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Home » Sera Kogen Farm Co., Ltd. Hiroshima/Sera Flower village Hanamunosato “Hydrangea and Hollyhocks Hill” Ope ns on June 1st

Sera Kogen Farm Co., Ltd. Hiroshima/Sera Flower village Hanamunosato “Hydrangea and Hollyhocks Hill” Ope ns on June 1st

[Sera Kogen Farm Co., Ltd.] [Hiroshima/Sera] Flower village
Hanamunosato “Hydrangea and Hollyhocks Hill” Opens on June 1st
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Press release: May 16, 2024
[Hiroshima/Sera] Flower village Hanamunosato “Hydrangea and Hollyhocks Hill” Opens on June 1st
*Early summer breeze blows, flower temari and rainy season aoi* With hydrangea blooming all over the slope in the background 3,500 hydrangeas, 2,000 Annabelle, and 3,500 hollyhocks color the plateau. Enjoy the refreshing colors of Hanatemari Hill.

Hydrangea and hollyhock hill overview
[Period] June 1, 2024 (Sat) – July 7, 2024 (Sun)
[Opening hours] 9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:30)
[Closed days] None during the period
[Admission fee] Adults 500-800 yen / Children (4 years old to elementary school students) 200-400 yen *Varies depending on flowering status.
[Venue] Flower village Hanamunosato (3-3 Kamitsuda, Sera-cho, Sera-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture)

Hydrangea and hollyhock hill official website Recommended spots
Annabelle’s Forest
An area surrounded by white Annabelle as far as the eye can see Approximately 2,000 Annabelle plants are in full bloom. The white flower field that appears at the end of the path in the shade of the trees is like a secret garden. The best time to see them is from mid-June. There is a hidden pink Annabelle, so please feel like you are on a treasure hunt.

bridal road
Bridal Road is also a popular spot for commemorative photos. This is an area designed for weddings. At the end of the bridal road, which is mainly planted with pale pastel-colored hydrangeas, you will find a hydrangea called “Bridal Shower” that will bless you. This year we have newly planted the latest “chandelini”. The best time to see them is until mid-June.

hollyhocks valley
It is a rare sight with a large number of hollyhocks blooming. This is an area where 3,500 hollyhocks of 13 varieties bloom. We have increased the number of varieties and changed the planting layout since last year, allowing you to discover new scenery.
Recommended events
Hydrangea and water feast
“Hydrangea Kaleidoscope” (*The photo is from last year)
This is an exhibition event using water and fresh flowers such as hydrangeas that bloom in the park. “Hydrangea Flower Wash” and “Hydrangea Kaleidoscope” are popular exhibits every year.

[Date] June 22nd (Sat), 23rd (Sun), July 6th (Sat), 7th (Sun)

Yukata dressing experience
Stroll around the park wearing a yukata. A professional will put on your rental yukata. You can also bring your own yukata.
[Dates] June 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun)
[Time] 9:00~ (last reception 15:00)
[Price] Advance reservation required 3,500 yen
Annabelle’s cut flower sales
We will be selling a limited quantity of Annabelle cut flowers that bloom in the garden.
[Dates] June 29th (Sat) and 30th (Sun)
[Time] 10:00-16:30
[Location] Hanahana (near the reception)
[Price] 300 yen per bottle
Recommended gourmet shops
Set sale of Japanese sweets and matcha
Fresh sweets inspired by hydrangeas (*The photo is from last year) We offer a set of fresh sweets from Otemon, a popular Japanese confectionery shop in Sera, and matcha from Kyoto and Uji made on the spot.
[Sale date] June 1st (Saturday) ~ Ends as soon as it runs out [Location] Souvenir shop Nagomi
[Fee] 700 yen
hydrangea soda
When lemon syrup is added to purple soda, the color changes to resemble a hydrangea.
[Location] Hidamari stall (Aozora Shokudo on weekdays)
Sera Kogen Farm Co., Ltd.
Sera Kogen Farm Co., Ltd. (Sera Town, Hiroshima Prefecture)
Representative: Seiya Yoshimune) operates four flower tourism farms in Sera Town, Hiroshima Prefecture, which is home to one of Japan’s leading flower tourism farms. Throughout the year, we deliver moving flower landscapes with the seasons, based on the concept of “Flowers make everyone happy.” From Sera Kogen Farm, which will celebrate its 45th anniversary in 2024 and 30th year as a flower tourism park, we will bring you new and moving flower landscapes and flowers that will make you smile.
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