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Home » KRAFTON JAPAN Co., Ltd. 6th anniversary! “PUBG MOBILE” celebrates its 6th anniversary in Japan! The voice card of the popular comedian “Sunshine Ikezaki” is now available in the game!

KRAFTON JAPAN Co., Ltd. 6th anniversary! “PUBG MOBILE” celebrates its 6th anniversary in Japan! The voice card of the popular comedian “Sunshine Ikezaki” is now available in the game!

6th anniversary
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KRAFTON JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Lee Kang-seok) has announced that in “PUBG MOBILE”,
We would like to inform you that we have updated version 3.2.0 from Wednesday, May 15, 2024.
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“PUBG MOBILE” will celebrate its 6th anniversary on May 16, 2024 (Thursday) since its launch in Japan.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the players and everyone involved for their support.
All of us in the management will continue to work hard every day, so we look forward to your continued support.
“6th Anniversary Sunshine Ikezaki Crate” produced by popular comedian “Sunshine Ikezaki” has been implemented in the game! An unprecedented voice card is also available!
The “6th Anniversary Sunshine Ikezaki Crate” containing the voice card of popular comedian Sunshine Ikezaki has been implemented in the game.
Sunshine Ikezaki’s voice cards include “I love laughter! A man who is loved by laughter!” “An unprecedented! Super furious pin comedian!” “Justice!!” “Follow me, the strongest and invincible!!” It contains a lot of Ikezaki’s jokes and words arranged to be easy to use in the “PUBG MOBILE” game.
These voice cards allow you to have fun and play with your friends in any situation.
Be sure to earn voice cards and use them when playing with your friends. By pulling the “6th Anniversary Sunshine Ikezaki Crate” from the in-game shop, you can obtain a Sunshine Ikezaki voice card with a certain probability.
Additionally, a web commercial video starring Sunshine Ikezaki has been released. Please take a look at Sunshine Ikezaki’s unique personality as he introduces the highlights of PUBG MOBILE’s 6th anniversary.
In addition, Sunshine Ikezaki performed an emote dance and introduced the contents of “PUBG MOBILE” in Sunshine Ikezaki’s style as part of the “6th Anniversary Yay Thanksgiving Festival.”
This will be released from time to time on the PUBG MOBILE official YouTube channel and official X.
Please take a look.
■Web CM starring Sunshine Ikezaki
PUBG MOBILE Official X is holding a campaign to commemorate the 6th anniversary. We have many luxurious prizes available. This is a campaign that anyone can easily participate in, so please give it a try.
Japan’s 6th anniversary in-game event and campaign is being held! Up to 100 “Donkatsu Medals” will be given away at in-game events!
[Image 2:×1080.png ]
To commemorate the 6th anniversary of the launch of the service in Japan, an anniversary in-game event will be held from May 15th (Wednesday).
This time, in honor of the 6th anniversary, there are 6 types of in-game events. By clearing all events, you can get up to 100 “Don Victory Medals”.
You can also get Sunshine Ikezaki’s voice card for the event on the first day of the login bonus.
A theme mode “Mecha Fusion” with a mecha motif has been implemented! Accelerate with friends! Floating! Missile attack!
[Image 3:×1080.png ]
A new theme mode “Mecha Fusion” has been implemented from May 15th (Wednesday). A “linear command ship” that can accelerate, float, catch and throw people and objects, and a “tactical mecha” that can attack with missiles will appear on the field.
These two units can be combined to form a “large tactical mecha”. The “Large Tactical Mech” can accommodate up to four people and can be separated into a “Linear Command Ship” and a “Tactical Mech”. You can engage in innovative battles never seen before in “PUBG MOBILE,” such as large-range missile attacks and long-distance jumps. In addition, two large space battleships “Steel Ark” are installed in the map, and each mecha can be used.
There are also “maintenance tables” scattered throughout the map where you can acquire supplies and repair each unit, so be sure to check them out on the battlefield.
Experience the new world of “PUBG MOBILE” with your friends while riding a futuristic mech.

Period: May 15, 2024 (Wednesday) – July 10, 2024 (Saturday) 5:59 Viewpoint: TPP/FPP
Map: Erangel/Miramar/Livik
<3.1.0 Update details>
For the latest in-game information, please visit the official website and official X account.
“PUBG MOBILE” game overview
“PUBG MOBILE” is a battle royale game in which up to 100 players use equipment on the map to survive until they are the last one standing. Players compete for survival in an increasingly narrow safety zone, making full use of randomly placed weapons, vehicles, and equipment items.
The last surviving player will see a message on their screen saying, “You won! You won! Dinner is a big win!!”, so players will fight to win.
The service started in Japan on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, and has exceeded 1 billion downloads worldwide.
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