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NIJIN Co., Ltd. Anyone can participate! 6/10 (Monday) NIJIN Academy “Real Classroom” experience session will be held simultaneously in Tokyo and Hokkaido!

NIJIN Co., Ltd.
[Anyone can participate! ] 6/10 (Monday) NIJIN Academy “Real Classroom” experience session will be held simultaneously in Tokyo and Hokkaido!
~Experience completely new learning like never before in Hokkaido x Tokyo x Metaverse~
NIJIN Academy, an alternative school for elementary and junior high school students operated by NIJIN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tatsuro Hoshino), which makes schools all over Japan happy, will open real classrooms in two cities on June 10th (Monday). They will be held at the same time.
Approximately seven months have passed since the school opened in April 2024, and many children have regained their original energy through activities at NIJIN Academy.
Some children return to school, while others choose to continue their studies at NIJIN Academy.
As each student has found a learning method that suits their own style, an increasing number of children have started thinking, “I want to learn with everyone at NIJIN Academy even offline!” So from April, we started recruiting participants for the pre-opening of real classrooms once a month mainly in Tokyo, but there were so many applicants that we were waiting for the lottery…!
We received applications from people outside of the Kanto area, and we received comments such as “Please hold the event outside of Tokyo!”
[Image 1:×450.png ]
In response to such requests, we have decided to hold a real class in Hokkaido in June!
Furthermore, this time, we will hold real classrooms in Hokkaido and Tokyo at the same time, and have free progress learning while attending school in the Metaverse school building, learning together in real life during lunch time, eating lunch, and special experiences that can only be done offline. We will deliver.
As a new form of support for truant students, the content is open to those who want to learn about learning methods in the Metaverse school building and the atmosphere of NIJIN Academy!
By thinking about and working on valuable experiences that can only be had face-to-face, children realize their own potential. We will create such a wonderful time in a real classroom centered on NIJIN Academy students.
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≪Flow of the day (scheduled)≫09:30 Meeting on site 10:00 Home physical education (hybrid)
A day at NIJIN Academy starts with exercise! Move your body and raise your head. 10:30 HR for home team (hybrid)
After exercising, each team gathers to do activities and plan the day’s learning. 11:00 Free-paced learning The environment where you can study at your own pace and face-to-face learning makes it easy to naturally learn and see how others are working.
[Image 3:×298.png ]
12:00 Lunch If the weather is nice, we will have a picnic at a nearby park. 13:00 Play outside or move your body as much as you can outside of free-progress learning, try out manufacturing experiences that can only be done face-to-face, and expand your potential with your friends. 14:00 Mini class You can participate in the online class being held that day and get a feel for the class atmosphere. 15:00 Scheduled to disband
Please see below for details and applications for the 6/10 (Monday) Real Classroom.
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■NIJIN Co., Ltd.
The company was founded in April 2022 by Tatsuro Hoshino, a former elementary school teacher, with the aim of “illuminating the country through education,” reshaping education from its system and creating a country where everyone can have “hope” in education. We are developing 11 projects that solve various educational problems such as school refusal, teacher shortages, teacher careers, and the state of schools. Sales forecast for the third term is over 100 million yen.
Company name: NIJIN Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-5-5 Tokiwa, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 1, 2022
Representative: Tatsuro Hoshino
Business content: Educational business that solves educational issues through mechanisms (teacher training, truancy support, business start-up support, educational events, afterschool)
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