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Search Parking Co., Ltd. First initiative for vending machines!!? A new form of regional development based on vending machines

Find Parking Co., Ltd.
[First initiative for vending machines!!? A new form of regional development starting from vending machines]
A vending machine called “Jimajima” that attracts people to the town opens at Gunma Prefectural Office.
~ An unmanned but warm local PR project that takes advantage of the safe vending machine culture of Japan has started in the center of Gunma ~
[Image 1:×3120.jpg]
[Image 2:×1638.jpg] From June 1, 2024, a vending machine called “Jimanki” that sells regional products will start operating at the public-private co-creation space “NETSUGEN” on the 32nd floor of Gunma Prefectural Office.
This vending machine has been operating as an “Innovation Vending Machine” at the same location since September 2022, but has been renewed with a name and concept that makes it feel more familiar. We are expanding our range of products by carefully selecting local specialty products from each local government.
[About the concept]
Jijiki carries products that are the pride of the region and that people who purchase them will want to brag about to others. It is a system that collects, disseminates and sells products made with passion by producers in each region, and returns feedback from buyers to local governments.Although it is an inorganic vending machine, It has a warm concept that connects the feelings of producers and buyers.
[Image 3:×528.png ]
Mr. Funakoshiya, president of Parking Lot Search Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, Representative Director: Naohiko Funakoshiya), which is the inventor, says the following.
“While we have been talking face-to-face with wonderful local business operators about innovative vending machines, we have heard that many of them are facing challenges in the process of getting consumers to know about their products and get them to pick them up.Omi Merchants’ Business The basic concept of this initiative was born as a means of embodying the ten precepts of “Selling a good product is good, and advertising a good product and selling it in large quantities is even better.” We believe that it can also contribute to the activation of
The machine is also intended to attract customers to the area, and will be used as a billboard to disseminate tourist information and attractions of the area, with flyers and other items attached. [Image character “Manjiro”]
This time, we have created a new character called “Manjiro”, which is based on the image of a proud machine. This “Manjiro” was created by Fumiko Nakajima, the creator of Gunma Prefecture’s mascot character “Gunma-chan.” Manjiro has a big nose that boasts about local products, and wears wings and a cape that are reminiscent of a leap, and clothes that incorporate elements of a vending machine with a patch for the coin slot and a pocket that mimics the coin slot.
As a future use of the characters, we are also planning to create a local manjiro featuring local specialties from participating local governments.
[Image 4:×814.png ]
[Image 5:×898.png ]
[Commitment to wrapping design]
[Image 6:×783.png ]
The design of the vending machine features a spinning wheel and a spool of spools of thread to create an image of weaving connections between people and connecting the community. The design of the blowing wind, along with Gunma’s Karakaze, represents the whirlwind of innovation inherited from its predecessor. In addition to
illustrations of Daruma dolls, fried manju buns, and hot springs, the sparkling colors of silk are used as a base to create a finish that incorporates plenty of Gunma Prefecture elements.
[A gimmick to attract customers to “Jigaku Gacha”]
A gacha is installed next to the boast machine. If you purchase a product at the Shinji machine and answer the local government’s questionnaire using the QR code posted on the Shinji machine, you can receive Gacha coins at the NETSUGEN reception desk. Gacha contains local government novelties and coupons that can be used by visiting the area.
[Image 7:×2048.jpg] [Top batters will participate in Shimonita Town, Kanra District, Gunma Prefecture]
The first town to participate is Shimonita Town in southwestern Gunma Prefecture. The town is famous for its vast natural sightseeing spots and its specialty products, Shimonita green onions and konnyaku. The following five products will be sold, and the sales period is scheduled to end at the end of August this year.
– “Chokotto Vinegar”/Mogi Food Industry Co., Ltd.
– “Mango pudding & peach pudding set”/Yamaki Co., Ltd.
– “Kozubokujyo Jersey Baumkuchen Mini”/Kozubokujyo Public Interest Incorporated Foundation (
– “Shimonita green onion curry”/Shimonita Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (
– “Shimonita Negi Miso”/Joshu Shimonitaya ( Please take this opportunity to pick up Shimonita Town’s proud products, show them off to everyone around you, and enjoy the experience of visiting the town.
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[Image 11:×1447.jpg]
[Image 12:×3882.jpg]
[Image 13:×1447.jpg]
[Image 14:×275.jpg ]
[Image 15:×1447.jpg]
[Image 16:×2600.jpg]
[Image 17:×1447.jpg] [Considering nationwide expansion]
[Image 18:×3120.jpg] The proud machine on the 32nd floor of Gunma Prefectural Office is the first store that is the core of this initiative. Based on the concept of “distributing local products,” we aim to strengthen our branding and eventually expand outside Gunma Prefecture.
[Notice of event presentation]
The operator of Jiminki, Parking Lot Sagasa Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, Representative Director: Naohiko Funakoshiya), will introduce examples of the Jiminki project from the perspective of solving regional issues together with local government officials. .
– Event name: NETSUGEN Regional Issues Solving Seminar
– Location: NETSUGEN (Gunma Prefectural Office 32nd floor) + Online (Zoom) – Date and time: Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 14:00-16:00
– Details:
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