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Home » APA Hotels & Resorts Groundbreaking ceremony held today for APA Hotel & Resorts (Hiroshima Ekimae Tower), the 5th building in the Hiroshima Station area

APA Hotels & Resorts Groundbreaking ceremony held today for APA Hotel & Resorts (Hiroshima Ekimae Tower), the 5th building in the Hiroshima Station area

APA Hotels & Resorts
The 5th building in the Hiroshima Station area APA Hotel & Resort – Hiroshima Ekimae Tower – Groundbreaking ceremony held today
APA Group (Head office: 3-2-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo CEO: Kazushi Motoya) operates the largest APA hotel network in Japan with 798 hotels and 119,593 rooms (including hotels under construction and design, overseas, FC, and directly affiliated with APA) ) today held a groundbreaking ceremony for APA Hotel & Resort – Hiroshima Ekimae Tower (679-11 Matsubara-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture (lot number)).
[Image 1:×2597.jpg] Face-to-face greeting
[Image 2:×2597.jpg] Press conference
At the groundbreaking ceremony, APA Group President and CEO Kazushi Motoya said, “In Hiroshima City, we currently have existing hotels in operation, new hotels under construction, and APA Hotel & Resort – Hiroshima Ekimae Tower, which broke ground today. – The hotel will have a total of 1,954 guest rooms.The hotel will have a reception on the second floor and will be directly connected to Hiroshima Station, which is currently under construction, through a pedestrian deck, making it an extremely convenient location. We are planning a large public bath, rooftop pool, and sauna facility on the top floor, and we hope to create a hotel with a great view that many people can enjoy. We plan to have 150,000 rooms by the end of March 2027, but we are currently progressing to 120,000 rooms.We believe Hiroshima still has a lot of potential, so we are currently considering opening more stores in the future. The APA Hotel – Hiroshima Ekimae Shinkansen Exit in the center is scheduled to open in July, and the APA Hotel – Hiroshima Ekimae Stadium Exit – in October. Hiroshima is attracting a lot of attention around the world, and the number of inbound tourists is increasing year by year, but the new pictograms will make it easier to understand the facilities without relying on language, from the user’s perspective. We are thinking about innovation points every day.We want to work hard to make this hotel a flagship hotel in Hiroshima and one that is loved by many people.”
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] APA Hotel & Resort – Hiroshima Ekimae Tower – Perth
APA Hotel & Resort – Hiroshima Ekimae Tower – will be the fifth hotel in the Hiroshima Station area, and the location closest to Hiroshima Station. Directly connected to the south exit of Hiroshima Station on the Sanyo Shinkansen and JR lines, it is also conveniently located close to the terminal for streetcar and bus transportation, which provides access to various parts of Hiroshima city. The plan is to connect directly to Hiroshima Station via a pedestrian deck. The structure and size of the hotel will be a steel-framed one, with a total of 600 rooms and a 32-story high-rise tower.The project will feature a wide variety of guest room types, including suites, deluxe twin rooms, and barrier-free rooms. S-S Connect Twin Rooms, which allow adjoining single rooms to be connected as needed, are standard, and will meet business demand on weekdays, sightseeing demand on weekends, and future inbound demand. Other in-house facilities include a viewing pool on the top floor, a large communal bath, an open-air bath, and a large restaurant. The building will be designed by Nikki Sekkei Co., Ltd., constructed by Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd., and supervised by Tsujimoto Design Office, and is scheduled to open in spring 2028.
As the largest city in the Chugoku-Shikoku region, Hiroshima Prefecture has strong business demand, and is popular not only with domestic tourism demand but also with foreign visitors from Europe and America. Hiroshima” and Edion Peace Wing Hiroshima, the home stadium of Sanfrecce Hiroshima F.C., which was completed in February of this year, are areas where further demand for sports and leisure, including soccer, can be expected in the future.
As the two hotels currently in operation in Hiroshima City with 818 rooms are operating well, we hope to attract more customers in the future and are implementing a dominant strategy (concentrated openings) based on improvements in hotel management and personnel efficiency. Therefore, the area around Hiroshima Station, which is a key transportation hub, has been positioned as a priority area. In Hiroshima City, in addition to the currently operating APA Hotel Hiroshima Ekimae Ohashi (727 rooms in total) and APA Hotel Hiroshima Ekimae (91 rooms in total), APA Hotel Hiroshima Ekimae
Shinkansenguchi, which is currently under construction. Three hotels with 1,136 rooms are scheduled to open: (294 rooms in total), APA Hotel – Hiroshima Ekimae Stadium Exit – (242 rooms in total), and APA Hotel & Resort – Hiroshima Ekimae Tower, which broke ground today (600 rooms in total). There will be a total of 5 hotels and 1,954 guest rooms. The total number of guest rooms is the highest in Hiroshima Prefecture. If plans to rebuild the existing APA Hotel – Hiroshima Ekimae – go ahead, the total number of guest rooms will increase to 2,017.
Going forward, we will continue to strengthen the expansion of our APA hotel network in areas where demand is expected nationwide, while proactively implementing a dominant strategy based on improving hotel management and personnel efficiency.
[APA Hotel in Hiroshima City (including plans)]
[Table 2: ]
The main features of APA Hotel & Resort – Hiroshima Ekimae Tower – are as follows.
[Guest room standard specifications]
Large LCD TV of 1.50 inches or more *65 inches for deluxe twin rooms 2. Bedside central controller that integrates lighting switches (all lights off “good night switch”), air conditioning remote control, outlet, USB port, and HDMI terminal
3. APA digital information that displays information about the hotel on a TV screen
・Hotel in-house information displayed on TV screens (Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean supported)
-Introduced a “cast function” in all guest rooms that allows you to display video streaming services such as YouTube from your smartphone to the large TV screen with just two touches.
・Self-extension function that allows you to extend your check-out time using the TV remote control, etc.
4. Free service of APA Room Theater (VOD)
5.BBC World News free broadcast
6. Installed an air conditioner equipped with “High Concentration Nanoe X,” which is even more effective than Panasonic’s “Nanoe 7. Free connection to next-generation Wi-Fi standard “Wi-Fi 6” with excellent communication speed, connection stability, and security in all rooms.
8. “Cloud fit Grand” maintains the comfortable sleep quality of the original original bed “Cloud fit” while improving various functions such as securing storage space under the bed and making it easier to make the bed. (Crowdfit Gran)” was adopted.
9. A Nishikawa duvet that uses recycled down and is environmentally friendly, yet is softer and thicker than conventional bedding. 10. Two types of original pillows with different specifications (“Pride Fit”, “Adjust Fit”)
11. Introducing the ultra-fine bubble shower head “Bollina Wide Plus” 12.Uses an original unit bath that saves approximately 20% water compared to a regular bathtub and allows for a relaxing bath (water-saving egg-shaped bathtub developed in-house, fixed-rate water stop valve with thermostat).
13. Universal outlet compatible with almost all plugs around the world 14. Environmentally friendly guest room amenities made from biomass raw materials and recycled plastics (toothbrushes, razors,
hairbrushes, shower caps)
15. S-S Connect Twin Room (Single-Single Connect Twin Room) where adjacent single rooms can be connected as needed.
[Front standard specifications]
1. In addition to a check-in machine*1 that supports all reservation routes and supports 8 types of smartphone payments, we have introduced a small desk-type check-in machine that specializes in credit card payments.
2. Introducing a contactless app check-in machine*1 (exclusive to the APA direct app, online payment already completed) that allows you to complete check-in without waiting or lining up.
3. We have installed an express checkout post*2 that automatically checks out in real time when you post your room card key.
4.As the media for the nationwide APA hotel network, digital signage is installed in locations that take into consideration the customer’s perspective, and displays the latest information about APA hotels, campaign information, advertising videos, etc.
*1 First in the industry (in-house research) *2 Patent No. 7430491 [DX (Digital Transformation) “APA Triple One System”]
-1-One-step reservation… Book your favorite hotel in one step using the app -2-1 second check-in…If you check in with the app, you can check in without lining up or waiting (Front standard specification 2.) -3-1 second checkout…To check out, just drop your card key in the mailbox (Front standard specification 3.)
[APA Group]
The APA Group is the largest hotel network in Japan, with 798 hotels and 119,593 rooms (including those under construction and design, overseas, franchises, and hotels directly affiliated with APA). Inheriting the “SUMMIT 5” (summit strategy) that started in April 2010, we will launch a new five-year plan “AIM5 ~ APA Innovative Movement” in April 2022. We aim to develop 150,000 rooms as an APA hotel network by the end of March 2027, in order to become the overwhelmingly No. 1 hotel chain in Japan while capturing changing needs and the wave of DX in the post-corona era.
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