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Rufu Co., Ltd. Renewal! Ruufu Naminoya, an old folk house, will be an inn with a sauna where pets can stay.

[Rufu Co., Ltd.] [Renewal! ] Ruufu Naminoya, an old folk house, will be an inn with a sauna where pets can stay.

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Press release: May 15, 2024
【renewal! ] Ruufu Naminoya, an old folk house, will be an inn with a sauna where pets can stay.
*Limited to 1 group per day, whole house rental-old folk house Ruufu-* * “LOOOF Co., Ltd.” (Ashigawa-cho, Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, CEO: Yoshie Yasuyo), which operates “lodging inns of old folk houses” mainly in Yamanashi Prefecture, is “LOOOF Naminoya” in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture.
(Naminoie)” will be reopened on June 1, 2024 as Ruufu’s first pet-friendly inn with a sauna. *

* Blessings of the nautical miles, playing in the garden and on the veranda with your dog Ruufu, an old folk house “Nami-no-ie” * Naminoya Harufu is the only inn in Harufu where you can rent a house with a sauna where you can stay with your pet.
You and your dog can enjoy to your heart’s content by running your dog in the large garden or refreshing yourself in the sauna and cold bath. For dinner, you can enjoy a BBQ in the garden with your dog and enjoy an accommodation experience that can only be found at Naminoya.

* -Facility introduction-*
With a modern dirt floor that spreads out from the entrance and access from every room, it is a 120 square meter space with an open feel that is comfortable to spend time in.
This is the only inn with a sauna that allows you to stay with your pet, so you can work up a sweat in the tent sauna and refresh yourself in the cold bath. There is also a well-equipped space where you can relax.
Spend a relaxing moment watching the sunset with your dog on the spacious porch. Dinner is a seafood BBQ course made with fresh ingredients. Craft beer is also available, so enjoy a special dinner time with your dog in an open space.
[Ruufu Naminoya, an old folk house]
■Address: 924 Koike, Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture 298-0013
Arrive in about 5 minutes by taxi from JR Sotobo Line “Naniwa Station” ■Accommodation capacity: 8 people
■Room facilities
・WiFi・Refrigerator・Air conditioner・Hair dryer・BBQ grill・Teppanyaki table・Private kitchen・Cooking utensils・Microwave oven・Kettle pot・Tableware
■Room ameti・
Bath towel, face towel, body towel, toothbrush, comb, razor, cotton swab, slippers, pajamas, cotton, tabi, loungewear, haori
・Bathroom・Tent sauna・Cold bath・Shower・Shampoo・Conditioner・Body soap・Cleansing oil・Face soap
■Sauna goods
・2 sharp chairs ・Sauna poncho ・Sauna hat


《Ruufu, an old private house》
Mainly in Yamanashi Prefecture, we renovate old folk houses that are around 100 years old and operate 13 whole-house rental inns. Each inn has three features unique to its area.
We offer an “experience” menu, including “fire experience” (spending time around a bonfire), “time experience” (introducing the history and culture carved into old folk houses), and “land experience” ( Traditional crafts that have been handed down in the region, such as calligraphy, chopstick making, and water confectionery)
This is an experiential accommodation facility where you can enjoy the relaxing time and space that can only be found in an old private house.

《Company information》
Company name: Rufu Co., Ltd.
Location: 559-1 Nakaashigawa, Ashikawa-cho, Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture Established: August 25, 2017
Employees: 50 people (employee: 20 people, PA: 30 people)
Capital: 25 million yen
Representative: Yoshie Hoyo Atsushi Marutani
Business overview: Inn business, event business, workshop business, camping facilities, old folk house construction, old folk house utilization consulting business

■Contact information■
LOOOF Co., Ltd.
Phone: 055-244-3895
Official homepage:
Official Instagram: Official X:
Contact person: Yasuyo
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