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Home » Try Hatch Co., Ltd. MEO Instax has been awarded “Leader” in the MEO category of “ITreview Grid Award 2 024 Spring” for 11 consecutive terms

Try Hatch Co., Ltd. MEO Instax has been awarded “Leader” in the MEO category of “ITreview Grid Award 2 024 Spring” for 11 consecutive terms

Try Hatch Co., Ltd.
MEO Instax was awarded “Leader” in the MEO category of “ITreview Grid Award 2024 Spring” for 11th consecutive term
Try Hatch Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takayuki Muto, hereinafter referred to as ” The Google business profile management and analysis tool “MEO Check” developed and provided by the company has been recognized in the MEO category of the “ITreview Grid Award 2023 Summer” hosted by IT Cloud Co., Ltd. in terms of user satisfaction and recognition. We are pleased to announce that we have received the title “Leader”, which is given to products with high quality. This is the 11th consecutive season that we have received this award.
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What is “ITreview Grid Award”?
“ITreview”, a review platform for business IT products and cloud services operated by IT Cloud Co., Ltd., is based on reviews from real users gathered on this platform, and evaluates customer satisfaction and product awareness in the market. We are developing a unique four-quadrant map “ITreview Grid” that allows you to understand the At the “ITreview Grid Award” held once a quarter, products with excellent customer satisfaction and recognition are recognized as “Leaders” and badges are issued.
“MEO Cheki” has been awarded “Leader” in the MEO category of “ITreview Grid Award 2024 Spring”. This award marks the 11th consecutive season that we have received this award.
Encouraged by this prestigious award, we will continue to work hard to develop innovative IT products and services, and strive to solidify our market leadership through further technological innovation. We always put customer satisfaction first and listen to our users as we continue to improve and evolve our products. Additionally, in order to respond to new market needs, we will accelerate investment in research and development and provide solutions to solve the challenges faced by more industries and companies.
Our goal is to lead the transformation of the entire industry as Asia’s No. 1 store DX company. Looking to the future, we are determined to solidify our position as a leader at the forefront of technological innovation and achieve further growth.
For more information on the “ITreview Grid Award”, please refer to the dedicated page below.
Review excerpt
Thanks to the support of many customers, we were able to receive the Leader award for 11 consecutive years. We will publish the opinions received from our customers as review excerpts.
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What is MEO Cheki?
MEO Instax is a MEO tool that has been installed in over 60,000 stores in Japan. It is an operation management and analysis tool that reduces the burden of operating various SNS, including a map app centered on Google Business Profile, and realizes quantitative MEO measures. We provide a wide range of functions tailored to the needs and phases of MEO operations with high cost performance, including a unified management function for multiple stores for enterprises, ranking measurement that can be used from enterprises to SMBs, internal analysis of Google business profiles, and competitive analysis. . In addition, we provide comprehensive MEO support tailored to the circumstances of store business owners, including consulting and operation agency, leveraging our extensive operational experience. MEO Cheki for SMB:
MEO Check for Enterprise: Tryhatch Co., Ltd. (
Founded on January 5, 2018. Head office, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Branch, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. Representative Director, Takayuki Muto. In March 2018, we started the local SEO (MEO) specialized media “MEO Check BLOG (”. After that, Google business profile ranking measurement and analysis tool “MEO Cheki ( patented” and word-of-mouth promotion and management tool “Hoshikaku-kun” (https://meo has been released. MEO Instax, including MEO Instax for enterprises, has been introduced to 30,000 stores in Japan in two and a half years since its release. Since our founding, we have been engaged in the development and provision of unique SaaS specialized for stores and facilities, digital marketing support, and SNS marketing support. In April 2022, we will open a marketing support center in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. In May 2022, we developed the Instagram analysis tool “Insta Check”, and in December of the same year, we released the store-specific CMS “MEO Check HP”. We are developing services that are more specific to stores. In March 2023, a portion of the shares held by the executives were sold to Vector Co., Ltd., making it a consolidated subsidiary. ▼Main services (MEO Cheki) (MEO Cheki for multiple stores) (MEO Cheki HP) (Hoshikakutokun) Cheki) Hatch) Cheki BLOG)
More details about this release: