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Fusion of tradition and IT Start of IT support service for traditional industries Iga System Co., Ltd.

Iga System Co., Ltd.
[Fusion of tradition and IT] Start of IT support service for traditional industries Iga System Co., Ltd.
We have started a service in which our experienced IT advisors and engineers provide friendly support for IT concerns, from everyday problems to consultations that have a major impact on management. ……
Iga System Co., Ltd. (Kumamoto Prefecture), an IT advisory company with over 20 years of engineering experience, has started providing IT support services to corporate clients in traditional industries. We use our accumulated know-how to respond sympathetically to the concerns of customers in the sake brewing industry and public and private organizations that have their own regulations and customs. This is a challenge to support IT in an industry with a long history that is difficult for typical IT engineers to cover.
[Image:×1440.jpg] Traditional industries are hindered by regulations and customs and slow to adopt IT
The cliff of 2025, which the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry called out in its DX report, is approaching. However, DX in
traditional industries such as the sake brewing industry and public and private organizations is not progressing sufficiently. Nowadays, where digitalization is directly linked to a company’s
competitiveness, there are many businesses who are growing impatient with the slow progress of their own DX.
IT support with industry expertise is required
“Industry regulations” and “old customs” are cited as reasons why DX in traditional industries is not progressing. To promote DX in traditional industries, IT supporters with industry expertise, such as regulations and customs, are needed.
From everyday problems to management-level issues. Iga System provides a wide range of IT support
Iga System is based in Kyushu and provides IT support to traditional businesses. You can receive support from experienced IT
Features of the Iga system
・Iga System provides specialized support to customers in Kyushu, where you can immediately consult when needed. There are many IT management problems that cannot be tolerated even after waiting. An advisor with long experience as an engineer will assist you.
・Respond to various IT problems Our experienced engineers will quickly and carefully resolve various problems.
・Remote and on-site support, appropriate approach We provide support according to the customer’s needs, such as remote support if urgent, or on-site support if on-site support is required. Flexibility is one of the strengths of the Iga System.
Frequently asked questions
-Interaction with the administration-
〇 I am unable to input and reply to the report (Excel format) I received from the government office (local government) 〇 An error message is displayed and the work does not proceed 〇 I do not know how to save the materials sent by Giga File Mail
– Trouble that undermines the foundation of management – 〇 The computer used for work does not turn on.
〇An office worker has suddenly decided to leave the company, but he has not been able to take over the role.
〇As soon as you send an email, you will receive an English email. I think I may have been infected with a virus.
〇My computer is slow, probably because there are many power outages. I don’t know what to do with backup
〇Microsoft Windows Firewall Warning! A screen like this appears and the process does not close even after canceling – Common troubles at the workplace – 〇 The printer can only print A4 size paper.
〇The file winmail.dat attached to the email cannot be opened. 〇I receive an email from Amazon even though I haven’t made any purchases on Amazon.
〇It says there is no free space on the computer’s disk.
〇It is difficult to register each transportation document one by one on a computer.
Introduction industry
Sake brewing industry, food manufacturing industry, insurance industry, life-related service industry, etc. We have a proven track record in traditional fields.
Introduction flow
Please feel free to contact us first. Our experienced engineers will carefully assist you.
1. Apply for free consultation 2. Hearing 3. Plan proposal/estimate 4. Contract procedures
Q.Do you only support clients in Kyushu? A. Yes. We are sorry, but we are limited to Kyushu because we believe in providing courteous service. We appreciate your understanding. Q.Do you support the invoice system? A. Our company has completed registration as a qualified invoice issuer under the invoice system. Q.Do you accept credit card payments? A. Yes. You can pay by credit card, invoice, or bank transfer.
I want to revive traditional industries with the power of IT. Iga System supports businesses that support traditional industries. Please feel free to contact us if you have any IT problems.
Contact information
Company name: Iga System Co., Ltd. Address: 81-6 Yamato, Ueki-cho, Kita-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto Prefecture Phone: Fax: 096-335-8733 HP:
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