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Home » A very popular Korean stationery brand has arrived in Japan! !

A very popular Korean stationery brand has arrived in Japan! !

A very popular Korean stationery brand has arrived in Japan! ! ……
NAO HOLDINGS LLC, which operates the Korean supermarket HANA MART and imports Korean foods and miscellaneous goods, will start selling stationery and pomegranate collagen jelly, which are very popular in Korea! !
cute korean stationery
Korea has many unique and cute stationery brands, and they are famous for having many fans not only in Korea but all over the world. ■Popular stationery brand “PINKFOOT” with cute carrot-shaped stationery “PINKFOOT” is a popular stationery brand that is extremely popular among women and students and has sold over 20 million units in Korea.
[Image 1:×514.jpg] ■“Iljung Creative” is popular for its unique and cute designs. Unique stationery featuring characters from “Lazy Stars” and “Soondeok Crew” is very popular.
This is a popular stationery brand that is cute and highly functional, with items such as match-shaped erasers, cute cat pens, and fountain pens that hold 100 pencils.
[Image 2:×506.jpg] Pomegranate collagen jelly stick that is good for women
■Direct partnership with Korean Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative It is manufactured by the Korean Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative in Geumsan, the home of Korean ginseng and known for its production in Korea. By partnering directly with the Geumsan Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative, we are able to deliver high quality, safe and secure products to Japanese customers.
[Image 3:×735.jpg] ■A well-balanced blend of active ingredients that support women’s health and beauty.
It contains many active ingredients that are pleasing to women, such as pomegranate, which has long been called the “woman’s fruit”, low-molecular fish collagen, which is quickly absorbed by the body, hibiscus, and hyaluronic acid.
[Image 4:×934.jpg] ■Easy collagen supplementation
The slim stick type allows you to easily replenish collagen while carrying it anywhere, such as in your bag or pocket. It is a sweet and sour jelly type that is easy to eat.
[Image 5:×910.jpg] Directly imported from the manufacturer
Because we import directly from Korea without going through any middlemen, we are able to offer our products at extremely reasonable prices.
Business inquiries (wholesale sales): 050-6874-1947 MAIL: For interviews: Press, Instagrammers, YouTubers, please feel free to contact us.
Our directly managed store: HANA MART Yokohama Business hours: 10:30-20:30 Address according to Marui City Yokohama: Marui City Yokohama 2nd floor (3 minutes walk from Yokohama Station east exit/next to Sogo Yokohama) Instagram: @hanamart_yokohama

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