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“This is how you can make yourself beautiful” ranked #1 bestseller in the first half of 2024! (Practical boo k category)

Diamond Co., Ltd.
“This is how you can make yourself beautiful” ranked #1 bestseller in the first half of 2024! (Practical book category)
We are pleased to announce that MEGUMI’s first beauty book, “This is how you can make yourself beautiful” (published by Diamond), has won first place in the practical book category of “Best Sellers in the First Half of 2024” (Practical book book, research by Tohan/Practical book book) researched by Nippan).
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] MEGUMI: Author “This is how you can create beauty” Published by Diamond Inc. ■Over 560,000 copies! The best-selling beauty book of 2023 continues to do well in the first half of the year!
MEGUMI is a sought-after actress and talent on TV shows. Ms. MEGUMI, a busy woman, has carefully selected and introduced beauty methods and personal cosmetics that she has actually tried and obtained results, and has won the hearts of many women, and will be the number one book in 2023. It became a huge bestseller as a best-selling beauty book (Practical book, Tohan research/Practical book, Nichipan research). As a result of this book, the number of media outlets paying attention to MEGUMI as a “beauty enthusiast” has rapidly increased. This book is not just a temporary boom, but continues to be highly popular into 2024, and has achieved the remarkable feat of taking first place in the practical book category of the “2024 Bestsellers for the First Half of 2024.” (Practical book, researched by Tohan/Practical book, researched by Nichipan). In addition, circulation has exceeded 560,000 copies.
The reason why it continues to sell even more than a year after its release is that the beauty methods practiced by the busy MEGUMI are highly persuasive, and are easy to use not only for beauty enthusiasts but also for beauty beginners and people who cannot afford to spend money on beauty treatments. One point is that it can be incorporated into As a result, it has won the hearts of a wide range of people, from elementary school students to those in their 70s, and even men who had no interest in beauty.
Beauty is directly connected to the mind, so when you become beautiful and acquire a new self, MEGUMI says that your “confidence” and “self-esteem” will skyrocket. The reviews from the many readers who have obtained the book have continued uninterrupted, and the book has become a hot topic beyond the publishing industry, with the phenomenon of “MEGUMI buying” occurring where products introduced in the book sell out.
This book has attracted many readers as one of MEGUMI’s representative works and one of the beauty books of the Reiwa era.
[Image 2:×2357.jpg] Photography: 217..NINA
■Author profile: MEGUMI (Megumi)
Actress, talent. Born September 25, 1981 in Okayama Prefecture. Debuted in the entertainment industry in 2001. She got married in 2008 and gave birth to her first child the following year. In addition to magazines and TV programs, he has appeared in many dramas and movies. In February 2020, she won the “62nd Blue Ribbon Award” for Best Supporting Actress for the movies “Typhoon Kazoku” and “Hitoyo.” Currently, as CEO and CEO, he also manages a private office and a cafe called “Tamon” in Kanazawa. As a beauty lover, she has tried over 1000 beauty methods since her debut. We are also focusing on disseminating beauty information to help women shine with more confidence.
X: @calmakids/Instagram: @megumi1818
■“You can create beauty with this”
Author: MEGUMI
Regular price: 1,650 yen (tax included)
Release date: April 19, 2023
Publisher: Diamond Inc.
Format: 46 paperback, 2C+4C, 192 pages
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