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Bay Cruise Co., Ltd. L’ECHOPPE outil ex short pants

[Bay Cruise Co., Ltd.] [L’ECHOPPE] outil ex short pants

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Press release: May 16, 2024
[L’ECHOPPE] outil ex short pants
*Creating shorts with dual aspects of France and America*
Uti develops real clothes based on French vintage.
This attention to detail goes into every detail, from the pattern to the movement of the hands, but Leshop was especially impressed by the fabric.
We conduct research and development in-house, refining and
reconstructing traditional French fabrics within a modern production context. Through such experimentation and practice, light moleskin, woven from an original ramie and cotton blend, was born. Light and beautiful, with a vintage air.
The color is beige, but it shines like silver. It is both neat and crude, giving off an unprecedented presence.
We adopted such fabrics for items with completely different roots. Designer Uda owns a lot of American vintage wear as his personal belongings. During the meeting, a pair of chino shorts called “14212” made in the 1950s came up. A distinctive design with a roomy thick silhouette and a center crease. Using that “14212” as a model, we replaced the fabric with moleskin and created shorts that have the dual characteristics of France and America. These shorts are casual, yet give off an elegant and dressy feel. The range of styling expands depending on the taste of the person who picks it up. American military shorts made from fabric representative of French work. Please try this opportunity. The release date is Saturday, May 18th.