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flaggs Co., Ltd. The official game app “Stopuri With!!” will hold an in-game event “Ale under the Blue S ky Part 2” in May!

flaggs Co., Ltd.
“Stopuri” official game app “Stopuri With!!” will hold an in-game event “Ale under the Blue Sky Part 2” in May!
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flaggs Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Naoto Yoshie) and STPR Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masato Kashihara, hereinafter STPR) announced today, May 16th ( We would like to inform you about the in-game event “Ale under the Blue Sky Part 2” of the official game app “Stopuri With!!” (commonly known as “Stows”) of the entertainment unit “Stopuri” on Thursday).
Event “Ale Under the Blue Sky Part 2” is being held!
[Video 2:] Starting today, May 16th (Thursday), we are holding the May in-game event “Ale under the Blue Sky Part 2”. *The first part of the event ends on May 14th (Tuesday) ■Synopsis Today is the sports festival at Ichigogaoka Academy. The entire student council not only manages the sports festival, but also acts as a cheering squad. We are busy with a series of happenings, such as a big ball disappearing due to equipment trouble! Will the slapstick sports festival be a success? ? [Event period] May 16th (Thursday) after maintenance – May 30th (Thursday) 20:00 (planned) [Event overview]
[Image 2: &s3=47143-125-247A1E7451323E9907223E990723E990723E99072
Continuing from the first part of the event, this is an event where you can collect event items through “Outing”, read the newly added main story, and exchange them for costumes and decoration items. In conjunction with the second part of the event, various contents such as card & costume gacha, deco gacha, campaign challenge, etc. have been added, so please participate. [Event exclusive area] During the event period, the event exclusive area “Schoolyard” will appear in the first and second parts of “Outing”. In the second part, you can get the event item “Support Flag” by going out to the “Schoolyard”. In “Schoolyard”, Stopuri members will have a conversation with special content exclusive to the event throughout the first and second parts. [Main Story] The main story added in the event has a total of 10 episodes, and episodes 6 to 10 can be released in the second part of the event. *You can also read the first part stories from episodes 1 to 5. *You can read the main story even after the event ends. [Event Exchange] During the second part of the event period, “May Event Part 2” will be available in the “Shop”. An exchange office will appear. At the “May Event Part 2 Exchange”, you can exchange for special “costumes” and “deco items”. A “support flag” is required for exchange. *”Support Flag” can only be used at the “May Event Part 2 Exchange” ▼Event Exchange Costume (Koron Exclusive Costume) Yell Under the Blue Sky Yell Under the Blue Sky (Special Color)
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▼2 types of event exchange deco item postcards (Nanamori./Gel)
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[Campaign Challenge] During the event period, a “Campaign Challenge” will be added to the “Campaign” tab under “Challenge.” By completing campaign challenges, you can earn free berries and event items “Support Flags”. *You will not be able to receive the “Campaign Challenge” rewards after the end of the second part of the event. “Ale Under the Blue Sky Part 2 Card & Costume Gacha” will be held!
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Starting today, May 16th (Thursday), the “Ale Under the Blue Sky Part 2 Card & Costume Gacha” is being held, featuring new ★3 cards. *The cards and costumes added this time will also appear in the next card and costume gacha. [New Pickup★3 Cards] [Passion Through the Viewfinder] Nanamori. [With everyone’s cheers] Gel
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By acquiring cards, you can unlock card stories, obtain card costumes, and obtain profile icons. *Card costumes can only be changed to the members of the acquired card.
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*If you re-acquire a card you have already acquired, you will receive a special reward. ・Acquire 2 total: Deco item “Mini Canvas”, S Coin x 125 ・Acquire 3 total: Special color card costume, S Coin ×125 pieces, total 4 pieces obtained: Deco item “framed card”, S coin ×125 pieces, total 5 or more pieces obtained: Member gift item, S coin ×125 pieces [Event period] May 16th (Thursday) maintenance After the end ~ June 1st (Sat) 13:00 (scheduled) *Please check the in-game notice for details
“Ale Under the Blue Sky Part 2 Deco Gacha” will be held!
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Starting today, May 16th (Thursday), “Ale under the Blue Sky Part 2 Deco Gacha” is being held, where new deco items will be picked up. *Deco items added this time will also appear in the next Deco Gacha. [New Pickup Deco Items] ♦ 3 Deco Item Card Tapestries 2 types (Nanamori/Gel)
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♦2 Deco item card acrylic stand 2 types (Nanamori./Gel)
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♦1 Deco item can badge 2 types (Nanamori./Gel)
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[Event period] May 16th (Thursday) after maintenance – June 1st (Saturday) 13:00 (scheduled) *Please check the in-game notice for details
“Ale Under the Blue Sky Part 2 Login Bonus” is now available!
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From May 16th (Thursday), we are running the “Ale Under the Blue Sky Part 2 Login Bonus”. If you log in for 7 days during the event period, you can receive 20 free berries up to 7 times, for a total of 140 berries. [Event period] May 16th (Thursday) after maintenance – May 30th (Thursday) 20:00 (scheduled) *Please check the in-game notice for details. About “Stopuri With!!”
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“Stopuri With!!” is a completely original game app packed with high quality and fun features. Not only can you enjoy a moving original story using Live2D that can only be read here, but you can also freely dress up Live2D members using costumes obtained by spinning gacha, and get digital goods. You can enjoy “Oshikatsu” to the fullest within the app, such as creating an altar that you can decorate, and even being able to sleep with each member in sleep mode. It also has life support functions that can be used on a daily basis, such as a calendar, weather forecast, and focus mode. The title of “Stopuri With!!” expresses that “Stopuri,” which has always been supported by its listeners, says, “Always by your side.” We hope that this app will make your listeners’ days “enjoyable.” To…. This is a wish that has been put into it. With this app, please enjoy “everyday life where Sutopuri is always nearby”. ■Service overview・Title: Stopuri With!! (commonly known as STOWES)・Distribution start date: Currently being distributed (delivered on Sunday, March 17, 2024)・Providing platform: App Store, Google Play・Recommended environment : iOS 12.0 or higher (iPhone・Price: Basic free (some content includes in-app purchases) ・Supervision: STPR/STOPRI ・Planning/Production: Nanamori.・Developed by: flaggs App Store URL ・App
Store ・Google
Play stprwithFor details and the latest information on “Stprwith!!”, please see here.・Official website: ・Stows official X (formerly Twitter) account: *Packet communication charges will be charged separately when using the content.・About “Stopuri” An entertainment unit that engages in various activities centered on video distribution sites. Since 2016, creators who distribute videos in various genres such as utattamita and game commentary, centering on the leader “Nanamori.”, have gathered to form the entertainment unit “Strawberry Prince / Stop Puri” and have been active. start! The number of YouTube channel subscribers is 2.83 million, the number of TikTok followers is 823,000, and the total number of followers on each SNS is 7.22 million. (As of May 15, 2024) The latest distribution EP “Nijiiro History” ranked 1st on the Oricon Weekly Digital Album Ranking (as of 8/14/2023) and 1st on the Billboard JAPAN Download Album Chart “Download Albums”. (As of 8/9/2023). From December 2022, the first terrestrial crown program (TV Tokyo series) will start. The Stoppuri ARENA TOUR 2023 “Here We Go!!”, which started in January this year with 44 performances in 11 locations nationwide, attracted
approximately 350,000 people. On New Year’s Eve 2023, he will participate in the 74th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen. In order to deliver “fun” to listeners, we will continue to expand the range of our activities. ■About flaggs Co., Ltd.
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A game development and game animation production company whose mission is to be an “entertainment company that creates a new era.” We aim to contribute to the entertainment industry as a standard bearer of the times. Company name: flaggs Co., Ltd. Address: B1F, Gotanda Brick Building, 2-11-20 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Established: March 20, 2015 Representative Director: Naoto Yoshie URL: Business details: Development and operation of games for smartphones, production of animation and sound for games ■About STPR Co., Ltd.
[Image 15:×1000.jpg] In pursuit of our purpose of “making the world more fun through creativity and passion,” we strive to create appealing content that transcends dimensions and expand the possibilities of entertainment. Established on June 15, 2018, it currently operates a production business for various actors including the entertainment unit “Stopuri”, which is active mainly on video distribution sites such as YouTube and TwitCasting, as well as an independent label ” STPR Records” operation and license management, live and event planning and ticket sales, and goods/digital content planning and production to sales. Company name: STPR Co., Ltd. Location: Shibuya Hikarie 34F, 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: June 2018
Representative: Masato Kashihara URL: When posting information and images Please display the copyright below. (C) STPR Inc. / (C) flaggs Inc.

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