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Dainichi Foods Co., Ltd. Regarding the opening of “Dainichi Foods Official EC Site”

Dainichi Foods Co., Ltd.
Regarding the opening of “Dainichi Foods Official EC Site”
~Opening of official EC site and release of limited edition product “Bikatsu Gelee”~
We have recently opened the “Dainichi Foods Official EC Site” and will be releasing the healthy fermented food “Bikatsu Gelee” which will be sold exclusively on the official EC site.
■Establishment of official EC site
We are pleased to announce our business goal in our management plan: “Become a company that promotes ethical consumption and contribute to SDGs and regional revitalization,” and our company vision: “By manufacturing and supplying fermented foods, we will produce domestically produced rice. In order to play a part in increasing the consumption of grains and realize the goal of “building a healthy nation with the same source of medicine and food,” we have opened the “Dainichi Foods Official EC Site” as a pioneer, and sales will be limited to the official EC site. We will be releasing a healthy fermented food “Bikatsu Gelee”.
Official EC site URL
■About the limited edition product “Bikatsu Gelee”
“Bikatsu Gelee” was created three years ago by making the most of our strengths as a pickle and fermented food manufacturer (a
long-established pickle shop): raw material procurement capabilities, technological capabilities, development capabilities, and
collaboration capabilities. This is a new type of healthy fermented food “made by a pickle shop” that was planned and developed over a period of time, and contains functional ingredients carefully selected by the discerning eye of a long-established pickle shop with roots in Aichi. Soybean koji, a traditional Aichi ingredient with a history of approximately 650 years and a history of use, is safe, secure and nutritious, and vegetable lactic acid bacteria are contained in the outer leaves (unused parts) of domestic Chinese cabbage, which is rich in vitamins and dietary fiber. In addition to “Fermented Chinese cabbage extract” with added minerals and dietary fiber, “Grated heated daikon radish” made by grating and heating the outer skin (unused part) of domestic radish rich in minerals and dietary fiber, it also contains many polyphenols that are said to have an anti-aging effect. We have collected ingredients that can contribute to the beauty and health of our customers, including “figs grown in Aichi Prefecture” and “allulose (rare sugar),” which is said to have an effect on the intestinal environment and fat burning in the body.
[Image:×901.jpg] The product shape is a “stick type” that is popular in the market, and it is easy to carry and can be eaten anywhere.The strawberry flavor (contains concentrated fruit juice of Tochia squid from Tochigi Prefecture) allows you to enjoy the taste of carefully selected domestic fruits. We have prepared two types of tangerine flavor (using unshu tangerine puree from Aichi Prefecture). In addition, this product has been developed through preservation testing by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Research Institute, a testing organization with one of Japan’s leading test records, including conducting contract testing for major food manufacturers and foreign
pharmaceutical manufacturers.
■Implementation of gift campaign
In addition, to express our gratitude to our customers for their continued patronage of our products, we will continue to carry out a customer gift campaign every month until April next year to
commemorate our 65th anniversary. The prizes for winning will be rice produced in Aichi Prefecture, 5 bottles of Bikatsu Gelée, a product on the EC site (flavors will change monthly), and a discount coupon that can be used on the EC site.
Present campaign application site URL
・The lottery will only be held once per month per person.
We hope that this project will be of some use in improving your health and beauty.
Contact information regarding this matter
Dainichi Foods Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing Department, Manufacturing Control Section, Yutaka Matsuda
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