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Home » Quipo Co., Ltd. “PEANUTS collection” is now available from the leather goods brand genten! On sale start ing June 14th (Friday)! !

Quipo Co., Ltd. “PEANUTS collection” is now available from the leather goods brand genten! On sale start ing June 14th (Friday)! !

Qipo Co., Ltd.
“PEANUTS collection” is now available from the leather goods brand [genten]! On sale starting June 14th (Friday)! !
“Snoopy” and “Woodstock” are cute leather charms and pass cases for adults. ……
Quipo Co., Ltd. (location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, representative: Satoshi Okada) will be selling the “PEANUTS collection” from the
environmentally friendly and sustainable leather goods brand “genten” from Friday, June 14, 2024.
[Image 1:×1500.jpg] Not in mass production
“PEANUTS collection” has a level of reproduction that can only be achieved by handicrafts.
PEANUTS is an American comic by Charles Monroe Schulz. The unique characters and story, including the main character Charlie Brown and his dog Snoopy, have become popular and continue to be loved all over the world.
One of the major features of the “PEANUTS” paintings, which he continued to draw by himself without an assistant, is the slightly trembling line called the “Schulz line,” which has a unique touch that varies in thickness and strength.
Genten values ​​the lines of the original drawing and reproduces it as faithfully as possible, feeling the warmth and fluctuation of the lines that are unique to hand-drawn drawings.
Loveliness becomes charm as it is
Genten’s Waku Waku Charm is also a sustainable item that was born out of the desire to use up even the smallest pieces of leather. Exciting charm “Hug”
[Image 2:×1500.jpg] Snoopy is best friends with Woodstock. Woodstock plays many roles in Snoopy’s life. Whether he’s the loyal mechanic of a World War I flying ace, Secretary Beagle’s trusted secretary, or a root beer drinking buddy on New Year’s Eve, Woodstock never leaves Snoopy’s side. It is. Popular hug art symbolizes such a relationship.
・Price: 16,500 yen (tax included)
・Material: Cowhide
・Total length 24cm (including belt)
・Motif total length 7.5cm
・Motif width 4.7cm
Exciting charm “Doghouse”
[Image 3:×1500.jpg] When you think of Snoopy, everyone remembers this art of him sleeping on the top of a roof, with a Schulz font “Z” and a star on the side, and a charm that looks like a frame cut out of a comic.
He loves daydreaming, and no matter where his imagination takes him, he always comes back to the doghouse, home, where the “round-headed boy” (Charlie Brown) brings him food.
・Price: 16,500 yen (tax included)
・Material: Cowhide
・Total length 26cm (including belt)
・Motif total length 10cm
・Motif width 5.8cm
Exciting charm “Dance”
[Image 4:×1500.jpg] Snoopy doesn’t speak, but he is good at expressing his emotions. The facial expressions and gestures that make the reader guess the joy, anger, sadness, and happiness are endearing and will make you smile. Charlie Brown tries to become more sociable by learning to dance, and the “social” Snoopy proudly shows off his dance moves with splendid steps…this is a single-panel piece of art.
・Price: 16,500 yen (tax included)
・Material: Cowhide
・Total length 25.5cm (including belt)
・Motif total length 7.7cm
・Motif width 5.7cm
Exciting charm “Joe cool”
[Image 5:×1500.jpg] Snoopy can become various characters in the fantasy world. Among them, “Joe Cool” (Joe: a classic name similar to Taro in Japan; cool: meaning cool), the guy wearing sunglasses who dominates the university campus, is the cool guy on the campus that Snoopy imagines. The man is one of the popular disguise characters.
・Price: 16,500 yen (tax included)
・Material: Cowhide
・Total length 26cm (including belt)
・Motif total length 7.6cm
・Motif width 5.5cm

A “misplaced” pass case that looks like it’s about to start moving at any moment.
A “misfit” pass case with a protruding motif that moves your heart. A breath of life dwells in a design that is not bound by “frames”. Pass case “Balloon”
[Image 6:×1500.jpg] Woodstock’s flapping wings don’t actually fly very far. There are a lot of birdwatchers, so Snoopy asks Woodstock to get out of the nest and fly.
A one-frame art pass case with a cute and heartwarming story about Woodstock flying away on a balloon…(That’s not what it’s about, though…).
・Price: 19,800 yen (tax included) ・Material: Cowhide ・Width (W): 7.5cm ・Height (H): 9.5cm ・Total length of handle: 26cm ・Number of card pockets: 2
Pass case “Dish”
[Image 7:×1500.jpg] The red food dish is also an important Snoopy item that can be used in various ways at PEANUTS.
When Snoopy is holding a plate in his mouth, he is usually asking the round-headed boy for food and snacks.
This is a one-frame art showing Woodstock on a food plate and walking with him to Charlie’s front door to ask for a snack.
・Price: 19,800 yen (tax included) ・Material: Cowhide ・Width (W): 7.5cm ・Height (H): 9.5cm ・Total length of handle: 26cm ・Number of card pockets: 2
[Image 8:×1500.jpg] The “PEANUTS” logo and copyright are engraved on the back of each. The unique character expressed in “leather” has a warm taste that can only be achieved by hand, with the addition of thread stitch lines, branding and cutting.
Since the material is natural cowhide, it will change over time and become special as you spend time with it.
About “PEANUTS collection” sales
Sales period: June 14th (Friday) – Sales start at genten stores and online shops [SHOP LIST]
Store information ( [ONLINE STORE]
OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE ( genten Rakuten Official Shop (
[What is “Peanuts”]
Peanuts characters and related intellectual property rights are owned by Peanuts Worldwide, with 41% owned by WildBrain, 39% owned by Sony Music Entertainment Inc., and 20% owned by the Charles M. Schulz family. . Charles M. Schulz first introduced the Peanuts family to the world in 1950. It was when “Peanuts” made its debut in seven newspapers. Since then, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang have left an indelible mark on pop culture. In addition to the familiar Peanuts shows and specials on Apple TV+, fans around the world can enjoy a wide variety of merchandise, amusement park attractions, cultural events, social media, and traditional print and digital entertainment. Peanuts has been enjoyed through serialized comics published in various media. Additionally, in 2018, Peanuts entered into a multi-year Space Act Agreement with NASA. The Space Act Agreement is a program designed to inspire the next generation of children to develop a passion for space exploration and STEM. ■Related URL
・Japanese Snoopy official website
・Japan’s Snoopy official Facebook page “Snoopy Japan”
・Japan’s Snoopy official twitter account “Snoopy Japan”
[Image 9:×1005.jpg] “Genten” was launched in 1999 with three basic principles as a brand that goes back to the basic idea that “humans are a part of nature” and communicates a lifestyle that respects the environment through bag manufacturing.
[Image 10:×1134.jpg] [genten’s three basic principles] – We are considerate of the environment. |We care about the environment.・We value limited resources. |We care about natural resources.・We aim to create products that people can cherish for a long time. |We care about things of lasting value
■Owned media “Genten of Life”■OFFICIAL ONLINE
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