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Home » Held on June 14th Decipher from the data! The secret of BtoB marketing: The importance of target analysis and nurturing

Held on June 14th Decipher from the data! The secret of BtoB marketing: The importance of target analysis and nurturing

Eyes Co., Ltd.
[Held on June 14th] Decipher from the data! The secret of BtoB marketing: The importance of target analysis and nurturing
The 14th Media Marketing Seminar Event is hosted by Media Radar, the No. 1* advertising industry platform operated by Eyes Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Noriyuki Fukushima, TSE Growth: 5242). At Radar WEEK 2024 Summer, experts on BtoB marketing will be on stage on June 14th (Friday). Application for viewing is free.
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Seminar overview
BtoB marketing has less media exposure than BtoC and is difficult to strategy. A more accurate approach is required to convert appointment acquisition into business negotiations. In this seminar, we will thoroughly explain the secret to success in BtoB marketing. This time, it is a seminar for greedy marketers who can learn about “BtoB marketing” broadly and deeply in a short period of time. Participation is free for the first 200 people, so please come and join us. *Participation by companies in the same industry as the presenting company is not permitted.
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Seminar details
▼Date and time: Friday, June 14, 2024, 11:00-12:00 ▼Venue: Online (Zoom) *After applying for participation, we will send you the webinar URL from ZOOM from one week to the day before the event. Please note that the email may be sorted into your spam folder. ▼Participation fee free ▼Session program
・“BtoB marketing starting with customer research” Masuyuki Hayashi, Sales Department Manager, one Co., Ltd.
[Image 2:×316.jpg] Started working in the construction industry and engaged in design work. After changing jobs, I changed jobs and worked exclusively in sales for about 20 years. At PERSOL Group, a comprehensive human resources company, he was involved in the launch of the Sukima Byte app service (currently Shareful), focusing on staffing and recruitment sales. Currently, he is working as the manager of the marketing business division of one Co., Ltd., which proposes research, sales promotion, event planning and management, etc. with a focus on PR business for a wide range of industries.
・“BizHint, which distributes more than 100 e-mail newsletters per month, conducts a major investigation! Tips for creating e-mail newsletters that increase the effectiveness of white paper
initiatives” Takahiro Shima, Marketing Group, BizHint Co., Ltd.
[Image 3:×2547.jpg] After working as a BtoB marketer in human resources services, he joined BizHint, which operates a BtoB lead acquisition platform. In addition to supporting client companies in acquiring hundreds of leads per month and improving the number of business negotiations, we also carry out marketing measures for our own companies.

·Question-and-answer session
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▼14th Media Radar WEEK 2024 Summer ▼Information on recruiting speakers for Media Radar WEEK /meditsubu/eww_for_speakers?a=pt [About media radar]
Media Radar is an advertising industry platform that connects marketers/advertising agencies and advertising/marketing service providers (hereinafter referred to as publishers). By registering as a member, you can view advertisements, marketing materials, videos, and article contents published by publishing companies in Media Radar for free, and apply for seminars and project registrations for the advertising industry for free.
In November 2023, Media Radar’s total number of members will exceed 110,000, and it will be No. 1 in terms of “awareness,” “introduction rate,” and “usage rate” of platform services for the advertising industry among advertising, marketing, and PR workers. * has been earned.
[Image 4:×80.jpg] [About Eyes Co., Ltd.]
A marketing company established in 2007 that offers multiple unique services. We operate word-of-mouth marketing “Tramy” and Japan’s No. 1* advertising industry portal site “Media Radar.” In 2022, we were awarded the technology company growth rate ranking “Technology Fast50 2022 Japan”. Listed on TSE Growth on December 21, 2022. (Stock code: 5242)
・Location: 7th floor, Shibuya Prestige, 3-12-22 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 ・Establishment date: February 14, 2007 ・Representative: Noriyuki Fukushima, Representative Director and President ・Corporate site URL: https://www
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*Research contractor: Tokyo Shoko Research Co., Ltd. Survey period: September 2023
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