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LOVE FOR NOTO Song of the Earth All artists appearing on live stage announced! !

Love for Nippon General Incorporated Association
[LOVE FOR NOTO Song of the Earth] All artists appearing on live stage announced! !
A total of 15 diverse artists line up!
The general incorporated association “LOVE FOR NIPPON” (hereinafter referred to as “LFN”), which was established in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, is the mainstay of the event, and will be held on June 29th (Saturday) and 30th (Sunday). We have announced all the artists who will grace the live stage of the “2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake” recovery support event “LOVE FOR NOTO Song of the Earth” to be held at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo!
[Image 1:×1716.jpg] In addition to the 5 artists who have already been announced to appear, including Asuka Aoya, Keiichi Sogabe, Caravan, DJ Misoshiru, MC Gohan, and Leyona, 8 new artists have been confirmed to appear. Kiyoharu has been enlivening SOTE’s past performances with live performances, including Bro.KORN, who will appear following their appearance at the Fukushima reconstruction event SONG OF THE EARTH (hereinafter referred to as “SOTE”) on March 11th of this year. , Kenichiro Tanimoto, Tadahiro Imaya (Hotel New Tokyo). Also, Junpei Shiina, Yuga, MARIANA, and Hannah Spring have been confirmed to appear. The lineup included Tomoko Chris and Yoshinobu Suzuki as MCs, and a total of 15 artists. Please note that the timetable will be announced at a later date, so please continue to pay attention. ▶︎LIVE STAGE LINEUP Asuka Aoya / Tadahiro Imaya (Hotel New Tokyo) / Caravan / Kiyoharu / Junpei Shiina / Keiichi Sogabe / Kenichiro Tanimoto (Taniken Band) × Fukushima LOVE FOR NIPPON / DJ Misoshiru and MC Gohan / Hanah Spring / Bro.KORN / MARIANA / Leyona / Yukawa
[Image 2:×1016.jpg] At the venue, a variety of content will be created in collaboration with various partners who support LFN’s activities and organizations and companies that support this event, enlivening the venue. Today, we have released information on market exhibits such as food stalls, workshops, and miscellaneous goods.
Event time: June 29th (Sat) 11:00-20:30, June 30th (Sun) 11:00-20:00 From THE PEACEDAY held at Yoyogi Park and the connections created through past LFN activities, there will be a large number of booths including food booths, kitchen trucks, miscellaneous goods, workshops, and sponsorships.
Afro cabbage dumplings / Ukrainian kitchen car Faina / / hola! TACOS /KALTENA / grichee / COFFEE BAR stove / TANK LORRY / Tabajibiye / Tsutsumi / DEENEY’S / FOODTRUCK BOLILIAN. / PRIMAL / BleuTarp FOODTRUCK / FELICE / PARA-SOL MARKET / HOPEHOPE / Pocha / Yuju Organic / Little Nap COFFEE STAND / ONE POT WONDER / LOVE FOR NIPPON CAFE
▶︎Market & Workshop & Booth
asomatous / R4T One and only Kokopelli in the world / UNTIECO / old sea / OLD MOUNTAIN / Kameyama Candle House / TheArth / CWF / STUDIO wad / DANNER / CHEAP TIMES / La-Rainbow project / NATAL DESIGN / Noto Jin / NORA’s / BONBONERO / Disaster prevention me / Conclusion / Kameyama Candle House / KEEN / CHROME INDUSTRIES JAPAN GK / Jackery / Daiwa Life Next Co., Ltd. / T.T.C Co., Ltd. / Japan Candle Association / New Acoustic Camp & ACO CHiLL CAMP / LIVE AZUMA / LOVE FOR NIPPON SHOP
We offer delicious food from all over Japan, including authentic stone-oven pizza made with 100% wheat from Ebetsu, Hokkaido, game meat from Niwayama Village, French fries made with Belgian potatoes, hot sandwiches from London, American BBQ, Korean chicken, and specialty coffee. There are many international foods lined up here and there. In addition, “Victory Vodka” and “Noto Gin” made using only laurel from Noto Town, and “Squid Yaki” made by a former fisherman from Ogi Port in Noto Town, which is said to be the best squid in Japan, are also on the menu. You can line up and enjoy the “deliciousness of Noto”. We will also have booths from companies and organizations that have supported LFN’s activities in the past, such as KEEN, CHROME INDUSTRIES JAPAN GK, Jackery, and Daiwa Life Next Co., Ltd., and each booth will have a booth where they will put their ideas into practice in their own way. You can learn about the reconstruction support activities and various initiatives being undertaken.
In addition, there are many miscellaneous goods and workshop booths that both adults and children can enjoy.
Additionally, a candle message workshop will be held at the venue. In June, six months after the disaster, we will once again gather a lot of love in Tokyo and light the light of hope for the future with candles that are filled with everyone’s feelings.
[Image 3:×1194.jpg]
[Image 4:×437.jpg] In addition, so that you can enjoy the event with your children with peace of mind, we have a booth dedicated to breastfeeding and diaper changing, as well as a BABY & KIDS care space where you can draw and play with toys.
[Image 5:×797.jpg] We will continue to announce additional exhibition booths from time to time. candle night
Implementation time: 18:00-20:00 on both days
We will light candles that represent everyone’s feelings for Noto, collected at the workshop. The candles lit in Tokyo are transported to Noto and lit again on July 1st, the anniversary of the death of the moon, together with the people living in Noto. We will send everyone’s thoughts to the world through candles and spread the “mutual action” so that we can rejoice together someday.
[Image 6:×800.jpg] Noto support activity report
In this event, we will create opportunities to hear and learn about support activities for the Noto Peninsula earthquake in various scenes within the venue.
At the LFN booth, Noto members who are involved in local support activities such as soup kitchens will talk about ongoing support activities, such as current Noto. In addition, there will be a message from CANDLE JUNE on stage, a talk stage, and booths where exhibiting organizations and companies will introduce their respective support activities. Please take this opportunity to experience first-hand the various forms of support that will lead to the recovery of the Noto Peninsula.
Details of the talk stage will be announced at a later date. A form of support that starts not just by donating money or going on volunteer activities, but by touching, hearing, feeling, eating, buying, having fun, and connecting.
Why not “LOVE FOR NOTO” together as a place where everyone in Tokyo can express their feelings?
We will update the information from time to time, so please continue to pay attention.
LOVE FOR NOTO Song of the Earth Event Overview
This is a recovery support event for the Noto Peninsula that will be held in June 2024, six months after the Noto Peninsula earthquake. In order to work together in Tokyo to think and act on new forms of recovery support that start not only by donating money or going on volunteer activities, but also by touching, hearing, feeling, eating, buying, and connecting. This will be an event.
Date: Saturday, June 29, 2024, Sunday, June 30, 2024 *Performed rain or shine, canceled in case of stormy weather
Venue: Yoyogi Park Event Square/Outdoor Stage (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) free entrance
Sponsor: LOVE FOR NIPPON General Incorporated Association
Support: Ishikawa Prefecture / Wajima City / Suzu City / Nanao City / Shiga Town / Anamizu Town / Noto Town / Shibuya Ward / J-WAVE Sponsored by: NATAL Design / KEEN / CHROME INDUSTRIES JAPAN GK / Kokando Co., Ltd. / Jackery / Daiwa Life Next Co., Ltd. / T.T.C Co., Ltd. / NPO PEACEDAY
Production cooperation: Japan Candle Association
YouTube: LOVE FOR NIPPON General Incorporated Association
[Image 7:×153.png ]
A support organization established in Tokyo in response to the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.
Starting with the provision of supplies and soup kitchens, we provide a variety of support such as temporary housing and recovery housing, in order to always be close to the people affected by the disaster. With the motto of “doing everything we can,” LFN not only carries out support activities on its own, but also recruits various supporters, connects them with the local community, and engages in activities that bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Our goal is to transcend the boundaries between disaster victims and supporters, build
relationships where we can communicate with each other, and evolve our activities from “sadness to joy.” In the Noto Peninsula, we started support activities in Noto Town on January 2nd, immediately after the disaster, and are still continuing support activities such as soup kitchens and supplying supplies.
・Organization name: LOVE FOR NIPPON, a general incorporated
association ・Representative: CANDLE JUNE ・Foundation date: March 14, 2011 Launched voluntary organization LOVE FOR NIPPON, reorganized as a general incorporated association in June 2011・Location: 3-32-5 #16 Nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0066 ・Activities: Supporting disaster victims during various disasters ・Website: More details about this release: