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PayPay Bank Co., Ltd. Announcement of exceeding 8 million accounts

PayPay Bank Co., Ltd.
Announcement of exceeding 8 million accounts
– Account opening application takes only 1 minute and savings deposit interest rate is 0.03%. Approximately 3 million accounts increased in 3 years ~
PayPay Bank Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomohito Takusa, hereinafter referred to as PayPay Bank) is pleased to announce that the number of deposit accounts has exceeded 8 million.
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PayPay Bank opened in October 2000 as Japan’s first internet-only bank, and after changing its name from “Japan Net Bank” to “PayPay Bank” in April 2021, it has become the most convenient and
advantageous bank for PayPay users. We are aiming for
In August 2022, we will launch the mini-app “PayPay Bank” service, allowing you to access PayPay Bank from the PayPay app and smoothly check your details and make transfers. In addition, by linking with the identity verification information of the PayPay app, it is now possible to apply for an account in as little as 1 minute, and the PayPay Money deposit/withdrawal fee of 0 yen and various campaigns have been well-received. As of now, the number of accounts has exceeded 8 million. This is an increase of approximately 3 million accounts in the three years since the company name change.
From April 2024, we will raise the interest rate on ordinary deposits to 0.03% per year, taking into account fluctuations in market interest rates due to the Bank of Japan’s lifting of its negative interest rate policy, in an effort to provide even better value to our customers. These efforts have been highly evaluated by a wide range of customers, and we were ranked number one overall in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun’s “NIKKEI Financial Bank Ranking” released in April 2024. We received particularly high evaluations in the categories of “product service” and “convenience.”
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With the mission of “bringing financial services as close to you as the air,” PayPay Bank is working to provide financial services that are invisible but essential, and that you naturally use before you know it. We will continue to strive to create products that meet the various needs of the world and services that make life more
■Features of PayPay Bank
1. Complete account opening application in as little as 1 minute (*) -Individual customers applying through the PayPay app-
If you apply for an account opening from the “PayPay Bank” mini app within “PayPay”, you will use PayPay’s identity verification information, so you will only have to enter some customer information, and you will also need to submit documents to PayPay Bank when opening the account. Can be omitted. You can complete your account opening application in as little as 1 minute, even on the go.
-Individual customers applying through the PayPay Bank website- You can easily verify your identity by reading your My Number card (JPKI) or taking a photo of your driver’s license and face (eKYC). You can open an account as soon as the same day.
-For sole proprietorship customers-
You can open an account on the same day by submitting the required documents and taking a photo of yourself.
*Please check the various terms and conditions displayed at the time of application before proceeding. The time required varies depending on the customer’s application, etc.
2. Complete range of services
We offer a wide range of products, from those for saving, increasing, borrowing, playing, and paying, to those for corporations. We offer convenient and advantageous services such as Visa debit, where you can earn PayPay points, free transfer fees three times a month when you receive your salary in our account, and unlimited ATM deposit and withdrawal fees for purchases over 30,000 yen. .
3. Cooperation with PayPay
For individual customers, we offer the mini app “PayPay Bank” that allows you to smoothly use our services from the PayPay app.For PayPay member stores, if you register our account as the transfer destination for PayPay sales, the transfer will be made the next day after the end of the month. We provide services such as services that take advantage of cooperation with PayPay.
4. Various loan services
We offer card loans and business loans that can be borrowed and repaid anytime, anywhere using just your smartphone. We also offer home loans with the industry’s lowest interest rates, and provide loan services tailored to our customers’ lifestyles.
5. Safe and secure security
One of PayPay Bank’s strengths is its high level of security technology, which is unique to online banks. You can check your one-time password on your smartphone using the Token app. In addition, for important transactions such as transfers and changing login passwords, we use transaction authentication that issues a stronger one-time password linked to each transaction, so you can use it safely and securely.
6. Great benefits too
-For individual customers-
For customers who open an account through the PayPay app, we are offering a permanent benefit of 500 PayPay points upon meeting certain conditions.
We are also running a permanent benefit where you can apply a maximum annual interest rate of +0.3% (before tax) on yen savings deposits if you meet three conditions.
-For corporate and individual business owners-
We offer the following two permanent benefits exclusively for customers who open new accounts.
(1) Transfer fees are free 10 times a month until the end of the second month after the account opening date (to other banks: 5 times/month to PayPay bank account: 5 times/month)
(2) If you use Visa Debit 3 or more times by the end of the month following the account opening date, you will receive a free gift of 1,000 yen.
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