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freee announces “Integrated Flow”, the basis for product development

freee announces “Integrated Flow”, the basis for product development Further enhance the integrated experience and resolve the “three divides” in small business management
Free Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “freee”) announced at “freee TOGO world 2024″, one of the largest back office festivals in Japan held on May 14, 2024, that ” “Integrated flow” was announced. “Integrated flow” is the basis for developing freee’s products, and is a general term for the framework that combines the design concepts that have been continued since the company’s founding. We will proceed with development based on the “integration flow” as a common basis for the products provided by freee, making it possible to provide a high level of integration experience to more areas with a sense of speed.
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■”Integration”, which freee has emphasized since its founding, has rapidly expanded its field by developing products necessary for small business management, such as accounting, human resources, and sales management. Since our founding in 2012, the most important thing we have focused on when developing products is “integration.” We have always been conscious of the customer experience of “integration” when developing and designing, such as what data is being integrated and how it is integrated between products. ■”Three divisions that trouble small business management” As we continue to face the management issues of small business, we have identified three major divisions. 1. Segregation of operations By introducing multiple different back office tools, the need for input, transcription, import, export, etc. arises. In addition to the increased workload due to division, input errors and transcription errors may occur. Another issue is that managing accounts for multiple cloud services becomes complicated. 2. Communication breakdown Unlike the management department, which comes into contact with back-office tools on a daily basis, back-office tools can be stressful for employees who are not accustomed to using them, leading to an increase in inquiries to the management
department. In addition, work requests from management departments to employees, such as year-end adjustment submissions and monthly payment requests, are often forgotten, and work becomes strained due to reminders and confirmation calls. 3. Data Segregation Back office tools contain a variety of data such as employee information and business partner information. If you have multiple back office tools in place, each one will require data updates, which can become complicated, and you may not know which tool has the latest
information. Furthermore, even if you notice a change in the numbers and want to go back in time to investigate the cause, the data is fragmented, making the investigation time-consuming and costly.
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■What the “Integrated Flow” achieves The “Integrated Flow” is characterized by resolving the three divisions that plague small business management. It consists of three flows: Work flow,
Communication flow, and Data flow, and by focusing on these from the development design stage, we can speedy development that is tailored to small business issues and create unique value that only freee can provide. We will continue to deliver customer experiences. 1. “Work flow” that solves the division of business operations. All tasks are integrated and automated with consistent data. Reduce input errors through OCR, financial institution collaboration, API collaboration, etc. 2. “Communication flow” that solves the communication divide. This allows all employees who interact with freee products, not just those in the management department, to be able to use a common design. We aim to eliminate the need for reminders from management departments to employees, and as a result, create a design that automatically collects data in a timely manner. 3. “Data flow” that eliminates data division. Data is aggregated in one database, making it possible to always check the latest master data. By assigning consistent axes and performing cross-sectional analysis, you can retrospectively analyze the reasons why discrepancies occur from the report. In conjunction with a system that automatically imports data in real time, we aim to make the numbers that managers should be aware of naturally visible.
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■Freee TOGO world 2024, one of the largest back office festivals in Japan, was a great success. A booth where you can listen to sessions by users who are actually using freee products and explanations of all products provided by freee. freee TOGO world 2024, where you can experience “integration” through various contents, attracted a large number of visitors. We will continue to always look at the customer’s perspective and strive to develop our services as an essential part of small business management.
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■Free Co., Ltd. Overview Company name: Free Co., Ltd. Representative: CEO: Daisuke Sasaki Established: July 9, 2012 Address: 21st floor, Art Village Osaki Central Tower, 1-2-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0032 https://corp. back office knowledge useful for everyone from managers to staff-: Co., Ltd. recruitment site-: https://jobs.freee is an integrated management platform that allows anyone to run their business freely, with the mission of “making small businesses the leading players in the world.” As a SaaS cloud service originating from Japan, we will continue to provide “serious value” by building an open platform by collaborating with partners and financial
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