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Home » Shark Ninja Co., Ltd. Beauty appliance brand “Shark(R) Beauty” appoints popular Korean actress Han So-hee as brand ambassador in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region

Shark Ninja Co., Ltd. Beauty appliance brand “Shark(R) Beauty” appoints popular Korean actress Han So-hee as brand ambassador in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region

Shark Ninja Co., Ltd.
Beauty appliance brand “Shark(R) Beauty” appoints popular Korean actress Han So-hee as brand ambassador in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region
Show off your beautiful hair with confidence in the new TV commercial for the multi-styling dryer “Shark FlexStyle”!
New TV commercial “Get Ready to Shine. Let’s start with shining hair” will be aired from May 31st (Friday)
Shark Ninja has appointed Han So-hee, a popular Korean actress, as the brand ambassador for the beauty appliance brand “Shark(R) Beauty” in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, and is promoting the multi-styling hair dryer “Shark FlexStyle.” You will be appearing in a new TV commercial.
[Image 1:×1362.jpg] New TV commercial “Get Ready to Shine. Let’s start with shining hair” version (30 seconds and 15 seconds) starring Han So Hee, who is known for the popular Korean dramas “Even If I Know” and “The World of Married Couples”. ) will start airing from May 31st (Friday). Han So Hee is well known in Asia, including Japan, and has been especially active in recent years, including starring in a Netflix drama. She is a popular actress who is full of confidence and beauty from within. Shark FlexStyle was chosen to symbolize that each person can have confidence in their own beauty through the beautiful hair that can be achieved.
Upon her appointment as a brand ambassador, Han So Hee said, “When my hair is beautifully styled, I feel confident.”Shark FlexStyle allows you to style your hair professionally without causing heat damage. I love how easy it is to have beautiful hairstyles every day.I look forward to continuing to share the charm of Shark Beauty with people in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region as a brand ambassador.”
This TV commercial begins with Han So Hee waking up. Use the multi-styling dryer “Shark FlexStyle” to style your messy hair when you wake up in the morning. Han So Hee’s hair became smooth and shiny in a short time, and she looked surprised. Start your day with confidence and shiny hair. “Get Ready to Shine.” he smiles and concludes the commercial.
Under the new theme of “Get Ready to Shine,” Shark FlexStyle will support each and every person to live their days with confidence in their own beauty.
Interview with Han So Hee
Q.What was your experience using Shark FlexStyle?
I used this opportunity for the first time. It was easy to turn the top of the body and use it as a hair dryer right away, and there were various types of heads, making it easy to create natural waves. Q. Was it helpful during the shooting?
The best part is that you can style your hair even when it’s wet. Now I can style my hair without having to dry it all, which saves me a lot of time (lol).
New TV commercial overview
・Title: “Get Ready to Shine. Let’s start with shining hair” (30 seconds/15 seconds)
・Performer: Han So Hee
・Broadcast start date: Friday, May 31, 2024
・Broadcasting area: Kanto area, Kansai area, Chukyo area, Fukuoka area, Hokkaido area
You can also view the commercial below.
15 seconds:
30 seconds:
Performer profile
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] Born on November 18, 1994.
A talented actress who appears in many Korean movies and dramas. He has appeared in numerous dramas such as the popular drama Disney+ “Soundtrack #1” in Japan, the Netflix drama series “My Name: Lie and Revenge”, and JTBC’s “Even Though I Know” and “The World of Married Couples”.
Recently, she has become a hot topic for playing the role of BTS’s Jungkook’s lover in the music video for his solo single “Seven (feat. Latto)”.
“Get Ready to Shine. Let’s start with shining hair.” (30 seconds) Storyboard
[Image 3:×2485.jpg] About “Shark FlexStyle”
“Shark FlexStyle” is a multi-styling dryer that is both a hair dryer and a styler in one. It transforms from a quick-drying hair dryer that is gentle on your hair to a styler that allows you to easily create a variety of hairstyles. If you use the included accessory “Tsuru Shiny Roller”, you can increase the shine by 71%* just by stroking the surface of your hair, resulting in smooth, shiny hair with less floating hair.
*Median value (according to our research) when using this product with a smooth roller and when hair is naturally dried. Actual results may vary depending on location, temperature and humidity.
“Shark FlexStyle” (HD434JSL / HD434JPK / HD434JBR)
Estimated market price: 34,980 yen (consumption tax included) Color: Stone (HD434JSL) / Flamingo Pink (HD434JPK) / Mocha Silver (HD434JBR) Body size: height 285 x width 45 x depth 45 mm (in styler mode) : Height 223 x Width 45 x Depth 115 mm (dryer mode)
Body weight: Approximately 370 grams (excluding cord) / approximately 640 grams (including cord)
Power supply method: AC100V (50-60Hz)
Power consumption: 1100W
Temperature control: 4 levels (low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature, cool mode / cool shot (cold air)
Air flow adjustment: 3 levels (weak wind / medium wind / strong wind) Power cord: approx. 1.8m
Accessories: Air curler 35mm (for right/left), roll brush, wide nozzle, Tsuruya Roller *Color: Beige (HD434JSL / HD434JPK), Black (HD434JBR) Warranty period: 2 years
[Image 4:×1950.jpg] From left: Stone (HD434JSL) / Flamingo Pink (HD434JPK) / Mocha Silver (HD434JBR) About Shark Ninja
Shark Ninja is a product design and technology company that operates a variety of businesses globally and provides products aimed at “5-star satisfaction” that actively support people’s lives in homes around the world. Centered on two global brands, Shark and NINJA, we have brought innovative innovations to the market. By developing numerous consumer products and entering multiple product categories, Shark Ninja continues to experience significant growth and market share expansion.
Headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, and with more than 3,000 employees, the company’s products are sold online and offline through more than 150 retail stores and distributors worldwide.
In July 2018, Shark Ninja landed in Japan, and 2023 will be the 5th anniversary of its launch in Japan.
To date, we have released a lineup of innovative products, mainly under the floor care brand Shark, such as cordless stick cleaners, handy cleaners, and steam mops, and have achieved the No. 1 sales share*1 in the rechargeable handy cleaner market at home appliance retailers. I’m getting it.
In September 2023, we launched the beauty appliance brand “Shark(R) Beauty” and launched “Shark FlexStyle,” a multi-styling hair dryer that also doubles as a styler.
Official website:
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*1 In-house research
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