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Home » Strider Japan A large-scale festival event where over 1000 children from all over the country gather! Strider Cup 2024 will be held soon!

Strider Japan A large-scale festival event where over 1000 children from all over the country gather! Strider Cup 2024 will be held soon!

[Strider Japan] A large-scale festival event where over 1000 children from all over the country gather! Strider Cup 2024 will be held soon!
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Press release: May 15, 2024
A large-scale festival event where over 1000 children from all over the country gather! Strider Cup 2024 will be held soon!
*Strider Japan, operated by Ampus Co., Ltd., will hold the “Strider Cup 2024” at Expo Commemoration Park in Osaka on Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, May 26th, 2024.
We will be holding a “Taiyo Stage.” *
What is Strider Cup?
The Strider Cup is the original and youngest race.

Since Strider Japan was first held in Japan in 2010,
It is now an official race held all over the world.

The venue will have plenty of adventurous content, not just races, but also free trial content that children can enjoy, as well as strider content.
This is a festival event in which Strider kids from all over the country gather together, with children as the main actors.
* 1.* A must-see race for parents and children! Who will win the race and get the championship cup!
Adults around the race course were enthusiastic about their support! The people behind the cheering are children between the ages of 2 and 6.

Approximately 800 people participated in the race.
Races will be held according to age group, aiming for the goal of the “Strider Cup”.

The theme of the Strider Cup is “Children’s Power.”
The main characters are children. Once the race starts, the children move forward on their own.
Adults are not allowed inside the course. What adults can do is believe in the power of children and watch over them.

There are various obstacles that await the children on the way to their goal, but seeing them overcome them with their own strength shows the children’s strength, strength, and growth.

Even children who are usually lonely or shy will work hard to reach their goals. Can I really go alone? The light-hearted appearance of children blows away the worries of adults!

The Strider Cup is a challenge for parents and children, and various dramas are created every year.

2. We will be distributing a limited number of 1000 cheering flags in 2 days. Let’s dye the Strider Cup venue yellow with the support flag!

If you purchase the “Wakuwaku Passport 1,500 yen (tax included)” that allows you to play with the Strider content at the venue, you will receive a support flag!

Starting with this tournament, we have prepared a “support area where you can place chairs” around the course.
Let’s cheer by waving cheering flags from around the course!

* Strider Waku Waku Passport 1500 yen (tax included) *
*Target content*
・First Adventure (large-scale test drive event)
・Strider Pump Jam
・Ready Set GO! experience
・Strider Toddle School
・Strider Racing School
・Strider Trick School

*About passport*
1. A passport that allows you to participate in targeted content at the Strider Cup venue.
2. You can rent striders and helmets.
3. You can participate in the target content as many times as you like. 4. If you bring your own Shotaiken, you can get 500 yen off when purchasing. (1 person per ticket)
*Those who have entered the Strider Cup race will also need a passport if they wish to participate in the targeted content.
*Even if you have a passport, you may have to wait during busy times. *School content requires application on the day.
*The content and implementation time may change depending on the progress of the day. Please note.

*How to purchase a passport*
Passports are sold at two locations within the Strider Cup venue. ・Strider official shop (cash/PayPay)
・General information (PayPay only)
*Passports are only sold on the day. Sales time
May 25th (Sat) Doors open until 15:00
May 26th (Sunday) Doors open until 15:00
3.The grand finale of the Strider test ride event, which attracted over 4,300 people nationwide this spring, will be held in Osaka! A fitting end to this is the largest test drive area in Kansai! Strider test drive event “First Adventure” will be held at the Strider Cup venue!

The test drive event, which has been held at 12 locations nationwide since March, will finally reach its grand finale in Osaka.
As a fitting way to end the event, we have prepared one of the largest Strider test rides in Kansai.

“You haven’t touched a Strider yet.”
“You, the toddling rider.”
“You’ve been playing with me a lot.”

Please come and experience this exciting and exciting special adventure course.

View details 4. The concept of this tournament is “Try it”
Inside the Strider Cup 2024 Taiyo stage venue, we have prepared a lot of content to support children’s curiosity and challenge to “try it out.”
Try to support your friends
Support has a mysterious power.
If you wave your support flag and cheer a lot, you’ll understand! Let’s all support our friends!
Try touching the strider
If you are riding a Strider for the first time, we recommend the Strider Cup. Let’s participate in Kansai’s largest test drive event “First Adventure”!
There might be a new discovery for you! ? It doesn’t matter if you’re a toddler or have never touched one! Inexperienced person is welcome. Let’s shake together☆New content
We will have 20 rocking striders like “rocking horses” that even babies as young as 0 years old can ride!
Is it possible for 20 people to shake at the same time? If we all sway together, it will surely be the most adorable moment in Japan! Participate in the parade ☆ New content
Have you ever been into music?
Introducing new content where children at the venue parade to music! Look! Don’t you feel good when you move your body to music?
try to be brave
Introducing a pump truck with bumps that are 50cm high! This may be the content that children fear the most.
but it’s okay! If you muster up the courage to take on the challenge without giving in to your fears, what will happen next…
Aim for the best
The Ready Set GO!! experience allows even race beginners to enjoy the feeling of racing.
First, let’s aim for the best in the mini race! I wonder how it will feel when you become the best?
You can try as many times as you like!
Try working
[Job experience] “Children’s race official” who helps with the operation of the Strider Cup. Through tasks such as course
maintenance, you can experience the importance of cooperation and the joy of working for someone.
Try drawing freely
Normally I would get scolded, but today is special!
Let’s draw it the way you want!
Today, let’s do whatever we want and doodle!
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■Strider Cup 2024 Taiyo stage event summary
・Tournament name
Strider Cup 2024 Taiyo Stage

Osaka Prefecture Expo Commemorative Park “Festival Plaza”
(1-1 Senri Expo Park, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture)
Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, May 26th, 2024

May 25th (Sat): 2 year old class (12 inch), 4 year old class (12 inch) May 26th (Sun): 3 year old class (12 inches), 14x open class (4 to 6 years old/Strider 14x)
*Holding dates vary depending on the participating class.
*Participating classes are based on age as of the first day of the race (May 25, 2024).
・Sponsored by
Strider Cup Executive Committee

Osaka Prefecture
Osaka Tourism Bureau Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Suita City
Click here for tournament details * ■About STRIDER*
STRIDER(R) is the only running bike loved by over 4 million children in 25 countries around the world. Unlike a tricycle or bicycle with training wheels, the Strider is a vehicle that children intuitively balance and control themselves. That’s why children can naturally acquire a sense of balance, strengthen their core, and satisfy their curiosity between the ages of one and a half and five, when their minds and bodies grow significantly.

Official website:

■Company overview
Strider Japan (Ampus Co., Ltd.)
Location: 4F, ​​4-5-7 Koenji Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kazutsugu Okajima, Representative Director
Established: January 1998
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