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Selected to represent Japan in the Kings World Cup! !

Selected to represent Japan in the Kings World Cup! !

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Press release: May 15, 2024
Selected to represent Japan in the Kings World Cup! !
*Kenta Kobayashi, our club’s Regional Revitalization Headquarters Director/Club MC, will be participating as a member of the Japanese national team (Mulash FC) in the Kings World Cup, which will be held from May 26, 2024! *
What is Kings World Cup?
* ■Tournament Overview*
Host country: Mexico
Event period: May 26, 2024 to June 8, 2024
Number of participating teams: 32 teams (planned)
Prize money: 1 million dollars (approximately 154 million yen) * ■Tournament format*
◇First stage
All 32 teams will play one match in combinations determined by lottery. The winning team will be divided into a “winner group,” and the losing team will be divided into a “loser group.”
* -combination-*
・Olimpo United (Mexico) vs Furia FC (Brazil)
・Stallions (Italy) vs Medallo City (Colombia)
・UA Steel (Ukraine) vs G3X FC (Brazil)
・*Mulash FC (Japan)* vs Raniza FC (Uruguay)
・Los Troncos FC (Spain) vs Real Titan (Chile)
・Repechage slot 3 vs Ultimate Mostoles (Spain)
・Porcinos FC (Spain) vs Muchachos FC (Argentina)
・Youniors FC (Germany) vs Saiyans FC (Spain)
・Peluche Caligari (Mexico) vs Deptostra FC (Belgium)
・Foot2Rue (France) vs Losers Repechage Frame 2
・1K FC (Spain) vs Losers Repechage Frame 1
・West Santos FC (Colombia) vs Aniquiladores FC (Spain)
・Jijantes FC (Spain) vs Limon FC (Türkiye)
・FIVE FC (England) vs Kunisports (Spain)
・SXB FC (Saudi Arabia) vs Persas FC (Peru)
・Loser bracket 4 vs Galacticos del Caribe (Dominican Republic) *The loser’s repechage slot will be decided in the loser’s repechage match the day before the main tournament. Participating teams are listed below.
◇Second stage
Teams from the “winner group” will play one match, and the winning team will advance to the round of 16.
Teams from the “loser group” play one game against each other, and the winning team plays a playoff against the losing team from the “winner group.” The winning team in the playoffs will advance to the Round of 16.
(Teams with 2 consecutive wins and 2 wins and 1 loss advance to the Round of 16) ◇Knockout stage
In the round of 16, the winning team from the “winner group” (the team with two consecutive wins) will compete against the playoff winning team (two wins and one loss in three games). The Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals will all be decided by one match.

Source: Soccer information site “SOCCER KING”
View details Players scheduled to participate
[Murash FC members]
-Draft frame-
GK: Keisuke Fukaya (former Sagan Tosu)
GK: Yusei Narita (Shinagawa CC/Amateur League)
DF: Kosei Fuo
DF: Kojiro Kinbu
MF: Daiki Kiyokawa (Former Urawa Reds Youth/Former Luxembourg League) MF: Oda
MF: Kensuke Enno (Sosaichi Japan National Team)
MF: Naoki Waratani
FW: Kenta Kobayashi (Former Basaji Oita)
FW: Tatsuya Hirai
DF: Daisuke Nasu (former U-23 Japan national team captain)
DF/MF: Shohei Moriyasu (former Kamatamare Sanuki)
DF/MF: Itsuki Yamada (Captain of Sosaichi Japan National Team/Former Blaublitz Akita)

Source: Soccer information site “SOCCER KING”
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Kenta Kobayashi Profile
*Kenta Kobayashi*
Born in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Born July 10, 1994 (29 years old)
2010-13 Kibogaoka High School Soccer Club
2015-18 Volk Kitakyushu (Regional League)
2018-23 Volk Bullet Kitakyushu (F League)
2023-24 Basaggi Oita (F League)
2024-Current Kanoa Lauriers Fukuoka (V League)

Kanoa Co., Ltd.
Kanoa Co., Ltd.
582-5 Kaneda, Fukuchi-cho, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka 822-1201
TEL: 0947-85-8355 In charge of Ogo

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