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Meirosha Co., Ltd. Supporting “I want to do it myself!” A new clothes hanger that supports daily preparati on is now available from Forne.

[Meirosha Co., Ltd.] Supporting “I want to do it myself!” A new clothes hanger that supports daily preparation is now available from Forne.

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Press release: May 31, 2024
Support “I want to do it myself!” A new clothes hanger that supports daily preparation is now available from Forne.
The design educational miscellaneous goods brand “FÖRNE” has celebrated its 5th anniversary. To commemorate the 5th anniversary, the kids brand “kukka ja
We will be selling “Preparation Hanger” in collaboration with “puu” from May 31st (Friday).
Forne offers design and educational goods for adults and children with a high sense of fashion, and has gained a lot of support, especially among the child-rearing generation. To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the brand’s birth, we are introducing a “preparation hanger” in collaboration with the kids brand Kukkayapoo.
This is the second collaboration with Kukkayapoo, following the first “Planet Poster” released in 2023.
“Preparation hanger” product introduction page

From Director
I’ve always wanted to make this because I thought it would be great if children could learn to dress themselves, even if just a little at a time. Since you can keep your uniform and other small belongings in one place, I think you can get ready in the morning, which tends to be hectic. We pursued functionality and design to create an item that is truly easy to use for both children and adults!
I would like to support your child’s growth and motivation by supporting them with daily preparation and cleaning up. (Forne director Mayo Iba)
* “Getting ready hanger” that encourages children to “do it themselves!” * An unexpectedly useful item that can be used to hang all your clothes when commuting to kindergarten or school, as well as store small items such as tissues, handkerchiefs, and name tags.
Since it’s easy to understand what your child needs, you should be able to motivate them to do it themselves! It also helps prevent finding or forgetting things, so getting ready in the morning will go faster.
* All your jackets, shirts, and bottoms can be done in one place! * Please use it by placing it over the kids hanger you already have. You can store jackets, shirts, bottoms, and accessories in one place. Comes with a bottom hanger for hanging pants or skirts. The pinch part can be slid and the spacing can be adjusted.
* 3 storage pockets that are easy to see and access *
The 3 pockets are perfect for storing things you always want to have.

The upper mesh pocket is divided into two sections for storing small items such as tissues, handkerchiefs, and name tags. The wide pocket at the bottom is also recommended for storing keys, socks, moving pockets, etc. You can organize your belongings that tend to be cluttered.
* Comes with hooks and loops that can be used to suit your belongings * There is a hook on the top of the surface that can be used to hang hats, masks, etc. Please use it while arranging it to match your clothing and items you bring with you that day.
The top of the back has a loop to hang an extra shirt. Hanging your jacket and shirt separately helps prevent wrinkles and allows you to easily grab them.

*Available in two gray colors that blend in with your interior* The design has been made as simple as possible. Available in two colors: calm charcoal gray and light gray. Both are chic colors that won’t interfere with your interior.
* -Product Summary-*
Product name: Preparation hanger
Release date: Friday, May 31, 2024
Sales price: 3,300 yen (tax included)
Size: Height 48cm x Width 30cm (including bottom hanger)
Available colors: charcoal gray, light gray
Retailer: Forne official online shop
* “Forne 5th Anniversary” held*
The “Forne 5th Anniversary” will be held from May 31st (Friday) to June 30th (Sunday) to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the brand’s birth. During the period, we will be giving away free “choose name key chains” with your name engraved, and we will be selling reprints of popular name engraved novelties.

“Forne 5th Anniversary” details
* -Outline of selectable name keychains-*
Period: May 31, 2024 (Friday) 10:00 to June 30, 2024 (Sunday) 23:59 Target: All customers who purchase products with a total value of 5,000 yen or more including tax at Forne’s official online shop. Bonus: For every 5,000 yen (including tax) purchased (excluding shipping and handling charges), you will receive one “choose your name key chain” as a gift.
* -Novelty reprint sales summary-*
Sales period: May 31, 2024 (Friday) 10:00 to June 30, 2024 (Sunday) 23:59 Retailer: Forne official online shop
* [About the design educational goods brand “FÖRNE”] *
Forne is a design educational goods brand directed by graphic designer Mayo Iba with the concept of “always special.” We create original products that are fun and joyful for both adults and children, and that fit into everyday life. We leverage the power of design to deliver goods, ideas, and thoughts to everyone who wants to cherish the irreplaceable time they spend with their children.
[Brand Director Mayo Iba]
After working at a design production company, he has been working as a freelance graphic designer based in Ehime Prefecture since 2012. She gave birth to her third child in 2022 and is now a mother of three. Interested in manufacturing from a mother’s perspective, such as “I want to play and experience various things with my child” and “I want to enjoy childcare more in my own way”, I have been working as a designer and director of Forne since 2019, and I have been working on creating products that are based on the stereotypes of being a child. We come up with products that allow you to make use of your free sensibilities without being constrained by.
Forne official online shop
Forne official Instagram [About Meirosha Co., Ltd.]
Since its founding in 1949, Meirosha Co., Ltd. has been engaged in printing and advertising business with the aim of “carrying out work with public morals in the name of Meiro.” With our mission as “to convey the thoughts we want to convey to the world in a tangible form,” we will contribute to the development of local communities by making full use of a variety of means, mainly centered around our original business of “printing.”
Forne Project
The Forne Project, which Meirosha has been working on since 2019, embodies the thoughts of Mayo Iba, an active freelancer, using the production know-how and supply chain that the company has cultivated as a manufacturer. We aim to become a new model for regional revitalization by exploring new possibilities for local small and medium-sized manufacturing industries and providing opportunities for freelancers active in local areas.
Address: 150-1 Shigemitsu, Tobe-cho, Iyo-gun, Ehime 791-2112 Established: April 1949
Representative: Representative Director Ryuji Gonnazu
Business content: General printing, advertising, design, web production, event planning, brand business
Phone number: 089-958-6868
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