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Home » Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. Mobile game “Professional Baseball Spirits A” “Ichiro Selection ” starts today, May 30th

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. Mobile game “Professional Baseball Spirits A” “Ichiro Selection ” starts today, May 30th

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Mobile game “Professional Baseball Spirits A” “Ichiro Selection” starts today, May 30th
Interview videos with Ichiro and videos of confrontations between professional baseball players are also available.
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that “Ichiro Selection” has started today, May 30th (Thursday) in the mobile game “Professional Baseball Spirits A” (hereinafter referred to as “Prospi A”).
[Image 1:×256.jpg] “Ichiro Selection” will feature 12 players selected by Ichiro, one from each of the 12 Central and Pacific teams. Valuable interview videos of current professional baseball managers and coaches who were selected and talked about the reasons for their selection are also available. In words unique to Ichiro, Ichiro talks about the presence of a right-handed Japanese batter who he felt was a threat, and an episode he had on base with Saitama Seibu Lions manager Kazuo Matsui. Furthermore, Ichiro himself will appear in this selection! They will appear based on their performance when they hit 25 home runs in 1995, so be sure to add the 13 players who appear in “Ichiro Selection” to your order and strengthen your team!
“Ichiro Selection” period: May 30th (Thursday) after maintenance to June 6th (Thursday) 14:59
[Image 2:×844.png ]
[Video 3:]
[Video 4:] List of players appearing in Ichiro Selection!
*Titles omitted; the teams listed are the teams they belong to in the game.
[Image 3:×844.png ]
Hanshin Makoto Imaoka *Registered name at the time
[Image 4:×844.png ]
Hiroshima Takahiro Arai
[Image 5:×844.png ]
Yokohama DeNA Naonori Suzuki
[Image 6:×844.png ]
Giant Masumi Kuwata
[Image 7:×844.png ]
Tokyo Yakult Tomohito Ito
[Image 8:×844.png ]
Chunichi Akinori Otsuka *Registered name at the time
[Image 9:×844.png ]
Orix Satoshi Nakajima
[Image 10:×844.png ]
Chiba Lotte Koichi Hori
[Image 11:×844.png ]
Kazumi Saito, Fukuoka Softbank
[Image 12:×844.png ]
Rakuten Toshiaki Imae *Registered name at the time
[Image 13:×844.png ]
Saitama Seibu Kazuo Matsui
[Image 14:×842.png] Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Atsunori Inaba
Every year! 12 teams showdown video released!
This year as well, we are releasing videos of real-time competition between professional baseball players from 12 teams. The third broadcast on June 2nd (Sunday) at 6pm will feature four teams: Chunichi Dragons, Yokohama DeNA Baystars, Hiroshima Toyo Carp, and Orix Buffaloes. We will also hold quizzes with audience participation, and depending on the points you earn, you can get an S-rank exciting player contract (first edition), etc.
YouTube channel “PowerPro Prospi Official”
[Image 15:×1080.jpg] “Yoshimoto Prospi A Strongest Deciding Match” video will be released! Reiwa Roman, who is currently appearing in the web commercial for “Prospi A”, will hold the Yoshimoto Prospi A strongest deciding match on the YouTube channel “official Reiwa Roman [Official]”! A heated battle between Reiwa Roman and Dambi Ramucho! ? Please take a look as it is unfolding.
YouTube channel “official Reiwa Roman [Official]”
[Image 16:×720.jpg] Mobile game “Professional Baseball Spirits A”
[Image 17:×1024.jpg] Over 53 million downloads! The game uses “3D scanning” technology that photographs professional baseball players from 360 degrees and reproduces the data as 3D model data during the game, creating beautiful graphics and a sense of realism that would be hard to believe in a mobile game. This is an authentic professional baseball game app that allows you to enjoy baseball action and player development with easy operations. Players collect and train real professional baseball players to form the strongest team, and aim to win the championship while competing against rivals from all over the country. In addition, professional baseball information such as match information and player data is also available. You can enjoy it not only for matches but also as a professional baseball information tool. Mobile game “Professional Baseball Spirits A” official website:
Official Twitter: @prospiA_PR
Title: Professional Baseball Spirits A (Ace)
Manufacturer: KONAMI
Distribution date: Currently being distributed
Genre: Baseball/Action
Compatible OS: Android (Android OS 5.0 or later), iOS (iOS 11.0 or later), Kindle Fire (2015 or later)
Price: Basic play free (item charge system)
Copyright notice:
“Approved by Japan Baseball Organization, General Incorporated Association” (C)2024 SAMURAI JAPAN
Officially recognized by the Japan Professional Baseball Association Certified by Nippon Professional Baseball OB Club
Officially recognized by the Japan Professional Baseball Foreign Alumni Players Association
Officially licensed professional baseball franchise stadium
In principle, the stadium signboards reproduced in the game are created based on data from official professional baseball games in 2023.
The data is collected independently by Japan Baseball Data Co., Ltd. and may differ from official records. It is strictly prohibited to copy, transfer, sell, etc. the provided information for any purpose, regardless of the method used.
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All other copyrights or trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used under license.(C)Konami Digital Entertainment
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