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NSG Group International College of Visual Media Ask a film industry professional! We held a special lecture on the entertainment industry!

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[International College of Visual Media] Ask a film industry
professional! We held a special lecture on the entertainment industry! ……
The NSG Group’s comprehensive entertainment school “International Video Media College” (Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture) where you can learn about voice acting, acting, stage and video fields will be holding an event at the school’s CV & Arts Theater on Friday, May 10th at Toei Co., Ltd. International Sales. We invited Mr. Naoki Shinozaki from the department to give a special lecture on content business for about 120 current students.
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At the International Visual Media College, we invite professionals who are active at the forefront of the entertainment industry and create many opportunities for them to experience the real thing, in order to develop human resources who can go from “zero” to “professional” throughout their enrollment period.
In this special lecture, Mr. Shinozaki, who is mainly involved in the sales and planning of Japanese films and video works overseas, will give examples of Toei films that are familiar to current students, and will explain how Japanese films are spreading overseas. He talked about whether the product can be delivered to consumers, the barriers that arise in this process, and the collaboration with various stakeholders to promote the work, including his own experiences. In addition, during the Q&A session, students were able to answer questions from a professional perspective about the problems they experienced in overseas sales due to differences in culture, religion, politics, etc., as well as the prospects for future animated films.
[Image 2:×1814.jpg] A current student who participated said, “I learned that a single work is brought to us by the hands of many more people than I imagined.When I think about it, it’s amazing that Japanese works are being screened overseas. “I thought it was amazing.” (Second year student, Video/Video creator course), “It’s strange how the genres preferred change depending on the country. I was also surprised that the screenings were influenced by the world situation.” (Second year student, Voice Acting course) ), they talked about what they learned and noticed from the voices of real people in the field.
[Image 3:×1814.jpg] -Guest-Mr. Naoki Shinozaki
Engaged in overseas expansion of video works including movies at Toei Co., Ltd.’s International Sales Department. In recent years, he has been involved in “VOLTES V LEGACY”, a remake of the robot anime “Choudenji Machine Voltes V” produced by Toei in 1977, and is involved in sales and planning in overseas countries.
What is International Visual Media College? This is the only comprehensive entertainment school in Niigata Prefecture where you can learn about voice acting, acting, idols, sound, lighting, video, management, VR, AR, and other fields. Based on the idea that “working with professionals is the shortcut to becoming a professional,” the artist and creator departments work together to provide classes by currently active professional instructors. Voice Actor Department / Actor and Musical Department / Video and Video Creator Department / Digital Content University Department / Sound, Lighting and Stage Staff Department / Entertainment Staff Department
Address: 976 Furumachi-dori 6-cho, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture Representative name: School Principal Yasuhiko Nozawa
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