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Miura Industries Co., Ltd. Capital and business alliance between Daikin and Miura Industries

Miura Industries Co., Ltd.
[Miura Industries Co., Ltd.] Capital and business alliance between Daikin and Miura Industries
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Daikin”), a comprehensive air conditioning manufacturer, and Miura Industries, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Miura Industries”), an industrial boiler manufacturer, announced a capital and business alliance at the boards of directors of both companies held on May 30th. Decided.
[Image:×271.jpg] In this partnership, Daikin will invest in Miura Industries and acquire 4.67% of the outstanding shares, and Miura will invest in Daikin Applied Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Daikin Applied”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin, and will acquire 4.67% of the outstanding shares. Acquires 49% of the stock. By leveraging the business networks of both companies, including products, technology, and services, depending on the industry, it will be possible to be involved in the equivalent of 50% of the total energy used in a single factory. The two companies will provide one-stop proposals for total solutions related to heat, air, and water, including air conditioning, steam boilers, and water treatment systems, at factories across Japan, and will work together to achieve carbon neutrality in the factory market. start.
Daikin manufactures and sells highly energy-saving air conditioners that utilize environmental technologies such as heat pumps and inverters, and operates in more than 170 countries around the world. We develop products tailored to the characteristics and market applications of each region around the world, and are working to strengthen solutions that meet customer needs. Daikin Applied aims to provide optimal workplaces for manufacturing sites related to air and heat, such as cooling and heating equipment, industrial air
conditioning equipment, environmental test rooms, and clean rooms in various factories such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and electrical equipment. We are making suggestions.
Meanwhile, as a top manufacturer of industrial boilers, Miura Industries manufactures, sells, and maintains steam boilers, which are the heat source for factories, buildings, hospitals, and other areas of daily life, as well as water treatment equipment, food equipment, medical equipment, and more. I did. In Japan, we have over 1,200 field engineers who are familiar with our customers’ factories and perform equipment maintenance as well as propose the optimal thermal solutions for our customers.
Efforts by countries and companies are accelerating with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality. Factories account for a large proportion of electricity consumption and CO2 emissions, and there is a need to introduce systems that conserve energy and utilize renewable energy. This partnership will focus on Daikin’s rich lineup of energy-saving and environmentally friendly air-conditioning and cooling-related products, while also building on the engineering capabilities that Daikin Applied has cultivated. By combining field service capabilities such as proposals, equipment operation, and support, we will help resolve issues such as energy conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions throughout the factory. We will accelerate the challenge of achieving zero heat emissions in a wide range of areas, with the aim of making it possible to use various types of heat at industrial heat utilization sites where no two facilities are the same.
In the future, we will expand the factory solution menu established in Japan to all parts of the world and contribute to decarbonization at production sites around the world.
[Overview of Daikin]
Company name: Daikin Industries, Ltd.
Established: October 25, 1924
Head Office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Representative: Masanori Sogo, President and CEO
Capital: 85 billion yen
Number of employees: 98,162 (consolidated)
Main business: Manufacture and sale of air conditioners and
refrigerators, fluorine chemicals, hydraulic equipment parts, etc. [Overview of Daikin Applied Systems]
Company name: Daikin Applied Systems Co., Ltd.
Established: June 29, 2004
Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Takashi Mishina, President and CEO
Capital: 300 million yen 100% subsidiary of Daikin Industries  Number of employees: 550 people
Main business: Service and engineering of air conditioning and cooling systems for industrial use such as factories.
[Overview of Miura Industries]
Company name: Miura Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Established: May 1, 1959
Head office: Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Representative: Tsuyoshi Yoneda, Representative Director, President, Executive Officer, CEO and CTO
Capital: 9.5 billion yen
Number of employees: 6,135 (consolidated)
Main business: Manufacture and sale of small once-through boilers, marine auxiliary boilers, exhaust gas (waste heat) boilers, water treatment equipment, food equipment, sterilizers, chemicals, etc., maintenance, environmental measurement certification business, etc. that’s all
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