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Brain Center Co., Ltd. Expanded the survey items of our unique website diagnosis service “Heuristic Survey ”

[Brain Center Co., Ltd.] Expanded the survey items of our unique website diagnosis service “Heuristic Survey”

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Press release: May 16, 2024
Expanding the survey items of our unique website diagnosis service “Heuristic Survey”
*~Accelerate the activation of corporate communication with survey items based on the latest trends~*
Brain Center Co., Ltd. (Kita-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Norio Inada) has conducted a survey in light of recent changes in the way companies are required to disseminate information, such as the formulation of purpose/medium- to long-term visions and increasing requests for the disclosure of sustainability information. We would like to inform you that we have expanded the items. *
Heuristic research service page

* ■Background and purpose*
Based on our mission, “To help create value for our customers and contribute to the development of society through support for corporate communications,” we provide printed materials, websites, videos, etc. that solve our customers’ corporate communication issues based on corporate analysis. We support diverse media development.
Until now, our company has been providing a unique corporate site research and analysis service called “Heuristic Research,” by leveraging the knowledge we have cultivated over many years in areas such as corporate public relations, IR, and sustainability, as well as our website production know-how.
In light of the fact that the role that websites play in communication with multiple stakeholders is becoming increasingly important, we have reviewed and expanded the survey items of our heuristic survey service.
Through survey items that cover the latest trends in corporate communication, such as purpose-centered branding, expanding and searching sustainability information, and promoting an innovative corporate image, we carefully examine whether the current content and considerations are sufficient. Professionals with knowledge of public relations/branding, IR, sustainability, recruitment PR, global public relations, etc. will make the potential of your corporate site visible.
Image of heuristic research service
* ■ Overview of heuristic investigation service *
Our consultants and planners, who have extensive experience in formulating corporate communication strategies and planning tools, are in charge of the evaluation. Unlike UI/UX evaluation and access log analysis, we identify specific excesses and deficiencies in necessary content and functions in light of business content and management strategy.
There are seven research axes: public relations/branding, IR, sustainability/CSR, recruitment, marketing, global, and basic web specifications. We evaluate from multiple angles using a total of over 200 comprehensive indicators.
*Genre axis* *Number of items* *Survey items*
Public Relations/Branding 30 Clear appeal of corporate brand, conveying uniqueness and uniqueness, etc.
IR 36 Ease of understanding management strategy, completeness of ESG information (on IR website), etc.
Sustainability/CSR 28 Ease of searching for information, materiality reporting, appeal to contribute to solving social issues, etc. Recruitment 30 Promoting the attractiveness of the company as a place of employment, giving appropriate consideration to the diversity of job seekers, etc.
Marketing 28 Structure for gathering potential customers, ease of obtaining conversions, etc.
Global 23 English quality that is communicated to users,
politically/culturally sensitive expressions, etc.
Basic Web Specifications 31 Consideration for accessibility, degree of response to SEO measures, etc.

* ■Overview of Brain Center Co., Ltd.*
Brain Center is a planning and production company with business bases in Tokyo and Osaka.
We support a variety of media development (print materials, websites, videos) that solves customer communication issues based on corporate analysis in fields such as branding, IR, CSR, SP, and recruitment PR. Company name Brain Center Co., Ltd.
Established October 1979 (Founded March 1975)
Representative Representative Director Norio Inada
Head office location: 4-2-13 Tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka Brain Center “Kaleidoscope of the Wind”
Capital 50 million yen
Number of employees: 117 (August 2023)
Shareholder Brain Center Holdings Co., Ltd. (100%)
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▼Contact information regarding this matter
Brain Center Co., Ltd. Imaichi
Phone: 06-6947-0310
Brain Center Co., Ltd. will continue to support the revitalization of corporate communication and contribute to the development of society.

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