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Home » Arum Co., Ltd. Started remote support business for specific intensive care units (ICUs) Remotely monitoring ICU patients 24 hours a day

Arum Co., Ltd. Started remote support business for specific intensive care units (ICUs) Remotely monitoring ICU patients 24 hours a day

[Arum Co., Ltd.] Started remote support business for specific intensive care units (ICUs) Remotely monitoring ICU patients 24 hours a day

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Press release: May 30, 2024
Start of remote support project for specified intensive care units (ICU) 24-hour remote monitoring of ICU patients
Image diagram of remote support project
Alm Co., Ltd. (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Teppei Sakano) is a subsidiary of DeNA Co., Ltd. (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shingo Okamura)
Arum) has launched the ACU Division, an intensive care unit remote support business, in response to the establishment of a special intensive care unit remote support addition in the 2024 medical fee revision.

Specified intensive care unit (hereinafter referred to as
ICU) is an important medical facility for treating critically ill patients, and is especially essential during emergencies. On the other hand, the number of ICU beds in Japan is 5.6 per 100,000 people *1, compared to around 30 beds in Germany and around 12 beds in Italy, compared to the average of 12 beds in OECD member countries for which data is available. and will be at a low level. In addition to the shortage of ICUs in public hospitals, the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the shortage of manpower (intensive care doctors and nurses assigned to ICUs) to provide adequate medical care to critically ill patients*2.
Domestic and international papers have shown that having intensive care physicians working exclusively in the ICU improves medical outcomes.
*1 Japan Society of Intensive Care Medicine “Number of ICU and ICU-like treatment room beds by prefecture”
*2 From the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine
“Recommendations for strengthening Japan’s intensive care medical delivery system”

In this project, we will collaborate with advanced medical
institutions by providing ICT that utilizes the know-how of “Join,” a communication app between medical professionals developed and operated by Allm.
We aim to improve the quality of medical care and promote further medical development by rectifying medical disparities due to the shortage of intensive care specialists and regional uneven
distribution, and by accumulating data on intensive care.

■About Join
This is an app that allows medical personnel to communicate in a highly secure environment. By viewing medical images with the standard DICOM viewer and sharing them via chat, it can be used as a
consultation tool for doctors who are outside the hospital at night and on holidays, and can be used for inter-hospital collaboration and information sharing when transferring emergency patients. It is used. This is the first programmable medical device to be covered by insurance in Japan. We have obtained medical device certification in Japan, the United States (FDA), Europe (CE), Brazil, Saudi Arabia, etc. (Sales name: Program for general-purpose diagnostic imaging equipment)

■ About ACU dashboard
This dashboard is equipped with a system that allows for remote judgment of severity based on scores calculated from vital information of patients mainly admitted to the ICU.
・ACU dashboard
Sales name: Remote monitoring solution
Medical device certification number: 306AIBZX00007000, Class classification: Controlled medical device
*ACU is an abbreviation for Advance Care Unit.

■Company overview
Allm Co., Ltd. is a company that supports all medical services (All Medical). Healthcare” is our corporate message, and we will use the power of ICT to eliminate disparities and mismatches in medical care and realize fair medical welfare for everyone. In addition, in our medical ICT business, including the medical communication app “Join,” we are actively expanding globally, and as a medical ICT company originating from Japan, we are providing solutions to a total of 32 countries.

* ○* Company name: Alm Co., Ltd.
○Head office: Shibuya Mark City West 16F, 1-12-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ○Representative: Teppei Sakano
○Established: April 18, 2001
○Capital: 100 million yen
○Homepage: **

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