaren ess of SDGs; 8th year of “Chiba University x Keiyo Bank eco project” begins

National University Corporation Chiba University 65 university students and a bank collaborate to raise awaren ess of SDGs; 8th year of “Chiba University x Keiyo Bank eco project” begins

National University Corporation Chiba University
65 university students and the bank collaborate to raise awareness of SDGs; 8th year of “Chiba University x Keiyo Bank eco project” begins ……
Chiba University’s Environmental ISO Student Committee (hereinafter referred to as “Student Committee”) and Keiyo Bank, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Keiyo Bank”) have been working together since fiscal 2017 on the eco project (
/ir/eco_project/) and are working towards achieving the SDGs. We would like to inform you that the planned implementation plan for 2024 has been decided.
“Chiba University x Keiyo Bank eco project” working on SDGs through industry-academia collaboration
[Image 1:×930.jpg] Chiba University and Keiyo Bank entered into a comprehensive partnership agreement in 2012, and since 2017, the Environmental ISO Student Committee, which is primarily responsible for environmental activities at Chiba University, and Keiyo Bank have been collaborating to launch the “eco project – 7 colors”. “Rainbow from Chiba to the Future” is being implemented. In order to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this project aims to “contribute to reducing local environmental impact and raising environmental awareness,” and aims to support Keiyo Bank employees, business partner companies, and local residents. We carry out activities to raise environmental awareness and SDGs among many people in Chiba
Prefecture, including students at Chiba University. Official website
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1) Keiyo Bank’s support for the student committee’s environmental activities
[Image 2:×503.png ]
Study abroad image
We will disseminate advanced environmental initiatives and SDGs initiatives by Chiba University students at domestic and international environmental symposiums and conferences. This will not only contribute to the promotion of a sustainable campus, but also provide students with an opportunity to experience presentations and interact with other universities. Keiyo Bank will provide funds for the student’s travel expenses.
In 2024, continuing from last year, we plan to implement a study abroad program in Thailand in which the Environmental ISO Student Committee will participate, “Learning about SDGs and sustainability at Chiang Mai University in northern Thailand.” We also plan to send students to an international conference on sustainability to be held in China, and to domestic conferences in Kyoto and Tottori.
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2) Consulting for students to acquire “Eco Action 21”
Students provide consulting to Keiyo Bank’s business partners to help them obtain Eco Action 21* certification. Currently, students are providing EcoAction 21 consulting and assisting in the creation of environmental reports for four companies. We will continue to provide consulting in preparation for certification in fiscal 2024. *This is an environmental management system guideline established by the Ministry of the Environment, and is a standard aimed primarily at small and medium-sized businesses.
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3) About the “Environment/SDGs contribution project” proposed by students We will hold a project that will lead to awareness of SDGs for local people, students, and companies. Keiyo Bank will mainly be in charge of organizing individual projects, and students will be in charge of content creation and day-of operations. For students, this allows them to work in places that are not often possible in their normal student life, and provides an opportunity for environmental and practical education. In 2024, we plan to focus on the following projects. 1. Let’s Study SDGs
[Image 3:×296.jpg ]
This is a plan to hold lectures and workshops on SDGs for elementary school after-school clubs. Last year, under the theme of “A workshop that’s not just about having fun,” we held an event to educate about the SDGs to about 500 children attending after-school clubs at 14 schools. This year, we will provide even higher quality lectures and workshops, and aim to hold them at 20 schools.
Last year’s results 2. Children’s Eco Festival
[Image 4:×1109.jpg] Work image
We are planning to hold an event for local children where they can experience learning about the SDGs through crafts and games using familiar items. Last year, the event was held twice, with a total of over 1,000 participants. This year, we aim to hold multiple
large-scale events with the cooperation of theme parks and other organizations.
Last year’s results 3. Second-hand clothes market
[Image 5:×1108.jpg] image
The idea is to hold an event where used clothes collected from people associated with Chiba University and Keiyo Bank will be sold at a low price of 100 yen, and the proceeds will be donated. This year, we will not only sell clothes, but also expand the scope of our activities by considering how to reuse unsold old clothes.
Last year’s used clothes market
4. Let’s take a look at the school festival
This is a new project designed to target high school students, a group that we have not been able to reach much in the past. It was created with the desire to collaborate with high school students to promote environmental measures at high school cultural festivals. This year, as a first step to understanding the current situation, we will interview high school cultural festivals in the prefecture about their environmental initiatives, compile a collection of case studies, and publicize them.
5. diversity planning
[Image 6:×346.png ]
Last year, we learned about LGBTQ+ and conducted training at Chiba University and Keiyo Bank in order to implement plans for SDGs that go beyond the environment. This year, we will focus on developmental disorders, learn from a student’s unique perspective, and put effort into disseminating what we have learned.
Last year’s results 6. Thinking about SDGs together with companies
[Image 7:×1108.jpg] image
One of the strengths of the project in collaboration with Keiyo Bank is its approach to companies within the prefecture. In this eco project, we also carry out SDGs awareness activities for companies as part of social studies for students. This year as well, we will carry out a project to educate stakeholders from various companies in the prefecture about SDGs and ecology.
Last year’s results Comments from the 2024 project leader (Kunta Koga, 2nd year, Faculty of Law, Political Science and Economics)
This is the 8th year of this project. The first three years from 2017 were the “early days” when Keiyo Bank accepted students’ free ideas and tried to come up with plans that could be realized. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 was a “maintenance period” where we managed to move forward with the project while switching to online and non-face-to-face work. Over the three years starting in 2021, face-to-face activities gradually resumed, the number of students involved steadily increased, the number of projects implemented increased, and the scope of the project expanded to include SDGs goals other than the environment. It was a period of expansion. Starting in fiscal 2024, we will enter a “development period” in which some of the projects we have implemented so far will be further developed and strengthened, while others will be renewed and evolved.
We have been formulating plans for this year since around November of last year, earlier than usual as we started our “development period”. With the motto of “Projects that are deeper and more fruitful,” we have narrowed down the number of projects and created a system in which many students can contribute their efforts to each one. We will strive to evolve the project into a project that not only has a positive impact on the local community, but also provides further learning for the students. We will combine the efforts of 65 students, including 2nd and 3rd year students who have extensive experience in activities up until last year, and many new first year students, to build an even better project. Thank you for your continued support this year.
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