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Fermata Launch of “Nursing Room BOX” to deliver femtech to high schools nationwide

[Fermata] Launch of “Nursing Room BOX” to deliver femtech to high schools nationwide

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Press release: May 30, 2024
[Fermata] Launch of “Nursing Room BOX” to deliver femtech to high schools nationwide
*~A preview will be held on May 26th (Sunday) at Women’s Nutrition University, which produces many “health room teachers”~*
fermata Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Amina Sugimoto, hereinafter referred to as fermata) and Women’s Nutrition University are collaborating to bring new options and information, including femtech, to high school health rooms across Japan. A preview of the “Nursing room BOX” project will be delivered on Sunday, May 26th. It was held at the “45th Wakaba Festival” of Women’s University of Nutrition. Preview status

The Health Nursing Laboratory at the Women’s University of Nutrition, to which the authors of this project belong, and which collaborates with Fermata, boasts the highest number of school nurses in the country. Approximately 420 people attended the preview*, which was filled with enthusiasm, including many students, their parents, and local residents, as well as current school nurses who had previously graduated from the laboratory, and school officials. Visitors looked around the displayed image of the “Nursing Room BOX” while being guided by students from the Health Nursing Laboratory.

One of the purposes of this preview was to educate school nurses and students, including experienced senior school nurses, students who are continuing to study to become school nurses, and students taking entrance exams, to learn about the “Nursing Room BOX,” which is scheduled to start in earnest in June.・Gather feedback from various perspectives as parents. Visitors enthusiastically gave feedback to the students, expressing their expectations, saying, “I wanted this in my day!” and “I’m happy that my children will have the
opportunity to learn naturally.”
Natsumi Furuya, a graduate of the same laboratory, is a school nurse at Chiba Prefectural Tateyama Sogo High School, where the first school to exhibit the box will be in June.
Natsumi) said, “I raised my hand to implement this project because I felt that the content fit in with the recent concerns of students who come to the nurse’s office.It was an opportunity to think about one’s own mind and body not only through conversation, but also through objects. I hope you get it.”

*Implemented as part of the 45th Wakaba Festival, a school festival held at the Sakado Campus of Women’s University of Nutrition.

Many male students from other nearby schools also attended.
* ■What is the health room box?*
Fermata and the Health Nursing Laboratory of Joshibi University of Nutrition are collaborating to deliver options and information to solve mental and physical health issues, including femtech, to the health rooms of high schools across Japan, and to provide “educational materials” on femtech and other topics. This is a project to examine the effectiveness of For each school, we hold product displays in the school nurse’s office for 1 to 2 weeks, and repeat explanations and interviews with school nurses (oral interviews and questionnaires) to clarify student awareness, actual conditions, and concerns. Using this project for high school students as an opportunity, we also aim to expand it to elementary schools and junior high schools. *
* Significance of deploying “Nursing Room BOX” in high school health rooms* Emerging options like femtech tend to have significantly limited access to minors due to financial, physical, and psychological hurdles, as well as parental health literacy. In fact, in February 2024, Fermata held an event “Femtech
The number of visitors to “Fes! (Femtech Festival)” is less than 1% of teenagers. Furthermore, I have heard people say that they find it difficult to go to events, shops, and places where many adults gather, and that it is difficult for them to go to them. However, many femtech and other solutions can be used by minors, and they have the potential to improve the quality of life of students who are physically and mentally taxed due to commuting to school, club activities, and taking entrance exams.

Ishihara, Fermata’s medical advisor and professor at Women’s Nutrition University, felt that Fermata was having some issues approaching teenagers.
Through the introduction of Professor Osamu Ishihara, I was able to connect with everyone in the Health Nursing Laboratory. We also received advice that the school nurse’s room would be the perfect place for many students, as it is a familiar place that can be considered part of their daily lives. In addition, school nurses at each school have traditionally disseminated health-related information to students through “health newsletters,” but we have found that communication is one-way, making it difficult for students to read it. Ta.

High school students are at an age when they are making important choices in their lives, such as going on to higher education or getting a job, and when they graduate, they have greater freedom and responsibility for their own minds and bodies. This project aims to provide information to people of this age through the infirmary, which ensures psychological safety, so that the students themselves do not have to limit their current or future life possibilities and are able to take appropriate steps. The aim is to support people to think and act appropriately at times.

*Contents of the health room box*
Students in the Health Nursing Laboratory arranged the exhibition kit “Femtech BOX” that Fermata had previously lent to local governments and universities for high school students. In addition to the latest femtech products, we have added products such as tampons and vaginal discharge sheets, which are commonplace to adults but surprisingly unfamiliar to high school students, as well as information on sensitive areas and how to use a bidet.
“New Beginning (Bidet Guide)” by TOTO Corporation, which teaches how to use a bidet and how to utilize it to address women’s health issues. Meiji Co., Ltd.’s Meiji Femnicare Food α-LunA series of foods that support menstrual periods
Water-absorbing shorts produced by Toyoshima Co., Ltd. “Hogara” that support anxiety during sanitary periods like a charm.
iroha INTIMATE is a brand that proposes daily self-care habits for women’s healthy daily lives.
CARE” (TENGA Co., Ltd.) delicate zone care items
* Background to holding the Health Room BOX *
October 2022 Fermata begins lending “Femtech Exhibition Box” to local governments and universities
May 2023 Fermata lends the “Femtech Exhibition Box” to the 44th Wakaba Festival of Women’s Nutrition University
February 2024 Fermata and Women’s Nutrition University begin planning the “Health Room BOX”
May 2024 “Nursery Room BOX” preview held at the 45th Wakaba Festival

*Comments from the planning team*
* ▼4th year student, Health Nursing Laboratory, Women’s University of Nutrition *
* Maki Kanda *Leader, Nagomi Uchibori *Sub-leader*
From left in the photo: Ms. Aika Akiyama, Ms. Maki Kanda, and Ms. Nako Uchibori, all members of the Health and Nursing Research Laboratory, Joshibi University of Nutrition.
When it comes to physical problems among students, menstruation is often mentioned, but in reality, there are many other physical and mental issues as well.I wanted to convey this to people of a younger generation who are close to my age, so I planned this project. . What I was conscious of was not just placing things there, but also using POP and other means to provide supplementary explanations such as “Why is it necessary for people of our current age?” I would be happy if the high school students viewing the exhibit realized that the story is relevant to them too. We have also included items and information that you may not use now, but would like to remember as options in the future. In fact, there were many items that we ourselves didn’t know about, so we would like high school students to know about them as well.

* ▼Women’s University of Nutrition Professor, Nobuko Endo, Department of Nutrition, Professor Miho Kubota, Full-time Lecturer, Department of Nutrition
*Supervisor of Mr. Kanda and Mr. Uchibori*
From left in the photo: Professor Nobuko Endo and Professor Miho Kubota of Joshibi University of Nutrition
The students enthusiastically worked on the project with the hope that high school students would have better options and information. The options available to minors are greatly influenced by the health literacy of their parents. Some families have a policy of not allowing women to take medicine even if they have severe menstrual pain. We hope that the school nurse’s room will be an opportunity for students to broaden their horizons in a familiar and psychologically safe space. Of course, it is important for the students themselves to know about this, but next we would like to approach their parents as well. * ▼Fermata Branding Unit Wakana Umetsu, Haruka Yamamoto*

In the past few years, when the femtech market has gained attention, at Fermata, we have received inquiries about sex education as often as we have received inquiries about femtech. . We are truly grateful and excited to be able to work together with the wonderful people at Joshi University of Nutrition to reach out to teenagers, who have had many frustrating experiences because there are many things we cannot do alone. Please pay attention to future developments!

■About fermata Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2019 with the aim of expanding the femtech market in Japan and Asia. With a vision of “until the day your taboo turns into excitement,” we work with domestic and international companies on business development. In addition, the world’s largest
multi-stakeholder femtech event “Femtech
Fes! (Femtech Festival)”, pharmaceutical affairs using manufacturing and sales licenses for medical devices, and the management of a passionate user community of over 10,000 people. We will visualize “latent needs” including issues and expand the possibilities of healthcare.
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*To all media and faculty*
If you are a media person who would like to cover the upcoming “Nursing Room BOX” exhibition at school, please contact * *
Please contact us. In addition, for faculty and staff members and other school personnel who would like more information about the health room BOX, please contact * *
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