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Palace Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Salon de Zentis ~Blues Night~

Palace Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
Salon de Zentis ~Blues Night~
Zentis Osaka 4th Anniversary Event A one-night-only Blues Night where you can enjoy the best sounds of world-famous artists
Zentis Osaka (location: 1-4-26 Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka, general manager: Mikio Akiyama), located in Dojimahama, Osaka, welcomed broadcaster Peter Barakan and producer Naoki Tachikawa. The music event “Salon de Zentis ~Blues Night~” will be held on July 15, 2024 (Monday, holiday), the 4th anniversary of the opening of the business.
[Image 1:×1491.png ]
Zentis Osaka, which opened in July 2020, has been holding events and projects based on the keywords of “art,” “music,” and “craftsmanship,” with the aim of becoming a place of culture even though it is a hotel. This time, to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the hotel’s opening, we will hold a special edition of the regular event “Salon de Zentis” where you can enjoy music with Technics’ top-class sound system at the “UPSTAIRZ Lounge, Bar, Restaurant” on the second floor of the hotel. Guests will be Peter Barakan, who is active as a broadcaster, and Naoki Tachikawa, who is well known as the navigator for the “Salon de Zentis” series, and you will enjoy many blues songs and a deep talk session between the two. The lineup of songs that will resonate in the hotel on the summer night of the 4th anniversary is something to look forward to until the day of. This is a one-night-only event where two people select songs that match the guests and the atmosphere of the hotel on the spot. We will also provide a dinner buffet prepared by “UPSTAIRZ Lounge, Bar, Restaurant” for this event.
Please spend a blissful time at Zentis Osaka, which is celebrating its 4th anniversary since its opening, brought to you by two cultural figures who love the blues.
What is “Salon de Zentis”?
The music event “Salon de Zentis” has the concept of “Encounters of a New Kind. A place where sensibilities can take a deep breath.” Zentis Osaka aims to be a place where you can meet people, visions, values, and ideas that you have never met before. This is an event where you can enjoy a high-quality music experience with Technics’ top-class sound system. This event, featuring producer Naoki Tachikawa, is held regularly, and customers with a strong interest in music attend in search of an opportunity for intellectual encounters. We provide a relaxing space unique to a hotel, with a selection of famous songs from all over the world, to ensure repeat customers are satisfied no matter how many times they visit.
“Salon de Zentis ~Blues Night~” event overview
Event name: Salon de Zentis ~Blues Night~
Date and time: July 15, 2024 (Monday/holiday) Standing dinner buffet 18:00-21:00 Venue: Zentis Osaka 2nd floor “UPSTAIRZ Lounge, Bar, Restaurant” Price: 12,000 yen (10% service charge and consumption tax included) *Drinks are included in the price.
Content: -Session-Music played by Technics’ high-end audio and Mr. Peter Barakan     You can enjoy a talk about the blues by Naoki Tachikawa. -Dinner-This event limited dinner will be offered in a standing buffet style. Reservation reception: 06-4796-3200 (“UPSTAIRZ Lounge, Bar,
Restaurant”) Reservations start from May 16th (Thursday)
URL: Sponsor: Zentis Osaka
Cast: Mr. Peter Barakan, Mr. Naoki Tachikawa
Production: KYOEI Cooperation: FM COCOLO 765 / Technics
*Due to various circumstances, there may be some changes to the event content. Please check the official website for the latest information. Special accommodation plan overview
Accommodation date: July 15th (Monday/holiday)
Price: Studio (25 square meters) 1 person from 29,000 yen / Studio (25 square meters) 2 people from 39,000 yen
*Includes 10% service charge, consumption tax, and accommodation tax. Separate breakfast.
*The above amount includes the event participation fee.
Mr. Peter Barakan
[Image 2:×503.jpg] Born in London, England in 1951. After graduating from the Department of Japanese at the University of London, he came to Japan in 1974 to work in copyright work at a music publishing company. Currently, he is working as a freelance broadcaster with many TV and radio regulars, and has appeared on “Barakan Beat” (Inter FM), “Weekend Sunshine” (NHK-FM), “The Lifestyle MUSEUM” (Tokyo FM), and “Japanology”. Plus” (NHK World), etc. In May 2013, he won the “DJ Personality Award” at the 50th Galaxy Awards, which honors outstanding programs,
individuals, and groups with the hope of improving the quality of Japan’s broadcasting culture. “240 Rock Masterpieces I Love”, Author of many books, including “Peter Barakan Music Diary.” comment
First there was the blues. Without the blues, there would be no rock and roll, no soul, and no jazz. When our generation was young, we were mostly influenced by the Rolling Stones, and we became interested in R&B and blues, which had a deep influence on them. Blues, which is now considered to be music of the past, is actually a timeless important cultural property.
Producer Naoki Tachikawa
Born in 1949. Since the 1970s, he has been active as a producer and director in a wide range of genres, including music, movies, art, and theater, with the theme of media exchange. His field of work is wide-ranging, including rock, jazz, classical music, film music, art, stage design, and urban development, and he is gaining popularity as a music critic and essayist for his unique perspective. “The Shangri-La Prophecy”, “A Week with Serge Gainsbourg”, “TOKYO1969”, “The Liner Notes”, “I Stand Alone”, “CONVERSATION PEACE 10 Conversations About Rock’n’Roll”, “How to Listen to Music” Author of many books such as comment
Peter and I are two years apart. Although they were born and raised far apart in London and Tokyo, they share a common background: they fell in love with the Animals and the Rolling Stones when they heard it on the radio, and from there they fell in love with the blues. Maybe that’s why when we talk together, it’s always a good session, even if the topics are different, such as music or movies. This time, the theme is “Blues”, which I have always wanted to do. There was no script at all, and the sessions involved each other choosing the songs. It’s going to be a great night.
「UPSTAIRZ Lounge, Bar, Restaurant」
[Image 3:×2923.jpg] The all-day dining area with an open kitchen that can be used from breakfast to dinner is combined with a lounge/bar area where you can enjoy afternoon tea and cocktails, creating a stylish space with a different atmosphere in the morning and at night. We also have private rooms and terrace seats, so you can spend quality time in a variety of settings.
Produced by Shinya Otsuchihashi, executive chef of CRAFTALE in Nakameguro, Tokyo, the restaurant respects Osaka’s food culture and offers a variety of dishes that touch the senses.
Zentis Osaka (Zentis Osaka)
A hotel located in Dojimahama, Osaka that opened in July 2020. The first hotel in the accommodation-oriented hotel brand developed by Palace Hotels. “Zentis” is a coined word made from the “Z” symbolizing ultimate, the Latin “entis” meaning essence, and the Japanese words “zento” (forward) and “en” (edge). Our hope is to become a place where people who have mastered the essence of their lifestyle can enjoy their stay as if they were living there, carve out a path forward, and meet new connections.
Hotel overview
■Name: Zentis Osaka (Zentis Osaka)
■Opening date: Wednesday, July 15, 2020
■Location: 1-4-26 Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka
3rd to 13th floor guest rooms
2nd floor “UPSTAIRZ Lounge, Bar, Restaurant”, multipurpose room “Room 001”, fitness
1st floor front desk, guest lounge
■Total floor area: 9,153.15 square meters (2,767.46 tsubo)
■Management company: Palace Hotel Co., Ltd.
■Managing company: Palace Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
■General Manager: Mikio Akiyama
■Design: Tara Bernard, Representative of Tara Bernard & Partners ■Rooms: 212 rooms (including 2 suites, 25 square meters to 57 square meters) ■Access: Approximately 12 minutes’ walk from JR “Osaka” station, approximately 4 minutes’ walk from JR Tozai Line “Kitashinchi” station, approximately 4 minutes’ walk from Subway Yotsubashi Line “Higobashi” station, Keihan Nakanoshima Line “Watanabebashi” station About 4 minutes walk
■Official website:
More details about this release: