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Home » Corporate AI Chat “Kaisetsu” supports GPT 4o! Achieving even more accurate answers

Corporate AI Chat “Kaisetsu” supports GPT 4o! Achieving even more accurate answers

[Corporate AI Chat] “Kaisetsu” supports GPT 4o! Achieving even more accurate answers

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Press release: May 15, 2024
[Corporate AI Chat] “Kaisetsu” supports GPT 4o! Achieving even more accurate answers
*Corporate chatbot “Kaisetsu” utilizes GPT 4o to realize more advanced knowledge utilization*

Kaisetsu supports GPT 4o
Knowledge Consulting Co., Ltd. (head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Knowledge Consulting”) is a generative AI “GPT
Kaisetsu, a chatbot/FAQ service that uses “4o” technology to streamline the use of internal knowledge by companies, has announced that it is now compatible with GPT 4o.
*What is Kaisetsu*
Kaisetsu is a service that organizes and aggregates a company’s information and know-how and launches a chatbot/FAQ that can be easily accessed in natural language for customers and internal companies. GPT By utilizing 4o, it is now possible to respond more accurately and naturally than ever before.
There is no need to organize any information in advance, and you can launch a chatbot/FAQ in just 10 minutes by simply loading your homepage or existing documents.
GPT 4o compatible
Kaisetsu eliminates the hassle of organizing information and easily creates a database of in-house knowledge information by simply loading existing homepages and documents (MSOffice and PDF files). GPT With the introduction of 4o, it has become possible to understand questions with even higher precision, draw out the best answers from accumulated in-house knowledge, and respond in natural language. Additionally, we plan to gradually add support for audio and images, and are expected to meet even more diverse needs in the future. Multilingual
Kaisetsu becomes multilingual by simply inputting learning data in Japanese, allowing you to respond in a language tailored to the recipient. This allows us to support international companies and multilingual customers.
Official LINE compatible
Kaisetsu can also be linked with the official LINE, allowing you to use Kaisetsu according to the device the other person is using. This allows us to automatically respond to inquiries received from customers on official LINE without making them wait. Therefore, you can increase sales without missing any sales opportunities. These features are offered as options and can be customized to meet your company’s needs.
Scenes in which Kaisetsu is used

*Chatbot for new customers*:
It can be used as a chatbot on your homepage. New customers can enter what they want to know or ask in natural language, and Kaisetsu will automatically parse and provide the best answers. This allows you to quickly respond to new customer questions.

*Chatbot for existing customers*:
It can also be used as a customer support chatbot exclusively for existing customers. The accumulated knowledge information database allows us to respond to complex inquiries, and GPT
With the introduction of 4o you will get accurate answers. This allows us to quickly respond to customer inquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

*Internal chatbot*:
It can be used for e-learning for new employees and in-house training. By using Kaisetsu, you can easily search for information within your company and get answers efficiently. Additionally, new employees can work more efficiently by viewing the FAQ created by Kaisetsu.

Through these usage scenarios, Kaisetsu greatly contributes to improving the efficiency of information sharing and operational efficiency in various departments and operations of companies. Kaisetsu is an effective tool to make the most of a company’s knowledge and support its growth.
* “Kaisetsu” official website: * About us
Knowledge Consulting is a company that specializes in developing sales support systems to develop new customers. We also accept inquiries from time to time about starting up an individual ChatGPT system within a company. Please feel free to contact us.
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